Meliaith/Paquith 2011!

Welcome to Ista Weyr Search Summer 2011 for Dragonsfire!

This site is for random search items for both Search Co and Candidates. It's an easy way to share information like logs, profiles (if you wish), eggs, etc, etc, etc…

Site Structure

  • Search Policy. Regulations regarding who can and cannot be searched.
  • Candidate Rules. Rules and regs regarding candidacy IC and OOC.
  • Candidate Profiles. Each Candidate can make a profile page. This is a place to put salient information on your character's history, personality, dreams, etc. It's up to you if you want to make one.
  • Clutches. Pictures and descriptions for Meliaith's/Paquith's clutch and previous clutches.
  • Logs. Here you can post any log that pertains to this search cycle! logs. Anyone at all can post logs.
  • Candidate Life. A page with helpful information on what a basic day in the life of a candidate would be.
  • Candidate Questions. A few questions and suggestions for all candidates.
  • Color Information Directory. Information from various DF players on dragon colors.
  • Candidate Forum. A forum for everything you need to discuss.

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