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A little history

Born to Ista Hold Local seacrafter and fishmonger Marc, Alistair has spent nearly his entire life on the open ocean. Sea legs firmly planted atop a deck for nearly 22 years, Alistair has found that life on land can be rougher than on even the most turbulent of seas. Raised from a young and only child to take over his father's business, the routine schedule of deap sea fishing for days on end followed by short periods of intense negotiation and bartering have hardened this young man's resolve to a tempering stronger than even steel. Now confident and swift in judgement, Alistair's father has finally entrusted him to a small fishing vessel of his own, a responsibility it has taken years of diligent work to gain command of.

Fate, however, has a real twisted sense of humor. Just as he was finally beginning to gain the respect of the other seacrafters, snow fell, trapping him and stranding his boat at the weyr - on his first solo trip nonetheless! His attempts to remain relatively low profile were in vein, as a snowball fight roused the candidate class into all out war against a few of the local riders. After the fight was over, however, Alistair found himself alone with Rh'iad and S'tao, along with bronze dragon Sephiroth. One giant dragon lick later, he found himself the newest addition to the candidate class, a position that has the potential to throw a seious kink into his future fishing plans.

Candidate Questions

1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Alistair grew up on the open ocean of Ista Hold, with his father, Marc, toting him around everywhere. His mother had passed away during childbirth, and he was an only son, which put him as the sole heir to the family business of fishmongering. This means that he is very familiar with the fishing business, but fairly disconnected from the rest of the world, and might result in him coming off as a little naive from time to time.

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

Alistair is really only close to his father. He spends nearly all of his time fishing and learning from Marc. His fellow crafters are acquaintances, but not much more than that - well except for one man. Alistair was very familiar with a good friend of his father's, and Hold Lord Sterling's brother, Alister. Alistair's father and Alister were such close friends that Marc's first born son (and only) was named after Alister. It was through Alister and the small time on land that he spent near the man and closer to the Lord that Alistair has picked up a more refined vocabulary than his loose tongued father.


3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

I personally like his disconnect to the world outside of fishing. I like being limited by his knowledge of the workings of daily life that don't involve waxing a deck or descaling the days catch. The akwardness it creates is, in my opinion, fun and challenging. That is not to say that Alistair is not adverse to learning how to live on land, just that he might have some questions that seem that would seem strange and nonsensical.

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

The apparent stoicism that comes from years and years of hard work on the sea is something that Alistair needs to work on. He will come off a little rough, and will seem to refuse to acknowledge certain things. However, it is the tough facade this young man has had to learn to wear in order to survive for his hard 22 years. Perhaps others could help get him to lighten up a little. He's a tough bugger, but he's also very empathetic and is good at hiding it. You'll just have to figure out how to tap into this…

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