N'lon / Rholith (who isn't a bronze, but the player has ridden bronze before!)

In the world of Pern boys who Impressed bronze had innate or obvious leadership abilities. On game it's a bit more open to interpretation. Now this is from my belief, but anyone who goes for bronze (and brown though to a much lesser degree) should be open to the idea of at least holding IC rank. DF struggled early this year to find leaders for the game. There were no active bronzeriders willing to be Weyrleaders. I'm not saying if you put bronze you'd better step up to bat when your team calls or else, but that's something I remember when bronze is on my color choice(s).

Like we said IC rank does not automatically equal OOC rank here. Someone could be Weyrleader, the ultimate position a bronzerider can achieve, and not have to worry about staff, maintanence, building, coding, etc. Of course you /can/ do any or all of those if you'd like - you'll be put to good use ;)

Bronzeriders, in my opinion, aren't any different from brownriders. Each can lead a Weyr, a game, be on staff, or not be anything but average riders. The only thing bronzeriders can yield is a gold egg and as you can see a brownrider got around that fact. Mostly the distiction, for me, was based on the character, not the prestige or abilities of bronze.

Q'luin / Zhoreth

This is always difficult for me because I don't believe in the old cliches of colors. Everyone says Q'luin is a "typical" bronzerider, but to be quite frank, I picked bronze because it fit with the "whole" story of his past and future. It just worked out he fit into that little bronze box that people stuff dragons and riders into.

OOCly they are no different than any other color, as is well known. ICly obviously they have the Weyrleader shtick, along with brownriders, they can buy into, but otherwise, it's just an ego-party-favor.

The one thing I've always felt, and honestly I don't know where it came from, is that if you impress bronze you should somehow be more vigilant to flights of all sorts. I rarely miss a flight because I feel it's a way to support the players who dare to hassle with the female gender of the species. I'd say the same of any male color, really, but yea, I feel it's a responsibility of a bronzerider, even if it makes no sense.

On search we treat bronze like any other color. No special attention, and this is how it should be viewed all around. Go with what color best goes with your eyecolor; it's always a good tool of choice.

S'tao / Sephiroth

The greatest distinction of a bronze rider is the ability of one's dragon to sire a gold egg.

That's pretty much it in a nut shell. Everything else is really just gravy. On DF your IC rank doesn't equate to being on Staff. So really the doors are open to whatever you wish to do with your character.

Just like not every bronzerider in the book was the same, how one plays a bronzerider is really a matter of personal preference. You have your good guys and your bad guys, those that are natural born leaders and others that shouldn't be allowed near the council chambers at all.

I personally dislike the old cliches, but I didn't set out to go challenge convention on purpose. Originally Tiago was not meant to Impress at all. But as roleplay went on and the character developed, circumstances changed as the character changed. Then of course OOC factors had to be considered, there just aren't a great many active bronzeriders who actually want to be Weyrleader. So if you do say that you want to be a bronzerider, be prepared that it's possible that the big heavy ugly knot might end up on YOUR shoulders when you least expect it.

In the past I've had other bronzerider characters. No two were the same, just as no two dragons were exactly the same. I'd just have to say for the record, be very very careful of what you ask for, in case Searchco has a sense of humor and decides to give it to you, no matter how insane the idea may be.

Th'deus / Xanth
Xanth is, without a doubt, my most favorite dragon of all time, and Ive played every color but brown. However, this is more due to Liettes writing a brilliant dragon inspiration, than the color itself. At the time, Thdeus love interest was a greenrider, and Xanth was created to be one of the smallest bronzes on record, probably so he could have some cannon success in catching green.

Not to sound like broken record, but the color is what you make it. Myself, I have a set of rules about bronzes, to keep them from being super-dragons (though Xanths already about as broken as you can get, and still be at least remotely canon). I know that bronzes went Searching in the first Pern book, and found Lessa, but in the rest of the books, blues and greens excelled at Search and took pride in that; I will never have Xanth Search, because I dont want to steal the thunder of a green or blue or even the multipurpose brown.

But, they COULD! —If you want. They can Weyrlead, they are canon for the leadership positions. They can be total tail-chasers, or not (Xanth has been restricted by Sidijith, that he only chases /her/, but he did chase some greens in his time). They can fulfill any position. They can fly all day and partway into the night, endurance being their strength, but what they absolutely cannot do is match the blues and greens in agility, sheer grace, and the show-stopping aerial acrobatics. At the same time, their riders probably do not suffer as much upper back and neck injuries, with the exception of Ikaroths rider, because Ikaroth is a delightful bronze daredevil. With bronze, all things can happen, but they dont have to, either.

Ive heard of the fishbowl effect that everyone would be watching you, if you were on bronze. Great! Im looking for RP, if Im logged on, and its easier if Im visible. I personally hate logging on to a M* full of ledge-sitters, so I tend to always try to park my bronzerider in a public place, available for anyone to RP with. Like Qluin feels a bronze should attend flights, I feel that a bronzerider has a responsibility to be very available for RP, particularly with newbies, and to routinely try to generate RP in public areas.

But Its what you want. Its a game. Roleplay on.

E'th / Colchith
Easily, in a million years of roleplaying, I don't think I've ever loved a dragon as much as I've loved Colchith. For being a Bronze I can't say that I've ever experienced the fishbowl effect, nor was I cornered into playing a certain subset of personalities with the pair. E'th is not your typical bronze rider, he's not well spoke, definitely not well-written, yet Colchith, a Bronze, found him and considered him worthy. Colchith is one of the larger bronzes, yet he has an affinity for green and is just as quirky as his lifemate, E'th.

Colchith picks and chooses his flights based on what he thinks is best for his rider. He will stay away from certain flights if there are people he finds distasteful for his rider riding a particular green or gold, and will go full out on the ones he feels best for his rider. Bronze, for me, hasn't really affected my roleplay in so much as Colchith is a personality all his own and is just so bloody fun to play. I really do think the inspiration and the inspired player are what make a color. Bronze, Brown, Blue, Gold, Green. I don't think, as a player, that I have any more responsibility than any other color to make or break RP. I think we should be involved no matter our colors.

Just remember: The fact that you were Impressed at all means you have an amazing RPing ability, don't waste it regardless of the color. Color is color, make the dragon yours and integrate him/her into your RP. You wouldn't believe the opportunities you have as a rider and the limitations ALL colors have. I have never had more fun than when I'm RPing a scene with Colchith, playing off him against E'th and those around him.

The fact he's bronze? Well. I'm sure he could have been a pretty burly Green Studette, too. ;) But being bronze only means certain positions are there for there for the taking, and the gold egg thing. None of which ever really mattered to me, RP being the main thing that drives me as a rider. You want to ride Bronze? Take it, eat it, and make it your own. There are no limitations.

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