Zerra and Minalth

I have ridden all colours on various Pern games, cept gold. But why is brown my favourite? Is it because the brownrider characters I have had were the best of all the rider characters I've played? Nawww. Is it coz the brown dragons had the best Inspirations? Not particularly (tho Minalth's inspiration was excellent) So the ONLY answer I can come up with, is that its the COLOUR that has made a difference to me as a player. Ahhh Brown. Brown. BROOOOWWWN.
Yes, all colours come with stereotypes and you dont have to play to any of them. So really, you could make fun with any colour. But brown for me, is special. Browns are big and bulky. Browns allow you to be leadership ICly. And if your a chick riding a brown dragon, you can actually be a clutch parent. And you can still hit threadfall hard without being stuck on the sands like gold -mummy!).
Browns also tend not to translate any stereotype about their rider's sexuality (as much as greens and blues do- gay boys on green, gay girls on blue), so leaving that open to how You want your character to be is a bit easier.
I honestly dont have any 'cons' about brown. They can be muscley and brawny, they can be cuddley and bear like, they can be librarians, regimented soldiers or even gromet turtles.
Brown is best!!

N'lon / Rhyolith

Brownriders are among those more free to play what they want. No one knows just what to expect from them and I love that it keeps people guessing. N'lon's been a Wingleader, AWLM, Wingsecond and Weyrleader. It's that flexibility that I liked, I wasn't expected to be Weyrleader or even asked. Do I think a bronzerider would have? Maybe. At least more so than brown. Browns can sneak under the radar and surface when people least expect it. Quite frankly, you're really your own boss. A number one rebel.

In my opinion I feel less obligated to "step up to the plate" if I ride brown, kind of more of a safety. But that's not like I listened! The man makes the dragon, not the other way around. Or woman as it were too.

Ryka / Riallath


Neat things are having a BIG dragon. ;) Browns are actually pretty spiff to ride. You can rise to absolutely /any/ position from wingrider to weyrleader, though browns seldom catch golds. In mating flights, browns are rather less than maneuverable(Kinda like flying a very big bus as opposed to a Corvette) , but they have a great deal of stamina. You don't /have/ to take on a leadership position with this color, which can most definitely be a plus. Browns aren't expected to be totally one way or another, so it leaves a lot of leeway in the way you play your dragon. You can be twisted and strange on any color dragon, but browns do it best. ;) A brown dragon /can/ have steadying effects on a character that is less than stable or has little confidence.


Browns do not fly well in green flights compared to blues for the simple reason that it takes browns much longer to make the twists and turns. Stereotypes include: stable, boring, leadership material, stolid, steady. Not true, I say! Big pet peeve is the stereotype of a brown rider. Don't like greenriders playing up to my brown only for mating flights. Phooey. He's more than just a stud!


It depends on the way /you/ play the dragon. Stereotypes are just hot air, make your own choices for personality. characteristics.

J'bal / Kwaith

Want to be a tired wingrider, a steadfast leader, run a Weyr, be lazy? I'll admit browns are one of the most varied colors out there, they're somewhat without stereotype and allow a range of freedom that can be tougher to find in other colors though is still there. I've loved pushing for power and grumping about how brownriders aren't considered as special as bronzeriders, I've enjoyed holding some power as a wingleader and just grumping about the weyr as a plain old wingrider that's tired of his talents being ignored. I've chased greens and golds with equal glee and get to complain about washing all that hide.

There is something open-ended about being a brownrider, a feeling of being on a choose your own adventure where you're only limited by your choices and imagination. It's been one of the toughest characters to play because of that but easiest to love since however I feel I can move with that idea and it's still part of the characters realm of possibility. If you're not sure what you want to do or want to play being lost in a world of choices or just love chocolate ;) brown can be a sweet reward.

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