Candidate Rules

A long long long hide with a list of rules has been tacked upon the wall of the barracks and reads:

The rules below reflect the expectations of Ista Weyr's leadership. If you do not have the ability to follow rules now, then how can we count on you to follow rules when it becomes dangerous for you, your dragon, and your fellow dragonriders? This is our only experience with you, so all we have to go on, therefore if you break the rules you chance being dropped from candidacy and sent home. You're not impressing toys, you're impressing a creature that will rely on you for their very existence, as Pern relies on you both for their very existence. This is threadfall, remember how much responsibility you will have resting on your shoulders!

1. Sex in any form is against the rules. Break this rule and you could be sent home. Get pregnant and you will be sent home. Your partner will be severely punished. If they are a fellow candidate, they also share the blame and consequences.

2. Check ups before the hatching are mandatory. This will check for both pregnancy and health issues that need to be addressed. If you do not get a check up, you will not be allowed on the sands come hatching day. (OOC: DF's timeline is set during a Pass. Characters unable to perform the duties of a dragonrider to their fullest extent will not be accepted.)

3. No drinking of alcoholic or any fermented beverages. Punishment will be a seven day long grueling experience at the discretion of the authorities and will start very early the next hangover morning. If you drink, we promise to make you puke.

4. No admittance to the sands without an official escort. Doing so will result in the clutch parents punishing by a quick stomping, and should you live, their lifemates will enforce yet another punishment of their choice.

5. No wearing pink - it makes the Weyrsecond nauseous. Which makes her cranky. Which means she'll make up demeaning and backbreaking chores for you.

6. No slacking on the chores. If they aren't completed properly, you'll do them again. And again. And again, till you get it right. In fact, it will have to be done perfectly if you've been caught slacking.

7. Don't miss any of your lessons. The make-up lessons will be given by riders with a monotone voice who will give you twice as much home-work and take twice as long to teach.

8. Don't leave the Weyr without an escort and don't be leaving too often even with an escort. It's imperative to get used to your new home and a new lifestyle quickly. The closer we get to the hatching, the less you will be allowed to travel, and in the end not at all. Candidates caught violating this rule will find their possessions floating across the water between the Weyr and Hold, and they won't be welcome back into the barracks or the sands.

9. Don't mouth off to anyone with a shinier knot then yours, which is pretty much everyone. Soapsand tastes absolutely terrible and pissing off the wrong person will result in having your mouth washed out with it. Some people prefer to teach their lessons with a mean right hook; you'll get no sympathy and no numbweed. It could also result in a suspension of your own knot.

OOC caveat: We’re not here to ruin your fun, and we really don’t like the idea of punishing folks that do not want to be punished, so please, we ask that if you partake of any of the above, you do so not in public rooms. Anything RPed in a public room holds a very real possibility of getting ICly busted. On DF IC offenses absolutely equal IC consequences. Expecting us to do otherwise is asking us to bend not only the Weyr to your wishes, but also our characters. It has happened before, thus this warning. Keep it to yourselves. Make a room, call it Romper Room, just please don’t flaunt. That and it’s not really that long of time. We’ve all been bad during candidacy, but we ask for credible actions and realization of consequences. That’s all we’re asking.

On the no traveling without an escort: Try and get a PC rider to go with you, but if you can’t, you’re allowed an NPC. The point is for you to come RP with Ista Weyr and show us how much you care about the Weyr and each other. A constant going to RP elsewhere doesn’t bode well. We’ve had it happen before. We also don’t want to restrict you! Just, be reasonable about it, please.

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