Carolyna, does your character have a hockey addiction too?

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First for Caro's Family:
Mother: Bryn
Father: Ber
Siblings: Susyn, Caro's twin sister, is a Healer Journeyman; Jalyn, the oldest boy, is 2 turns younger than Caro and Su and is a Harper Journeyman; Taryn (F) and Tristyn (M) are twins, 3 turns younger than Caro, Taryn is a Weaver Journeyman, Tristyn is a Weaver Sr. Apprentice; Valyn is the youngest boy and is 5 turns younger than Caro, he's a Smith Sr. Apprentice. These are just the one's she knows of right now… there could be more.

Carolyna is your cute little tomboy of a girl who hails from Bitra, though she lacks a distinct Bitran streak to her. She's got a few siblings, though don't ask her how many, since she left the Hold for the Istan Smith Hall as soon as she could, intent to get out from under her parents thumb and the rule of her younger siblings, who's care she was charged with. Carolyna then proceeded to spend the next several turns apprenticing at the Smith Hall, eventually taking a liking to the fine art of jewellery, when she was promoted to journeyman. A few months after her promotion the smith was shipped out to Ista Weyr to sell her wares there, which she did for a good turn or two.
Of course, all good things must come to an end, or a beginning, depending on how one looks at it, for Carolyna was stolen from the crafters area of the Weyr, and delivered her right to the candidates barracks. The rest, as they say, is history.

Now, enough of WHO exactly, Carolyna is… time for eggs!

Spilt Milk Egg:
An attractive speckled stone-grey shell is submerged by the ivory blotches that splash broadly across this egg, stains and drops that puddle together towards the pointed end, dollops of cream and trickles of pearl and splatters of melting snow drizzled over again with milky swirls.

Moment of Totality Egg:
Exuding stillness, sleek and smooth and silent, this large egg appears to be the deepest shade of midnight, a rich shade of nothingness, and yet, viewed from any angle, clinging to the outer extremes of its wide girth is a halo of bright golden light that reverberates across the shell's surface, fringing into tinges of fuzzy tangerine that stand out against the darkness behind.

Lightning Strikes the Lone Tree Egg:
Mottled darkly in tones of stormy gray, this egg could be easily overlooked but for the eye-catching split down its center. Is it cracked, is that a flaw? The smooth shell plays host to no obvious imperfections, and yet that jagged streak of blazing, white-hot glory seems almost defiantly displayed, impossible to ignore and magnificent in its irregularity. Towards the rounded base of this surface, it kisses green and merges there; here, one can hardly untangle the upward flow of black limbs and leafy green flashes as it cradles and eventually devours the shaft of light. They consume one another, each in their own way taking the other's life, but for this single captured moment where they meet.

Beyond the Horizon Egg:
Out of inky black, watercolour blues and greys intermingle and blend together in a dark infusion which lightens out as they streak across the curves of this egg, washing out all other colour. Near the wide, rounded end curves a fine line of fiery red that is highlighted in blood orange and a hinted rainbow of wilted carnation blooms, all that remains.

Wrought Upon by Tempests Egg:
This one is stormy, captured by the spirit and essence of a violent element in action. This egg is larger in size, shell wrought with frantic beats of grays and browns, with a shot of yellow mixed with white strung through. But what's this? Down, near the lower edge of the shell, there's a lone spot of red, as though a brave soul weathering the storm.

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