Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, a scentless perfume from the black diamonds that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them. At night it is the large baskets of glows that dot the walls which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Zhoreth and Lilyth here.
Q'luin is here.
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Lilyth soars in from the sky entrance, landing heavily with a little less grace than usual. Her rider comes dashing in via the ground entrance though, huffing slightly to try and get there in time to watch the queen land. "You could have waited!" Soteria complains, brushing strands of hair out of her eyes and trying to straighten out her clothes. The queen is unapologetic though, to be honest she looks more constipated than anything else. The look she gives her dark haired lifemate says it all, when you gotta go, you gotta go. "You would pick the middle of the night too!"

From the galleries, Lisyana appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.
From the galleries, Urei walks down the stairs to the entrance.
From the galleries, Hira walks in.
From the galleries, L'ryl walks in.

From the galleries, Tia comes up the steps at a near crawl, with her mug of klah still in hand as the call comes from her lifemate that Lilyth has hot-winged it to the sands. "I'll count." she calls over the edge of the gallery rail towards the sands so that Soteria can hear her. "And send for the drudges to bring you something to drink. And eat if you want. Warn Lilyth so she's not startled when someone comes onto the sands though." Half asleep, but still thinking. Sort of.

These days, unless he's someplace outside of Ista Weyr, Zhoreth is where his mate is, or as close as she will allow in any particular mood. When they arrive to the hatching grounds he is quick to prowl the perimeter, inspecting every last inch for any inconsistencies. A large forepaw paddles sand into an overly deep digit, and then he makes a rumbling report to Lilyth that all is clear.

From the galleries, Urei appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

From the galleries, Rh'iad appears at the top of the stairs in the very back of the galleries.

From the galleries, Lisyana chases Jorlen from the living cavern to the galleries. Of course, this time she's not winning, if only because of the headstart, but also due to the fact that once she hit the Galleries, she recalled herself into a walk, if only to avoid running into anyone.

From the galleries, E'th looks up the stairs first, man plastering himself to the side of the stairwell to allow others up before he too makes his way up rather slowly, a look given around the stands up and down to see who is all here, gaze wandering for someone specific. Too many are here however, and after another quick look he's forced to slide down a bench to make way for others, sitting down a little reluctantly, gloves tucked into unbuttoned riding coat.

From the galleries, Jorlen grins a bit and does a small 'nyah!' to Lisyana as he turns to watch the queen, bouncing a bit on his feet

From the galleries, Hira is fairly sure that despite not being invited to a flight, they are quite welcome to the laying of eggs in Ista. A quick message from her blue alerting her that things might start happening has Hira walking in with jacket folded over one arm, a hand waving to those accompanying her, "Come on S'paaz, you have to have fun at some point." Dour brown rider follows her in, a sniff given as he leans up on the toes of his boots to peer onto the sands, "Oh my, Weyrling Hira Barlord, we might just yet get to see a full laying." The brown rider is unable to stop himself from bowing low before Hira is pushing him upwards in the stands, "Move it before there's standing room only, Sp'aaz."

Lilyth sniffs the dark sand at first, kicking some out of the way as if testing it for suitability. "I know, I know, it's black sand and not white." The pair hailed from Southern originally and this will be the queen's first clutch here in Ista. "It's fine, lots of queens have clutched here." Soteria says reassuringly, a booted foot kicking at the glittering stuff a bit herself. At last the queen seems more or less satisfied and starts to pick out a good section to begin, crouching over a shallow trench with a look of concentration.

From the galleries, S'tao arrives a little late, a little disheveled, but it seems that he hasn't missed anything yet. Rank has it's privileges though, so he gets a front row seat no matter who else beat him into the galleries. "It's a blasted odd hour. Someone go get the drudges to bring up some klah." he says as a sort of general order, a few weyrfolk groaning as they go to hurry and comply. "Enough for everyone!"

Deposited on the upper ledge, Q'luin comes tearing down the stairs and through the galleries. There's downward sprint to the rail, every other tier of benches skipped with the reach of his long legs. A quick second is taken to smooth the obsidian hair that sprouts in every direction, but still the shirt flags open unbuttoned as he vaults over the rail to fall the distance to the sands. Upon landing he takes a moment in the shadows to straighten up, tucking in the shirt, tying the ties on his trousers that had been forgotten in the haste. Then with a casual swagger the bronzerider makes his way across the sands to Soteria.

From the galleries, Rh'iad makes his way up into the galleries, hand running along the cut of the wall to paint fingers over the stone. He just sort of meanders on it after the first rush of those wanting to watch a gold dragon poop out some eggs. Miracle of life or something. He stalls for a moment to peer over the people already there, and then heads straight for that very familiar railing to look down onto the sands.

From the galleries, Lisyana sticks her tongue out at Jorlen, before going to find a seat - hopefully down towards the front, given her lack of likelihood to see over any heads. Clearly, the girl has no idea how long such an event might occur, or else she'd save some of that energy for later.

From the galleries, While S'tao gives orders for the klah to be brought to the galleries, Tia does the same for the two on the sands. Juice and klah both, since the heat will surely get to them. "Tig." she greets casually, having to stand up on the seats in order to ruffle his hair. But it affords her a good look around the galleries and after spotting E'th she waves him forward a bit. She invited him, he may as well get a decent seat. "Candidates, get a good viewing spot along the rails. I suspect you'll be gawking at the eggs in your free time soon enough though."

Zhoreth rumbles to his lifemate, amused. Sure he stranded the man on their ledge, but he did get down, right? Skittering over to Lilyth, the bronze hunkers down, snout not but a foot away from her tail where an egg might appear. He wants to be the first to see!!

From the galleries, Jorlen snickers at Zhoreth, "Shards, what is he trying to do, clutch for her?" He gives an absent minded nod to Tia and squirms towards the railing for a better view

From the galleries, E'th has a discerning gaze, he can tell one wave from another, hand raising up to Tia as he jumps up quickly tries to push his way past people to get down to where she is. To the real good seats. His secret weapon for having seen the wave in reality? Aukai, his bronze firelizard who scoured the crowd to gleen where the curly haired beauty is, turning lazy circles around her head before ::blinking:: out to join Colchith, "'Ey!" Clomp, clomp, down the steps, man pausing several times to give other people a chance to pass by before eventually making his way to Tia, "I ain't late, yeh?" Gaze snaps to the sands, spotting not one leathery case yet, golden gaze flooding with relief. Already got one missed hatching on his plate, doesn't need to add another.

From the galleries, S'tao grins as peers over the railing, wondering if he could get glows out there to help light up the cavern a bit better. No doubt the queen's not going to like that many intruders on the sands though. "Good idea there Tia. It's going to be a long haul I think." Notes his weyrmate appearing next, expression on his face only grinning wider as he waits for the greenrider to come close enough for him to whisper, "This time, no running around amongst the eggs for you."

From the galleries, Lisyana perks up at the mention of the railing, and scoots down next to Jorlen, reaching over to nudge him 'lightly' with an elbow, before peering down at the Sands, taking in the slightly different view.

From the galleries, "And it's the middle of the sharding night. Who /wouldn't/ need klah?" Tia points out helpfully, waggling fingers at Rh'iad when he appears, then turning her attention to E'th again. "No, not at all. I'm impressed that you got here so quickly for it being an odd time. Don't tell me you were already awake?" There's a slight incredulity to her voice while she valiantly attempts to tame her hair into a leather tie and keep it out of her face for once the heat starts getting to her. "Here, have a seat." she offers, glancing at the empty one beside her. "I bet Zhoreth's going to get an egg right in his face."

From the galleries, L'ryl sneaks along into the galleries quietly. Weyrbrat days coming back to his mind as he once again visits Ista Weyr. "just like Ista to try to wake all of Pern for a clutching." he murmurs despite a grin as he works his way in for a better view of the queen on the sands.

Lilyth's sides heave and she groans in effort, not even Zhoreth's intrusive presence is going to stop the eggs from appearing now. Huffing sounds emerge before she steps forward and turns, swollen sides brushing against the bronze as she too peers down at the cluster of soft eggs that appeared. "Three!" Soteria announces as she darts around the dragons to try and get a look, all but leaving Q'luin in the dust. Tia's voice is heard from over the railing and she raises a hand in thanks, not to mention three fingers for the count.

Boxing Day Bar-be-egg
A warm summer's day brightens the smooth surface of this egg. It dapples the cricket-green shading in yellows and golds. To one side there appears to be a smoky haze drifting up, up, up, to cloud the top in a grey-amber. If you look carefully enough you'll see a bright yellow-green circle whizzing across the centre, and a few brown bottle-shapes scattered in the grassy-green of its base. Lazy and familiar.

Halcyon Holi Egg
Dominated by feckless technicolor joy, an egg of perpetual spherical curve stands odd against the typical ovoid. Hyper-bright blue blotches mingle with florescent pinks, a marriage that results in breaches of flagrant exaggerated purple. All decorum tossed to the wind leaves speckles of garish lime and the unflinching tenacity of incandescent orange to challenge the resolve of the underlying dusky canvas.

Festival of Lights Egg
Veins of liquid silver spill down one side of this egg, pooling together at they meet near the middle and then settling at the base of the egg against a black background. Dollops of eerie blue light seem to rest atop each of the silvery lines, reminiscent of flame. Etched faintly in the background is an odd geometrical shape that looks like a wooden child's toy, the edges sunken in just slightly and able to be felt by touch if one were brave enough to try it.

From the galleries, Rh'iad isn't one to believe in the use of the benches when there is this big ol' bit of open railing before him to see everything wonderfully clear. So, the teen perches right up in front, legs dangling over the side and out towards the sands. "Don't need to now. Those are for other people to try to get to know," he answers rather simply to S'tao, turning his head around to look back at the man, offering him a puckish grin before looking back at the gold dragon laboring upon the sands. "Tia, wanna bet on how many?"

From the galleries, Jorlen does the slightest tounge stick out at Lis in response for the elbow jab though he "Oooohs" as the eggs start coming, "Do the egg colors have anything to do with the color of the dragons inside?" he asks to nobody in particular

Soleray, Zayn, Atropos, and Abydos appear at the same exact time over Q'luin's head, whirling like a funnel cloud in their excitement. The rider waves both hands to ward them off, and then jabs a finger at the high ledges to direct them where they can watch. A mournful cry from all four and they do as they are told. That sound is intermingled with a bugled announcement of the trio of egg's arrival. A flurry of black sand granules scatters all over the wet sticky eggs in the wake of the blustery outburst from their sire. A quick stalking of Soteria brings the bronzerider right up behind. "Shards - those are ours." Proud proud proud.

From the galleries, S'tao coughs into a hand as he takes his eyes off the clutching queen to regard his cousin. "Early?" He doesn't do /early/. "I wasn't asleep." he confesses very very quietly before peering back out at the sand. "The dragons are in the way, can't see a sharding thing. I think she's signalling. Ah three! Good start I think." Though to be fair, he doesn't exactly have the experience to really know for sure." An enthusiastic hand is placed on Rh'iad's shoulder, as he too leans over the railing a bit. "Ah betting, I think I'll stay out of this one."

From the galleries, "The best fishin' in this one cove only 'appens at night, so it ain't hard to get here, yeh? We bein' in Ista area any'ow." E'th quickly offers, one hand quickly coming away from his own chest to reach out to squeeze Tia's shoulder quickly, nod given to S'tao and Rh'iad before his attention turns out onto the sands, "Shells, lookit tha', last 'atchin' I been to that Hestiath was layin' 'em three at a time, too." A grin then to S'tao, "I ain't bettin' either, on a losin' streak."

From the galleries, "You have to ask? I say 35 eggs." Tia replies promptly, the words out of her mouth before she even has a chance to think about it. "1 mark?" she wonders, for the terms of the wager. "Ahhh, there we go. That's a nice trio." she comments, making tickmarks onto the hide held against the railing in front of her. "Shells Tig. I hope you were at least up for a fun reason." the woman chirps, her mischeivous grin appearing. "Well good then - the idea was for you to enjoy the show, not be too tired to care what you're seeing." she jokes at the Fortian, quick to squeeze his hand in return and then go back to keeping her quill at the ready for more tick marks and the other hand poised for more klah. That's when the drudges arrive to start handing out the fake-awake.

From the galleries, Jorlen looks over when he hears the talk about betting and frowns slightly, "Do you bet on the colors of the hatchlings as well or just the number of eggs?"

From the galleries, Lisyana lifts a shoulder, "I dunno. Only eggs I've ever seen is the one Taddy came in, y'know?" before oohing, "I hope we can see 'em better, later." The thought is probably brought on by the mention of them being looking later on.

From the galleries, Hira is up high, but it's enough of a view that she gets to see almost anyone entering in, "What the shell is she doing laying her eggs at this time?" "Well, dear Weyrling Hira …" Sp'aaz begins, brownie sitting ramrod straight, about to launch into a detailed description of just how the Queen sorts out the times she wishes to push out the glorious orbs known as Dragon Eggs. However, just in time the fake-awake arrives and Hira is up, waving her hand, "Two here, please!" Unfortunately this doesn't seem to stop Sp'aaz from launching into his explanation anyhow. Just means Hira has an excuse not to listen to the first half.

Soteria just gives a quick nod, though her smile is broad as she looks over her shoulder at Q'luin. "Yes, they are. So many at once, not like her first." But it's not a maiden clutch so there promises to be a good many eggs hopefully. She shifts on her feet with excitement, that and a little due to the heat of the sand. "Well done love!" she calls encouragingly to her dragon, just a hint of impatient expectation for the next to come.

Lilyth croons over her eggs, but then noses sand over them to nestle them warmly before shifting aside a little to dig another furrow. The clutching continues with no particular urgency but in due course another cluster of eggs appears, some small some larger, and of course all rather spectacularly colored.

Eid al-Adha Egg
Moody streams of crimson run together in an endless river to wash the circumference of this egg in sacrificial hue. Some rivulets run so deep and thick they're nearly black, while others thin to grainy pale sanguine. Drowned splotches of grey come up for air in a reminder of what lies beneath. Macabre as it may seem, the blood bath drips with charitable intentions.

Leading Light Egg
In celebration of the victory of good over evil, uplifting liquid amber pool in swirls of varying degrees all over the silhouette of this unusual egg. Darkness sets the undertone in a ripple-effect, pierced through the core by a growing awareness of the inner light of life within. A row of lamps burn to light the way for goodwill and faith to find their path -home-, chasing off the looming darkness with but a single flicker of hope.

Tonacayotl Egg
Shapes of stairs ascend a squat round egg as evenly as any heartbeat. Faded crimson, water-washed, gives color to what otherwise would look very much like modest pale limestone. Bits of turquoise and gold pulse around a generous circumference as sacrifices for vividness. What remains beyond the bared teeth of coiled serpents is grave obsidian providing a debt of flinty coldness to what is only a possibility.

From the galleries, Tia grins broadly. "I bet on everything. But yes, the option is there. People bet on both hatchling color and egg numbers." she replies to Jorlen, catching the question.

From the galleries, L'ryl moves to take a position where he doesn't jostle with too many people. "She's not wasting much time at least, it seems." he murmurs as the gold on the sands provides all the viewers more to bet over. A hand reaches up to cover a yawn that suddenly shows up.

Zhoreth cranes about to watch Lilyth's progress without leaving the other three eggs. Q'luin walks on past to start hand-shoveling sand onto them, ear to ear grin tearing his dusky features clean in half. Speaking of tearing? The bronze is torn between this latest batch and the new batch, which is clearly shown as he glances swiftly back and forth between them. "It's alright! I'll take care of these. You go get those." While each handful is a pittance compared to what his dragon can do, the rider has youthful enthusiasm to power him. So off the dragon goes to tail-bury this mix, a whirling eye ogling each before they disappear under a mound of sand. Q'luin sails a wink and a grin at the goldrider. "She's doing amazing."

From the galleries, E'th shakes his head, "I only bet on the colors when they be hatchin', 'opefully by then my luck'll pick up." Said to company present which includes those newly minted Candidates and Weyrleader, Weyrsecond and Weyrmate of said Weyrleader alike. He quiets then, leaning against railing, hands pressing down, watching three more come out, "Seems three is th'pick of this layin' too."

From the galleries, "Wanna bet on how many there are? Whoever is closest wins?" Rh'iad turns around to look over towards Tia, lifting his eyebrows in question and challenge to her. "Want to?" As he hears her number though, the young man considers and then says. "I think it'll be at least forty. Say exactly forty." He grins back towards her, and then frowns at her. "I guess. A mark. Say, do you know how to dye hair?" Yeah, sure, out of the blue.

From the galleries, Jorlen chuckles and nods to Tia, "So, how well do you usually do? No clue how many eggs are a lot or not for a clutch so I'd stay out of this one even if I was a betting candidate."

Soteria watches Q'luin for a moment in surprise at him digging in the sand himself and can't help but laugh at the bronzerider and his dragon. They're like enthusiastic puppies or something right now, but then again she's probably on a little bit of an adrenaline high herself. The klah brought in by a nervous server is probably not necessary right at this moment, not with the way Sota darts towards her dragon's side again to take a look at the new group. "Four!" A hand caresses the panting queen's side. "Easy Lil, no need to rush!"

From the galleries, "… is Qil trying to build a castle around the eggs?" Lisyana has to ask, watching her cousin dig in the sand, a giggle overlaying the question.

From the galleries, E'th can't count, and as the new number is called out he leans forward to do a quick count, silent curse under his breath. Counting does oddly enough counts your chances of winning a bet.

From the galleries, Lips pursing together, Tia considers the question of hair dye. "Well, I've seen it done before. But with your hair color, hmm… why do you ask?" Rhik dying his absolutely gorgeous hair!? Shocking. Truly shocking! "Well, I usually do pretty well Jorlen. Much to the dismay of my fellow wingmates." And to the benefit of her art supplies! "You're going to bet on the colors then, E'th? Don't wait'll the hatching! It's much more fun to bet way ahead of time." So says the gembling addict. "They're nicely colored ones too, I'd say." A sidelong glance catches him trying to count how many are there, and she leans over to whisper something at him.

From the galleries, S'tao swipes a mug of klah for himself, taking a gulp with an old campaigner's tolerance for heat as he quaffs half of the mug in one go. "Forty? We can hope I guess. That'll double the last clutch." Sadly that one was on the small side, the flight difficult and treacherous due to the weather. Blasted bad timing there, no way around it. He pauses though as Rh'iad's words catch up to him. "Wha? Dyeing hair? Who's dyeing hair?"

From the galleries, Hira gets her klah, handing one off towards Sp'aaz who seems to be droning on though he cheers with each egg laid. A familiar head is spotted, Hira leaning forwards to speak to L'ryl, "I didn't see you here, I thought you didn't like coming here."

Lilyth obviously feels that her eggs are in good 'hands' as she gives the new eggs a sniff then quickly kicks sand over them as well before waddling over a few feet and squats once again. The pit is not so shallow this time, leaving the new eggs in plain sight. At least they're too soft right now to roll away.

Up-Helly-Aa Egg
Engulfed by bright flame, licks of orange and yellow writhe and hiss, spit and consume this egg, leeching copper from dusk-brown planks and splinters. Smudges of silhouetted horns and wings and dragon's heads are reflected and magnified in the fiery contours, amber sparks threatening to ignite even the inky-black that halos the shell.

Obon Feast of Lanterns Egg
Waters gather together as a liquid globe of farseeing into the warmth of summer, converging at the bottom in shades of blue on one side where the darkening sky brings forth the shadows, while still visible streaks of twilight's dusky rose and yellow rays disappear over the curved horizon. Watery designs ripple like painted silk, faint and gentle with patterns of tiny globes of light bobbing from stream to harbor. Splashes of warm candlelight glow within paper lantern squares resting upon little red wooden boats to be carried out to sea as ancestral spirits returning to the realm of the dead.

First Dance of Spring Egg
Let's Dance! Spring hearkens to the call of playful emerald and sapphire bursts parading around its earthen maypole in jovial farewell to winter's wretched grasp along sultry base. Buttercups and periwinkles combine for the crowning moment when between the two fires of Beltane they dare dance across this fertile egg's surface. In subtle maneuvers, web-like strands of bronze and gold delve into the fray, flashing only when the kiss of sun's light angles just -so-, exposing the burning secret concealed within.

From the galleries, Jorlen nods to Tia, "I see." and then he spots more movement down on the sands and strains to get a look at the latest ones, "Hey, we have some more there.."

From the galleries, L'ryl smirks as he watches the scene on the sands before glancing back towards Hira a moment. "Don't have to like somewhere to visit it. Besides, I was nearby and it's always interesting seeing who loses on all these bets going on."

When Q'luin becomes distracted by Soteria, Zhoreth slinks over and clandestinely shovels sand on the eggs his lifemate was /trying/ to bury. The man had his heart in the right place, for a change. The rider moves up to slip an arm around the woman's waist, looking down upon her with a brilliantly lit grin. "Forget the klah. I say we celebrate. Ready for some real drink?" A quick glance to the galleries reminds him that they are anything but alone. Not that this will put any pause in his script. The newly delivered eggs earn an in sync hoot and warble. "12!" counting the whole batch (which includes NPC eggs).

From the galleries, E'th tilts his head towards Tia, listening with a snorting laugh, "Naw, naw, but seein' 'em, they be crowdin' t'gether an' all that, y'count get no proper count always." Excuses, excuses. But he keeps his gaze that much tighter on that Queen, watching and counting carefully. Just to prove he can count to the Weyrsecond, eyes scouring the new count, "This is gonna be one of them big ones, eh?"

From the galleries, "Because I hate looking ugly in the Klah Pot whenever I'm in there. I clash with the upholstery, so I can really only sit in one seat or it looks really bad. So I was talking with this candidate and we discussing hair dying." Rh'iad answer to both S'tao and Tia, really. "She thought that black and red would be nice. I don't think that really solves the problem of me looking silly around all of that orange." He shrugs his shoulders, watching as the gold dragon continues her labors.

"Twelve?!" Soteria's exclamation rings out, a startled glance given towards the newly dropped eggs as she counts. "Oh in total! Whew, I thought Lilyth exploded or something." She can't imagine trying to squeeze out that many herself. Her shoulder's shake in almost giddy amusement as she leans against Q'luin, nodding slightly. "One drink couldn't hurt. There's good reason to celebrate this time." Lilyth ignores her rider's outburst and instead moves again, returning towards Zhoreth to scratch a new hollow and squatting over it, this time leaving another five out there.

Autumn Harvest-Moon Cake Egg
Curlicues of delicate confectionary swirl across a molded surface intermingled with tiny petals, not formed of natural blooms but rather culinary artistry coming to life as a golden baked cake. Gently cradling it is a platter of wrought gold, beaten thin with filigree to mirror the designs upon the flakey loaf, edges curling about the orb beneath it for it is an illusion, an offering to the harvest in appearance but mere shell that gently envelopes the precious seed within.

Never To Forget Egg
A sea of red radiates across the smooth and otherwise sharp colours of this egg, ever standing tall no matter how much Lilyth might worry over it. A shadow of leathery brown slides diagonally from top left to bottom right, and a splash of yellow points out the way to the sands around its base.

Opulent Devotion Egg
Gaudy glamour swathes the shell with gilt-threaded exuberance, as variegated and vibrant as a peacock's plume. Royal blue jostles against magenta-accented rose, seeking ascendancy in prismatic play along the egg's sloping shoulders before ceding to the jeweled tones of argent and gold ringing the modest incline of the apex. A solid belt of peridot green girdles the egg at mid-point, describing an elaborate arabesque atop the bundled brocade. These latter swirls of turquoise and bronze billow into full-skirted ebullience, movement compelling the fabric to lift for a moment's glimpse of sequined slippers.

From the galleries, "Looks like it." Tia agrees, keeping a running tally on the count, and double checking it against the calls from the excited clutchparents. "True - they can be difficult to keep track of especially once the sand is piled on top of them." she agrees, distracted from saying more then by Rhik's observations of his hair vs. the Klah Pot decor. "Why don't we change the colors of the 'Pot, then?" is suggested. "At least a peach rather then the garish orange. Whether it's our Weyr color or not. Something more sedate might be nice. And it would match your hair too. And mine." Nod. And since being on her feet too long these days is becoming a bit of a pain, the young woman finally drops down into her chair; still looking out on the sands.

From the galleries, S'tao leans back from the railing to see the Fortian rider on the other side of his Weyrsecond, a nod in E'th's direction. "Looks like it will be a big one." His gaze flicks from him to Tia and he gives a sort of rakish grin. "I hear congratulations are in order, so to speak." That's all he'll comment for now, instead looking over to the other side and giving Rh'iad a confused gaze. "Looking ugly in the Klah Pot?" His tone is incredulous, but his opinion on Rhik's looks are obviously very biased. "Clash? That sounds ridiculous." Though frankly there are days he wants to smack around whomever decided on /orange/ as the Weyr color. "I guess black streaks would be uhm, interesting." he concedes, then his expression grows wary. "Which candidate? Wasn't that… blonde was it?"

Each egg is lovingly perused and then buried from sight, one after another. Zhoreth is proud, but overly protective. A gentle nuzzle is awarded to the hard working queen when she finishes the brilliant latest batch. "17!" rockets toward the galleries. Back to burying, the bronze pauses to peer up at the crowd above, eyes boring into the depths in pursuit of anything amiss. Q'luin is kind and leans away from Soteria to shout this time, "Whiskey!" and then follows suit of his dragon and nuzzles the goldrider. "They flew far - we flew far. It's going to be a spectacular clutch!" The man is positively vibrating with excitement.

From the galleries, "No, not the same girl. A different one. This one didn't try to shove her hands down my pants," Rh'iad answers back to S'tao. He twists about once more to look back at the man, smiling. "She said I should talk to a weaver. So I might talk to one. Just to see. I don't know yet. Would you be grumpy? Said said that you'd l-" The young man abruptly breaks off, recalling exactly where they are. So, instead, his words change. "I'll think about it." Attention turns back towards the sands, the whole reason everyone is even out here to begin with.

From the galleries, "Wouldn't it jus' be easier t'change them things in the Pot? I mean, all tha' orange, could be doin' with them changes." He's not exactly a supporter of dyed hair, though that's more for women, "Exactly, easier t'do tha'. Then y'ain't gotta change nothin' with them dyes." In this instant he'll extend it to all female and males within range, "Awh yeh?" To S'tao, a surprised look given to Tia at S'tao's words, not actually expecting her to tell anyone, "Well, I be thinkin' yer right. Thank y'." He'll grin a little wider now, looking down to Tia in the seat, a drop back bringing him beside her, "M'first 'gratulations." Murmured to her, E'th as proud a papa as those down on the sands.

Soteria can't help but roll her eyes ever so slightly as Q'luin calls for his favorite drink. Still, she's not going to turn down one celebratory drink this one time. As Lilyth moves on and leaves the latest group in sight for second, she gasps sharply. "Is that what I think it is?" Her hand lifts to point, all ready to dash over towards the eggs but the queen has already protectively shoved sand over them to hide them from view, even using her tail to heap it up high. Perhaps more so than necessary as if truly concerned over these in particular.

Lilyth moves on without giving signs of further concern, digging deep beside the larger mound she's made just now. With a heave she leaves another four eggs there, burying them and repeating the process a second time in quick succession with another three eggs. Her rider's curiousity goes unanswered as for the moment, she's far too busy emptying her body.

Sharing the Harvest Egg
Vibrant mandarin be-speckled with blues and greens vibrate and sing in a parade of joy and bliss. There is no mistaking the clear identity of such a child-like egg, bright and cheerful as it sits with its own unique code of conduct ready and waiting for The One. Poorly concealed within its depths are the bounties of season: Wine swirls, cream streaks and a hint of spice all shared abundantly and freely for any who choose to pass it by.

Mokry Poniedzalek Egg
New-shiny wet, back-splash obscures what other pattern this egg might show; colourless connecting shock overlaid by the spattered, splattered density of almost-white where drop upon drop combines. Rivulets trickle down in a myriad of meanderings to collect and puddle at the base, dribs and drabs of imperfect prisms.

Vivezza Venezia Egg
False facades and fanciful embellishments harmonize to garnish the shell of this elaborate egg. Flocked to the point of garishness, blue upon blue gilded gold, persona grata collect to dazzle among the denizens in celebration of anonymity. Primped with bauta, feathers, and fabric, nameless faceless entities compete with elegant edifices of yesteryear. Baroque bejeweled bipeds dance for days within the shadows and bellies of ancestral architecture, inspired to ghost the steps as mirror images of the past, blurring the fragile line of time.

From the galleries, Hira chuckles a little, eyeing Lery, "I see, always ready and waiting for a hatching …"

From the galleries, "All black would look totally hot." Tia points out, flashing Rhik a broad smile. "But I totally think the Klah Pot could use a change, and like E'th just said… it's easier. Wanna help me?" There's a bit of a flush to her face when she nods at S'tao and gives him a playful nudge in thanks. "Really? I thought you'd have told half of Fort by now." she whispers back at E'th. She links her arm with his when he sits down, though before she can say anything else some more eggs wind up on the sands and she makes a few notes. "Hey, was that one…?" Huh.

From the galleries, Lisyana continues to watch, hanging on the railing as does so, even if mostly it's just to see movement, as the proud parents move this way and that.

Soteria's outburst startles Q'luin and his field of vision is narrowed to keen slits as he tries to see for himself. Glancing at her, he questions, "Was it?" Zhoreth ambles over to sniff at the already buried eggs, blowing bursts of air to clear a tiny spot so that /he/ can see. Once satisfied the spot is promptly covered. His rider digs and digs for an answer that will not be given. "Damn him." That would be 24.

From the galleries, S'tao rather wonders what the weyrfolk will think about him ordering the decor of the Klah Pot to be changed, just so that his weyrmate wouldn't /clash with the furniture/. That doesn't mean he wouldn't do it though, if anyone wondered just how much Rhik has Tig wrapped around his fingers, well that's clear enough of a sign. He catches the half muttered words and gives the greenrider another pointed look. "Grumpy? Not really, it's your hair." A hand reaches for the braid though, trying to imagine it in other hues. "I like it the way it is though." But they are out here where anyone can see, so with a slight flush he lets it go and turns back to the other side. Conversations at the railing is always like having a tennis match, back and forth. "Yeah, course she'd tell me." he replies to E'th as if there could be nothing else. But murmured exclamations catches his attentions and he stares back out at the sands. "What's got them going out there?" He missed it.

From the galleries, Jorlen aims a quick, but light elbow at Lis just to see if she's still paying attention as he attempts to make a count of the eggs, "Wow, gotta be in the 20's or something so far. Looks like she's still going too. I think 23 or 24 or something like that."

From the galleries, L'ryl nods his head. "OF course." he states as he looks back towards the sands and the queen that is still going strong with her egg laying. "There's plenty to gain from showing at these occasions. NOt to mention, getting away from weyrlinghood for a while." He grins back at Hira. "If you could ever lose your brown shadow there…"

From the galleries, "How long does Clutchings last? We haven't been here /that/ long.." Lisyana wonders, obviously still awake as Jorlen gets an elbow back.

From the galleries, Rh'iad drums his fingers along the stone at the foot of the galleries, feet kicking back and forth with the speed of his thoughts. His eyes are still upon the dragons out there, sort of paying attention to the eggs dropping and being rolled out, while still distracted by the conversations around him. Wait. What? "What?" He blinks and looks over to Tia, "What'd I miss?" He glances from her to the unfamiliar E'th and back again, frowning. He just knows he missed something in the thoughts of his vanity.

Soteria just has to shake head, but explains the gesture as she looks back up at Q'luin. "I'm not sure. I thought it might have been, but she buried those deep." That is suspicious in itself but there's nothing to be done about it for now. "We'll find out later, she'll have to move them around after all." Meanwhile Lilyth has been busy, dropping eggs now and again. First a pair here, then another set of five further away. She doesn't even give enough time to do more than warble back at Zhoreth for his encouragement before she sets off again with another five. At that point, she actually flops down on the sand to take a breather, making Soteria leave Q'luin's side to go caress the queen's broad eyeridge. "Wonderful job, my dear! Are you done? Or is there more?"

Samhain's Farewell Egg
The end of summer has come and gone in a bonfire's burst of jubilation and passion. Midnight-blue displays the outline of this egg's terminal perfection in tales of ancestors ripe with the five colours of lore. Streamers of green, blue, brown, bronze and gold ribbon their way around and across in erratic displays of storytelling and dance. A celebration of the lives now past and the futures yet to be, only the harvest within knows what may be the outcome.

Dance Around the Maypole Egg
Rings of ribbons stream bright rivers around this shell, variegated patterns crossing over and under. Tightly woven tops unravel into sashaying satin stripes that billow across the wider base, twisted and tangling. Atop the tapered end a garland of mixed petals crowns the multicoloured morass.

Singed Sacrifice Egg
Smoke's haze billows in macabre imitation of soft, creamy wool, extending insidious fingers along the generous curve of the egg's shell until even the far reaches are inundated with fulvous smog. Thinning fumes at the base bespeak the cause: blackened bone and charred flesh, fleece crumbling to charcoal under the effect of licking flames. Cast to one side, a jumble of rust-striped horns achieves a haphazard calligraphy with unintelligible curlicues commemorating ritual sacrifice.

Shrove Tuesday Egg
Swirling bands of brilliant color coalesce into metallic beads that string together across the curved surface of the jovial orb, glitters of green, gold and purple to bedeck the necks of would be catchers should they be tossed as offerings in celebration. For now they serve as the bed that houses less subtle shapes, masks that peer out in a trio of sequin and gem bedazzled faces in colors to match those beneath. Glorious feathery crowns soar and sweep upwards from each in mixes of all three hues till they meet at the cresting point.

The whiskey arrives in the form of a bottle and two glasses. These are placed beside the sands before the server runs off like her tail was on fire. Q'luin finally lets go of Soteria to go pour them drinks. One is poured and downed, before it the glass is filled again, along with the other. Both are carried back to where Soteria was and calls. "For you, m'lady." He'll wait here for her. Zhoreth is just below the galleries when he stretches his muzzle up to closely inspect Jorlen and Lisyana. Behind him 12 of 36 are laid.

From the galleries, "We might have a glowing egg on the sands." Tia murmurs back at her seating companions in explanation for the outbursts. But she doesn't want to cause an uproar, so her voice is kept low. And obviously Tia would give some other reason for redecorating. Like, say, her hormones disagree with that shade of orange or something. Sheesh!

From the galleries, Jorlen blinks and looks at tia, "A glowing egg? Is that a sign of a queen egg or something?" Upon getting a whiff of that all too familar breath he turns to grin at the bronze, offering a scratch, though not really expecting the proud papa to stick around for it

From the galleries, Lisyana misses the orignal comment, but catches Jorlen's. Any questions, however, are bypassed when Zhoreth offers a hello. A wave is offered, before adding verbally, "You two are going to have so many babies!" Well, dragons. Same difference?

From the galleries, S'tao draws a sharp breath himself, just giving Tia a quick nod. "I thought so too, but damn Lilyth for hiding it." It would be a very good sign for Ista if it is what he thinks it is too. "There's time enough to find out." And if it is, there's going to be screaming from Lord Sterling as the searchriders denude his Hold further of young ladies.

From the galleries, "A /glowing/ egg?" They do that?! Rh'iad perks instantly. "Where? Where at?" His back straightens, chin lifting as all of his attention focuses upon those ebony-dark sands. "Where is it at? I can't see it. Nothing glowing out there but the baskets. S'tao." He reaches a hand back as if to tug on the Weyrleader's leg. "Where is the glowing egg?" He might just break that taboo to touch a glowing egg, but lets just keep that between you and me. "She /hid/ it." Bummer, dude. "How many are there? Of the plain ones?"

From the galleries, "I be pacin' m'self!" E'th quickly counters, his wide grin unbreakable however, "We be droppin' 'ints, but y'know, I ain't like braggin' an' all that." Not just yet, anyhow, "I gonna guess …thirty six." Just to come in on the game, "'eh?" He'd shoot up to his feet but he's got an arm in his, other hand sweeping round to quickly squeeze her forearm, "Missin'?" To Rh'iad, E'th looking to Tia before he speaks, "Wha'???" Lisyana's words interrupt his telling of the pregnancy, mans eyebrows raising up, "We are? 'ow many babies?!" Yeah premature excitement here, and ill-timed wording on Lis' part.

From the galleries, Hira smirks just a little, "He invited me this time …" A little smugly towards L'ryl, whisperings and outright calls of a gold egg being present has her quieting down to get the downlow on it all, "Ah snap, she's hiding it …"

From the galleries, "Usually is." Tia clarifies for Jorlen, looking hopeful. "But we can't be sure yet. Plus - yeah, she hid it." A giggle bubbles forward at Rhik's antics. "36 you say? You're in for a mark then?" Just so she remembers of course, still chuckling too over his explanation of just dropping hints and all. "She meant hatchlings." the woman quickly clarifies. "Not babies." Though hey, she did carry twins last time. "Hoo boy, I need more klah now."

From the galleries, "What she said. Why, are you have a baby or two? Congratulations! Is it going to be cute, or all red and wrinkly and loud?" Lis asks I'th, having given her greetings and wishes to the bronze daddy.

Soteria reaches for the glass, but only sips at it, breath catching at the burn of it before simply holding the glass tightly i her hands while she waits for her queen to move. "Thank you." she tells Q'luin, nervously watching Lilyth as she gets up again. "Oh dear, she isn't done." Yes, there are more to come indeed as the queen squats one more time, dropping a single golden honey egg that gets another gasp from Soteria, only as the egg rolls to settle in the shallow, the underside is revealed to be a deep mottled green like chopped nuts. Then a second egg is laid beside it, richly colored in many hues but red and patterned. A third comes with another hint of fieryness but more like aged parchment than yellow. And finally, with a sigh, Lilyth lays her last, an egg of shadows and deep blues. They are nosed as the queen turns around, giving those nearest a good look before sand is swept over them as well.

Baklava Egg
Syrup slathers this egg in shiny, gloopy decadence, lashings of honey permeating flaky layers of flimsily thin strata, soaking through the porous pebbles of pistachio, coalescing in a saturated bedrock of sticky pastry. From minor seams sugary crystals sparkle intermittently, refractions of light at reflective angles.

Tartan'd Ceilidh Egg
The tartan progression of green, red, black, and the occasional band of blue gaily sallies forth, circular striation suggesting crisp uniformity partnered with frolicking merriment, proud poetry in motion. Roguish pleats swish and swirl as whisky's amber gleam adds devilry to the dance. Paired rows of shiny silver buttons herald the crowning glory at egg's apex: hearty haggis, an oatmealy denouement.

Honourable Intensions Egg
Pyres rage into a colossal brink, an excess of combustion to equal the heights of human mania. Pyrotechnics bloom in great showers of merry sparks where gunpowder once waited for infamy. Sepia really makes the most of the egg's bulbous sides with deep brownish-black giving gravity to rituals that have lost their frenzy to a transit of time. Smoke chokes a greater portion of brown out of the shell and makes mystery out of that blur.

Sanctioned Seduction Egg
Titillating torment tantalizes thousands. This is the miracle of the international pageant that swarms the elliptical globe with flashes of flesh, daring dips, and a striking rhythm of color that dances upon a moonlit blue stage. Ebony shadows cling in pseudo copulation, as breathless effigies endeavor to climb towards the passionate climax. However artfully hedonic, the sublime moment is fragile, shattered all too easily by a single misstep.

From the galleries, Jorlen snickers at the baby talk before catching on a little bit, "Woah, somebody having a baby and I'm not talking about the dragons?" He looks at Lis for some clarification.

From the galleries, Gwynne walks in.

From the galleries, E'th isn't quite disappointed at that, nodding instead as crooked grin parts, "Ah, well, big difference there, an I ain't 'eard 'bout more than one. But I ain't complainin' naught." Lis speaks, the one to get him excited in the first place, a tilt of his head given to her, "Jus' one, yeh. I, whut? I rootin' for them cute ones, but iffn' it's wrinkly then I be bettin' it comes from m'side of the family." Originally he was going to say must be from her side of the family, crooking a thumb towards Tia. Buuuut he's not interested in being tossed over the ledge, nor pissing off the woman just yet. They've a bit of getting to know you's to do. I'th, afterall, doesn't want to die before the thing is born, "One mark! Yeh, y'sweets ain't breakin' m'coin bag yet!"

Zhoreth snorts agreement to Lisyana, and feels the fringe of Jorlen's fingers before he turns back to his duty. Backing to the nearest batch, the dragon lifts his tail and starts backwards paddling sand out from underneath, allowing it to shoot out over the eggs in a spectacular rooster tail effect. Q'luin slings an arm around Soteria's waist again, pulling her in. "That's one dandy clutch. I counted 40, on the nose. Maybe even /one of those/ too." The whiskey is finished as Zhoreth curls around a patch of eggs near the galleries, building a wall between the people up there and his encapsulated children.

From the galleries, Gunilla walks in.

From the galleries, S'tao was just about to point out the location of the 'glowing egg' when he suddenly changes his mind, giving Rh'iad a look of alarm. "No going out there, not without… uh, Lilyth's say so." It's the only way the greenrider isn't going to get squished. "Besides, they're way too soft right now, we'll see them all soon enough." Maybe by the time they harden, Rhik will have been sufficiently distracted by something else. "Looks like she's done though. How many was that? Forty maybe?" He sounds almost astonished at that number. "Shells that's a lot, we're going to need more candidates."

From the galleries, E'th's coin bag is thus broken with the count of 40.

From the galleries, "Uh, I uh don't have it on me," Rh'iad admits to Tia, giving her a bit of a look. You know, big eyes dominating his face, hair sort of falling around to either side, teeth chewing upon his bottom lip. "I'll get it to you as soon as I can though." But wait… Wait Just A Minute Here. "That's more. What's that? Did you /hear/ him. Forty. So I think that you owe /me/ now." Cue maniacal laugher. Yeah right, like Rhik could manage that.

From the galleries, Obviously he knows her better then he thinks! Tia and her temper. "40 right on the nose! Rhik, you win." Mope. She pulls a mark out of her pocket to hand over with a mock morose expression. "I have to admit, I hope for just one this time. Two was.. an experience I'd rather not repeat." is added then. "Now that she's done though, we can leave the sweltering heat. C'mon. I'm sooo outta the galleries!"

From the galleries, Jorlen looks over at Tia, "Better luck next time?" and he turns to Lis, "Well, we'll have a lot of eggs to look at for a while. I'm all for going back to the living cavern for the moment though"

Soteria can finally relax against Q'luin, finishing off her glass with a long loud sigh. "It was a dandy clutch, I can't believe she had all of those in her." Well Lilyth really was quite rotund for the past few weeks and certainly the queen's effort was well worth it. She crosses towards the middle where the largest covered mound is and simply settles her bulk around it, tucking tail but leaving one leg outstretched towards another group before she too sighs and first lids slide shut. "Poor dear." her rider says with a proud smile. "She's exhausted." Who wouldn't be?

From the galleries, "It's all over?" Lis asks, rather disappointed by the fact it didn't apparently last all night and day. But at Jorlen's suggestion, though, she nods. "I'm awfully thirsty. Don't like klah…" she adds for the dead soliders of that particular battle.

From the galleries, E'th has rage-dar, especially when it comes to the women. Only reason he's alive today, "Awh, lucky guess." Stretching out of his spot he fishes into a back pocket to bring out small purse of coin, popping it to dig into it with a large forefinger, "'ere y'go." And the losing streak continues, mark handed off to Rh'iad, "I ain't thinkin' I could be 'andlin' two right now any'ow, gimme some time t'practice wit' th'one yeh??" Money bag gets slid back into his back pocket, arm held out to Tia, "I be down fer goin' t'the caverns, too 'ot in 'ere."

It doesn't help that it was extremely early in the morning, but however fast it might have seemed, the sun is now peeking in on a new day. Zhoreth remains solidly awake while his mate sleeps, on guard as he goes from skulking the perimeter to cuddling with his offspring. Q'luin beams with burnished pride, turning from the field of eggs to regard Soteria and encompass her within the brightness of his mood. "She did well. You did well. Held together rather admirably. I've seen a goldrider faint at the sight of something so large coming out of a hole so small." A delicate kiss is applied one of her cheeks if she doesn't dodge. "Shall we celebrate s'more?"

From the galleries, See? This is why S'tao doesn't bet anymore, he keeps losing marks that way. But they're safe for now. He congratulates Rh'iad on his win, nodding in satisfaction as the queen out on the sands settles down with her clutch. "Yes, it's over." he announces in a louder tone, if anyone truly questioned the fact. "Definitely going to need more candidates." The Weyrleader repeats the phrase, turning around at the railing and eyeing the folks gathered about in the galleries. Noting several wearing knots without the white strand, he seems lost in thought for a second before rather arbitrarily pointing at them. "You, you and… you. Into the barracks." Ha! Not stopping there the man keeps looking around at those still dwaddling. "Maybe you too." His eyes focus on Gunilla even. "Say Tia? What do you think, her too?"

From the galleries, Rh'iad eagerly draws out his hand to take up the offered mark, immediately tumbling it over his fingers with a rather pleased expression. "Thanks, Tia." It was an excellent wager. And now he has a full mark coin to fiddle around with and more then likely lose before the evening is through. The young man happily remains where he is seated, with legs still dangling out to the sands.

From the galleries, "May as well grab breakfast. It's going to be a long day." The words are cheerfully spoken though, as she takes the offered arm and waits for people to pass by and filter out before really attempting to move. "Totally. Lots more. How about that one too?" the weyrsecond decides, once Tig starts pointing people out. "Who… her?" She eyes Gunilla, looking her over carefully. "Sure! More the merrier. Make sure to read the bulletin when you get to the barracks!"

Soteria blushes a little at Q'luin's praise, but she nods as she turns towards the Sands entrance. Her hand comes up to her cheek as she manages a smile for the bronzerider. "Thank you, though honestly it's not her first. I think I was a total wreck the first time." But fortunately there aren't many here who are privvy to the sight of her so scattered. "Let's go, it's sweltering in here."

From the galleries, Gunilla arrived late, super late, just in time for the end, her eyes wide, hands popping into her pockets as she comes to a stop near the railing, peering over, neatly avoiding those piling out into the caverns, "Oooooh lookit all the eggs, how *many*?" Another baker apprentice rushes in behind her, the whole group having arrived late, "Sweetsticks!!! We missed it *all!?*" Mournful cries, more girls piling in behind the rest to crush against the railing.

Waves of heat drape their stifling folds over breath and skin, a scentless perfume from the black diamonds that cover the floor of the Hatching Cavern. Scintillant, they burn the soles of bare feet; seduce the eye with their deceptive glitter in jet made prism and rainbow both. What cooler air there is flows in from the huge openings from the bowl, wreathing swift and teasing down the shafts of sunlight that ride them. At night it is the large baskets of glows that dot the walls which lend subtle illumination, the sparkling sands more subtle than starlight seen through a shroud of mist.
You see Zhoreth, Lilyth, Eid al-Adha Egg, Halcyon Holi Egg, Obon Feast of Lanterns Egg, Autumn Harvest-Moon Cake Egg, Leading Light Egg, Festival of Lights Egg, Sanctioned Seduction Egg, Boxing Day Bar-be Egg, First Dance of Spring Egg, Up-Helly-Aa Egg, Samhain's Farewell Egg, Sharing the Harvest Egg, Dance Around the Maypole Egg, Mokry Poniedzalek Egg, Baklava Egg, Singed Sacrifice Egg, Opulent Devotion Egg, Tartan'd Ceilidh Egg, Honourable Intentions Egg, Tonacayotl Egg, Shrove Tuesday Egg, Vivezza Venezia Egg, and Never To Forget Egg here.
Q'luin is here.
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From the galleries, "Auch, y'should be sleepin, wha's you got on yer plate t'day? I c'n take it o'er fer y' an' you go an' get some sleep." So says E'th with a calm air of assurance that whatever it is she needs to do today, he can get done. Records? Suuurre. Will they be legible? Noooo, "C'mon-" The picking out of someone from the crowd has him grinning, arm moving from leading hers to slipping behind her waist to get her in a firm hold, "Food, y'c'n be searchin' when y'get full sleep." His tone brokers no arguments, or at least begs not to be beaten.

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Q'luin nods and finds the small of Soteria's back to lead her out with, fingers slicking the surface of the top across the tender skin. The bottle is left behind for later use, but the glass is carried out for continued usage. Zhoreth watches them go with a mild to blank expression, muzzle held high with the constant stream of pride that washes over his soul again and again. Our babies. My babies. Your babies. /Our babies/.

From the galleries, Well, she's been told! But, nicely enough that she's having a hard time arguing her way out of it without looking /really/ bad. Thus, Tia gives in gracefully. This time. "I guess you'll have to tag 'er and bag'er, S'tao." she calls out over her shoulder as she's moved towards the exit. And food. And sleep!

From the galleries, At the railing still, S'tao grins again at the gaggle of baker girls, but it looks like his rather arbitrary decisions went unnoticed in their excitement. So with a squeeze to Rh'iad's shoulder and a nod to his departing weyrsecond, the bronzerider approaches the cluster of girls. "You, and you." He taps one then Gunilla beside her. "Congrats, you're now candidates. There's forty eggs out there and we're short, it's your lucky night." Or not, depends on how they see it.

Soteria let's Q'luin lead her out, tired enough not to protest being treated so gingerly. She's not quite so fragile, but with the heat, the late/early hour, and just the crash of the adrenaline, she doesn't quite mind the assist. They leave, Lilyth already lost in dreams but comforted by the warmth, the presence of her brood around her, and the watchful eye of the clutchsire guarding them all.

[public] Soteria: Thanks for coming everyone! :)

From the galleries, Sccrreeaaaam! The other girl that gets tapped nearly faints, her hands raising up to her chest to clutch her shirt near her throat, pale green eyes nearly popping outta her head, "Oh faraaaanttth!! Oh thank you, thank you!" Swooning back into Gunny who's forced to quickly take the weight of the other plump girl aside from herself to be chosen, "Oh.. okay." Whispers from the other girls, questioning, "Are they even allowed? Pilae said we weren't even *allowed* to touch anything." "Oh dear, oh dear. She's going to whack us with the spoon." All the girls whispering as they stare at S'tao, wide eyed and now worried.

Q'luin wasn't necessarily treating her as if she were fragile, but more over using it as an excuse to touch. A faint reach into her dark hair and the hand is gone as the glass shifts from paw to paw. That hand is thrown up to block out the blare of the sun as they come out of the dark caverns. "Oh shards! Too bright!" Someone invent sunglasses, quick.

From the galleries, Maybe, just maybe if Rhik flips the coin cascading over his fingers just right, it'll land out in the sands and he'll just have to go and get it. Then maybe he can get a better look, because you can't just have a full mark coin laying out there. That'd be bad. What if it got by the eggs? I mean, anything could happen. He'd have to get it and- "Fardles." It is the screaming that startles him, and completely on accident the coin tumbles into the dark sands. Only, the greenrider doesn't pay a wit to it, instead peering over at the screeching girls. "How do they get it so high pitched?"

From the galleries, It wouldn't be beyond S'tao to consider tapping all of those girls, high pitched shrieking aside, but he'd have the head cook after his hide if he stripped them of all that help. They'll just have to go searching beyond Ista's borders maybe for enough suitable candidates. "Allowed? I say they are." He's Weyrleader and he can arbitrarily decide these things. "Just tell whomever that I said they have to go move their things into the candidate barracks. Chore list is on the wall, plenty of space in there still." He starts to head for the gallery exit, yawning behind a fist. "Now it's damn late or early, or whichever. I'm thinking of going back to bed." Another privilege of rank that he's going to abuse. "Coming Rh'iad?"

From the galleries, "He's a Weyrleader, stoopit, didja lookit his knot!?" One particularly young girl points out so adroitly for Gunilla and the others. It's also a widely known fact that girls their lungs from harpies. The Weyrleader goes off on his way and the girls start screaming again, pushing the two newly minted candidates off, "Go, go go! You have to go! Move! Where are the barracks?! You don't even have clothes!! Your uncle G'dal is going to FREAK out!!" All said pretty much in one big blob of words from the gaggle of young girls as they rush off down the stairs, pulling one rather excited girl with the other more sedate girl along. At the bottom of the stairs one will scream again, which leads to them all squealing in excitement once out of sight of high rankers.

From the galleries, Rh'iad hears his name and pulls himself up and off of the floor with a press of hands to the stone. Dusting off his palms upon the thighs of his pants, he moves over towards S'tao, "You said back to bed, right? Yeah." He falls into the Weyrleader's side, and starts in, "You'd really think about changing the colors in the Pot? Really? I don't mind the colors all that much. Well, maybe they are a bit /much/ I guess. Maybe we could look down in the storage caverns for different sorts of colors… Later. But yeah, I'm getting sleepy."

From the galleries, Lisyana keeps in her spot for a time, even as Jorlen heads out, but eventually, she too wanders off. Not to the Living Cavern, however. To the Barracks, until it's time for breakfast at least, quietly thoughtfully.

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