Spinneret-fine strands of amber-rich blonde twist and glide around each other, silken kinks of loose ringlets descending past shoulders to mid-back. Framed in loose curling layers of honey golden locks is an oval face, delicately featured with high, slanted cheekbones and full, cupids bow mouth. Jade green almond-shaped eyes are fringed in thick, dark lashes and simmer with latent sensuality, oft twinkling with mirth to reflect an easy smile. Limbs are long and lean, forming a lithe frame of relatively tall height that moves with easy grace and purpose.

1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Cordelia is actually one of those rare people that grew up at Igen Weyr. She was raised as most Weyrbrats are by the nannies, and if asked, she can easily rattle off the names of her parents. Being the daughter of a greenrider and a messenger, however, isn't really lineage that she'd call prestigious, so she's just as happy to say she was raised by the Weyr's nannies. She is by no means ashamed of her parents, but she never really considered herself to be a product of unusual circumstance.

Her childhood was pretty normal, all things considered. She was an impish child with those blonde curls that people fawn over (everyone except the person who has to untangle them at the end of the day, mind you) and one of those smiles that could earn her treats from the cooks.

An interesting note… As a child, Cordelia was favored by the cook, who at the time was a woman named Hinda. Cordi became such a common sight in the kitchens that as she grew older, she eventually became a kitchen helper. Hinda ended up the victim of a weird accident in the storage caverns, and thus the current cook was put in place. Cordelia was fifteen when Hinda passed away, and for some strange reason, she and the current cook never really got along. This is pretty much the root of Cordelia's distaste for the current cook.

As far as Cordi knows, she doesn't have any full brothers or sisters. She did however grow close to several other children growing up, and as far as she was concerned, they were family enough.

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

OOCly, Cordelia hasn't really been around long enough to grow close to anyone, although she does have a particular fondness for chasing Q'luin around and pestering the snot out of him. This is most likely due to the fact that he pays attention to her, a luxury she didn't have much of growing up in a crowd of other children. It's quite the similar situation with Delia, actually, although it's more a fascination at just how strange of a conversation she can have with the Healer.

ICly, Cordi had a few other kitchen helpers she was relatively close to, more because they suffered with her (in her mind, it was totally suffering) than anything. You know how most people either have a few really close friends or a lot of not-so-close friends? Cordi's in the middle. She's not quite the people magnet, but she's not antisocial either.

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

Admittedly, Cordelia has been wicked fun. She has a certain "joie du vivre" to her, a certain passion with which she enjoys life. She's a flirt and a bit of a spaz at times, although I see this mellowing out as she grows older. She doesn't quite have the whole diva thing going on, but she definitely realizes that she is indeed a female and therefore has a certain power over the male species.


Plus, you know, living in Ista makes it normal to practically live in a bikini more often than not, so there is the whole enjoying the way people tend to look at a female in a skimpy bathing suit. I mean, c'mon, she IS female. Who doesn't appreciate being eyed every now and then? ;)

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

Her impatience at wanting to grow up so fast! This goes back to myself as a player looking back at when /I/ was 19 and thinking about all of the things I would have done differently then. Cordelia's desire to be older stems from expecting people to take her more seriously if she was older, and quite frankly, she'll grow up in due time. In the meantime, 19 doesn't last forever, and Cordelia will have to learn to enjoy it while she can.

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