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Darius is Ista Weyr born and bred from a weyr family. His mother, Rinata is a lower caverns worker and his father is a brownrider named D'raun. His entire life, Darius always felt like he could never satisfy everything that his parents always wanted of him. He didn't Impress right at the age he was eligible and never really did anything else useful. He wandered around the caverns working when someone needed something until he was 16 Turns of age and he hired on to work in the Klah Pot as an assistant to the bartender.

Darius became more than a shadow in the background right after that, rumors flying that he was romancing Weyrwoman Wyn and then there was the incident where Q'luin dubbed him 'Lord Firestone' and insisted that he have charge of finding out where some of the weyr's firestone had wandered off to. Ai'den was involved in the project and told to report to the flabbergasted weyrbrat and he did his best to not completely disgrace himself.

Darius stood once previously for Isyth and Zhoreth's clutch and walked off with his little brother Orinlatan, neither one impressing a dragon.


1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Weyrbrat through and through, Darius grew up right at Ista Weyr. His childhood was spent terrorizing the caverns, especially the creche-workers. When he finally reached the period where he was expected to be a contributing adult, he took up a post as an assistant in the Klah Pot, serving drinks and cleaning tables. Darius has family all around the weyr, from relatives of his mother and father to a slew of half siblings. Maternal half-sibs are as follows: R'tov (bluerider), Natasya (JMan Smith), Orinlatan (weyrbrat), Ranita (weyrbrat) and Tranvis (weyrbrat).

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

Darius is more than willing to be a friend with anyone who wants to hang out with him. He's recently started to get along with his younger brother, Orinlatan. He also has a dolphincrafter friend, Taelya and gets along great with both Jeneeva and Janessa. He'd like to develop some new friendships with people around the weyr.

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

Darius likes people. He likes to get to know them, he likes to create friends where he can and I'd like to be able to expose him to situations where he can build some interesting relationships. Darius is also more easily led by the people close to him. He wants to make other people happy so much that sometimes he goes way out of control. Darius needs a little more maturing perhaps some training to be less of a people-pleaser… or at least to know how to better draw lines.

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

Characters grow and change and develop over time and RP. There's nothing really I hate about Darius, though it might be fun to explore the more mischievous part of his personality. What I'm really looking for and would really enjoy is RP, RP, RP.

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