Essiach was born in Ista Hold, the rambunctious nephew of Lord Sterling. His parents fostered him off to Tillek's Master Sea Hold when he was about 10 Turns old. They decided that he needed a structured environment that would teach him respect and responsibility but also turn their son into a contributing member of the Hold. Whilst in Tillek, Essiach formed close bonds with many a-creative characters, each one contributing in some small way to the young lad's own personality. What resulted was a teenaged boy who could meld and adapt to pretty much every environment and social group - so long as there's sea nearby. He can swear, drink, and fish along with his Seacrafting buddies, he can weave baskets with the Old Aunties and gossip about all things he's heard here and there, he can be a supportive shoulder and yet also a terribly cruel tease.

When he was promoted to Senior Apprentice, he was posted to his home, and after seven Turns (not ten as I've mistakenly RP'd more than once o.O#…) he was finally reunited with his family. Not long after settling back into Ista Hold, Lilyth rose and was caught by Q'luin's Zhoreth, resulting in searchriders being dispersed to collect Candidates for the clutch. Amongst the Candidates from Ista Hold was Essiach's then-thirteen Turn old sister Lisyana and Smith Apprentice Jorlen. Essiach, since the very first day of his arrival back to Ista, believed that Jorlen's intentions with Lisyana were none too appropriate (despite both Lisyana and Jorlen's constant insistance that theirs was a purely platonic friendship). And so the next morning after Lisyana was swept off to the Weyr, Essiach made chase after her, without a clear plan as to what he would do once he got there.

Thankfully, cousin Q'luin provided a solution to the problem of poor, little innocent Lisyana being at the Weyr unsupervised, and dubbed Essiach a co-Candidate alongside his sister. But as it turns out, Candidacy at Ista Weyr is a far cry from anything the Seacrafter expected - including but not limited to such occurances as foreign weyrwomen disguising themselves as Candidates, and trading insults with a fellow Candidate in a battle of (immature) wills.

But Essiach has adapted well to life as a Candidate, though he hasn't quite accepted that he is really a Candidate for the upcoming clutch. His insecurities seem to get the best of him in that regard.

Current PC Relationships

Essiach ICly gets along with pretty much anyone he comes into contact with, but this is a list of people who have some impact on him in one way or another. You get to be on this list if you've RP'd with me more than just once or twice — or if you have an emotional or familial tie to Ess. So you'd all better start RPing with me, hmm?

Lisyana: sister. Currently a Candidate for Ista Weyr.

Iona: love interest. Fort Weyrwoman, Gold Orlaith.

Jorlen: potential sister-corrupter. Currently a Candidate for Ista Weyr.

Gwynne: fellow Candidate and gambling partner.

Gunilla: fellow Candidate and unofficial cuddlebuddy.

Ildenin: fellow Candidate. Ess doesn't much trust him, so he made it on this list.

Q'luin: cousin and role model. Ista Weyr, rider of Bronze Zhoreth.

Sterling: uncle. Lord Holder of Ista.

++OOC Comments
My favourite part about Essiach is his wishywashy-ness. Like most 17-year-olds, his personality is still very much in the making and he's prone to occasional bouts of moodiness (though they're short-lived). But for the most part he just enjoys having a good time. And the only way to really build on him is to continue RPing! And I really wouldn't change anything about him - nothing that won't be changed with gradual RP. So let's get out there and play!

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