Rh'iad / Atsuth

So you're a guy and you wanna have a female in your head? Welcome to the start of some ridiculous fun. A male character seated upon a female dragon can have an endless amount of possibility. First off, you've gotten yourself connected to a female, heart and mind and soul. Sure, she's a reptile, but she is a FEMALE reptile with all of the quirks and excitement and difference of opinion which that can entail. She can be your compliment or your arch nemesis, your partner in so many things.

For Rhik, his Atsuth is a soulmate. I asked for a dragon that Rhik could bond with deeply and on a level to which that what one feels, the other feels, and it often reflects upon each other. While at some points yin and yang, at others they are a perfect melding. Rhik falls into her female mind as easily as anything, while still retaining his sense of maleness (clinging really at times).

What's a greenrider? Obviously, there is the flights. I'm not one who is really into holding flights, but I imagine this is something of a draw, and the awkwardness of a male playing the 'catch me if you can flirt' is certainly something that is fun to be explored. You get to take a ride with a sexy sportscar, a sprinter with agility and speed, but not a hell of a lot of endurance.

There are a lot of stereotypes here, and those who like to buck the trend. Your dragon and what you do with her is completely up to you to define.

Tia / Kyraceth

I'm of the mind that your dragon is what you make it. It doesn't matter what color you choose in the end, because *you* are the one roleplaying it. There are far fewer constraints in the online games then in the books and I really want to emphasize that for anyone considering green but having some OOC ambition for their characters. Tia and Kyraceth are no pushovers. Neither are soft and simpering. Neither are 'teehee girly' or overly flirtatious or always moody or flighty or any of the things that people seem to ascribe to greens and their riders. In fact, as Q'luin so eloquently put it, Kyraceth is … 'about as masculine as you can get without becoming totally dude'. She's loud and brash, loves to eat, drink, 'smoke', and gamble; and don't forget mocking all the guys cause she can fly circles around 'em.

Why? Because that's what I asked for! I specifically asked for a green based on my favorite sci-fi character and that's exactly what I got. (*swwon*!) So please, please, please, do not ever feel constrained to stereotypes. You get the fun of being proddy and holding flights and all that fawning attention without the worry of clutching or roleplaying in a fishbowl. And you can hold any position except for Weyrwoman or Weyrleader. There's plenty of leadership roles to be had if you're so inclined, and there's also plenty of room for the eccentric but loveable 'not so average' wingrider.

Mara / Nafanth

Greens are the dragons that keep everyone guessing in the weyr. Greens, the ladies that can often drive goldriders insane (Notes I did nothing to chip away at Kabs sanity should she show signs of insanity in the future). When it comes right down to it greens are just as much fun and are as versitile as any other dragon in the weyr, but they have perks such as never being sands bound, never loosing their sexy shapes due to being stretched by eggs. They get to have all the fun of flights, proddiness and all that without having to worry about consequences. These lovely ladies are what you put into them, My Nafanth is based off Buttercup from The Princess Bride. She's sweet, loving, and has an utter wicked side when she's proddy. We can be wingleader, wingseconds, WLMs, and or AWLMs. Greens will never go out of style, never suffer from the 'Fishbowl Syndrome', you'll never have to be stressed out over leading a search cycle (Trust me, I have lead them over on PW and they can be overly stressful) but you can have all the fun of leaving your mark by being part of SCO and creating new generations of dragons.

Male and female greenriders will always keep the weyr hopping, will always make people stop and wonder just what is going to happen next (points to all the havoc a greenrider caused alongside a bronzerider over at Fort). If you want to have fun and have just started playing Pern games and want a female dragon, I seriously suggest you start out with greens, get used to playing them then go for a metallic. Don't jump in and go for gold until you know what your getting into. Watch, listen, and learn first.

Kh'rys / Ysaleth



  • You get to decide the outcome of flights.
  • You get to play proddy! (IE, you can create mayhem and be completely innocent.)
  • They're small, agile, and the really fancy fliers.
  • Nobody expects you to be consistent in your moods.
  • Your IC position isn't as limited as it is in the books.
  • You're not the 'least of the riders' as in the books. You're who you are, and your dragon has a personality, too!


  • You can do anything 'cept Weyrwoman and Weyrleader, though you can essentially have those spots under another title. (Kh'rys was weyrsecond for a figurehead WL.)
  • You don't have responsibility expectations attached to the color of your dragon, yet can have the responsibility if you want it.
  • You have opportunities for talking to people—flights, proddiness, and such things can be tickets into roleplay and OOC chat.
  • You don't have the pressure to participate in every flight; rather, you schedule your own when you want/have time.
  • The dragon is what you make her, not a personality-less bundle of hormones. It's the combination of character and dragon personalities that make you the unique team. Each green(rider) is different. Dorianth is nothing like Ysaleth, and likewise K'lora is nothing like Kh'rys, though both clutchmates may be the closest of friends.



  • Legitimate concerns can be read as hormone-driven; or any deviant action is proddiness.
  • You get weyr-restricted every now and then for proddiness.
  • Male greenriders are often seen as automatically homosexual, while female greenriders are seen as heterosexual.


  • Your character (and player) can be ascribed attributes of instability, unreliability, etc.
  • Bigger == better, so you didn't 'deserve' the better. (This can sometimes have book overtones, too.)
  • Assumed sexual orientation of the character can be read onto the player, particularly if the character goes against the assumed.


What you think you want isn't always what you're happy with in the end. I wanted brown. I got Ysaleth. I've never been happier to get something I didn't want.

Th'ea / Selketh

Riding green allows me the anonymity of a wingrider, the notoriety of proddiness, and, should I choose to pursue it, the respect of authority. I am one of the crowd. I perform my duties, I complain about them, I laugh, I live, and I fade into the woodwork. I can be at the heart of the gossip or completely out of the loop, without having to choose one or the other. My dragon is as capable as any other, but has no expectations placed on her other than those that come with being a responsible member of a team. /That/ is my favorite thing about riding green: being able to claim membership in a group that is respected (/earned/ respect) worldwide, but not being required to distinguish ourselves apart from that.

Velura / Glissiereth

Not looking to run a Weyr or deal with sitting on hot sands? I'll admit to not being sure when I went green where I was going with it all, but that was the best part of having green as an option. Greenriders can blend in, stand out or do both depending on how things go. I've personally been a wingsecond, helped with weyrlings and then just played wingrider. I get to hold flights and decide who wins, decide how being proddy goes and don't have to sit on hot sands afterwards ;).
I like that greens can be considered stereotyped depending on the person and i can choose to fit that stereotype and play with it or to rebel against it. A dragon is a big turning point for a character and any impression/non-impression will provide catalyst but I for one found the differences of a green to be a massive catalyst and it's been wonderful to work out what all of it means.

T'jano / Mrrth

Mrrth is my second green, and was the only dragon I wanted for Tjano. Greens are the best, in terms of absolute flexibility. What they cannot do, is to fly all day; their endurance simply will not, cannot, match the dragons of any other color. But, what they lack in talent at the boring and mundane, they make up for in creativity, agility and a sheer brilliance all their own. Yes, the Weyr is built around the bronzes and golds and the browns as backbone, but its blues and greens especially greens that fill all the blanks, that dot the Is, that cross the ts. And its the greens alone who are the glue of female touch with all those males! Fully fifty percent of the population, each green is none-the-less herself, her own person, and never dull.

Subject to moods, and less domineering than the larger colors (as a rule), the greens seem more of a mind-meld, a partner in crime, an extension of the life-force of their riders than the more power-hungry metallics, who /definitely/ tend to have their own agenda. The greens that I have played with are, with no exception, an absolute delight. Elsveth is probably my second-favorite dragon (besides Xanth, and with Mrrth a darn-close second), and green. Dorianth, delightful. I could go on and on And more likely, it was the players, but the greens have all been unique, yet united in being purely dragon, with that distinctive stamp of /green dragon/.

The riders of the female dragons may be far more subject to their dragons moods, than the others, but those moods are great fun to play. Proddy, pre-proddy, post-proddy, no-I-really-dont-favor-him And as Tjano used to say, a green wins every flight. A player of a greenrider has a plethora of directions to pick for his or her character; a goldrider gets to go up when staff dictates, or must get permission. A greenrider has the Flight and life can return to whatever insanity is branded as normal; a goldrider gets stuck in the Weyr for Clutching and Hatching, NPC or not. Greens can go up six times a turn or none at all. Its /all/ canon for a green. They can Search, and Flame and fly Thread, and go on Flights, and their riders can be present for other folks flights without flipping out (Tjano often acts as bouncer in flights, because hes totally unaffected by other female dragons flights), and and and

Greens can hold positions, if their players want to annoy themselves with OOC politics, but they, along with blues and maybe browns, really are the best situated for pure RP. They can be anywhere, do anything, justify almost any action (like, say, trying to murder the Lord-Elect of Southern Boll in a fit of proddy temper), that other dragonriders just cant manage. A creative player can do a great deal with any dragon, but I think theres more pure freedom, less overall restriction, on the player of a greenrider, than any other color, except maybe blue. I wanted Teej to be greenrider, but theres no canon to justify her being able to hold any other dragon, so I got around that; Mrrth mesmerizes. She creates mental illusions to distract another dragon from his or her pain, while Tjano does his work. As a RP device, green is the best in terms of mobility, lack of rules and the best, along with blue, to push a player to his or her imaginative best.

Go green and good luck!

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