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Gunilla History!

The first obvious thing, or maybe not so obvious thing, is Gunilla is the niece of G'dal, who is rider to brown Fannath.


When Gunilla was just a few Turns old her mother had an unfortunate accident in the baths which led to her drowning, leaving G'dal with the task of raising Gunilla. Due to his rather lax ability to raise a child she mostly grew up as a weyrbrat at Igen, running about with the other children wild as a llama, though never without the watchful eye of her uncle who ensured that at the very least his niece was provided for and didn't get picked on by the older brats as she grew up. G'dal took his sisters death incredibly hard, and while the rest of Pern doesn't understand why the old Stinky man refuses to bathe, Gunilla knows full well why (his sister drowned in the baths, thus they are anathema for life), and goes out of her way to ensure that when she does come upon her Uncle, in favorable climes, that he bathes in whatever water source is available, lake, sea or ocean.

One of the few places of refuge this motherless child found herself in often were the kitchens at Igen where she'd watch with wide eyes the going ons, cooking and cleaning and the talk of the aunties and other cook staff, finding most of her maternal figures within the warmth of hearths and boiling pots. Nizzella, a retired headwoman, took over most of Gunilla's educational needs, teaching her things only a woman can teach a growing woman, priming the girl to eventually join the Bakercraft at the age of 12.

It was here Gunilla came to apprentice under Pilae, Journeywoman who specializes in pastries and other delectable delights. When Pilae transfered to Ista when a new posting opened up, Gunilla followed, along with a gaggle of other young girls, to continue their studies in hold management, the proper way to fold dough, and other exhilarating tasks (her most hated being forced to check supply rooms for tunnel snakes and rats). She hates. Rats. And tunnelsnakes? To hear her scream you'd think she was being murdered.

Eventually the girl turned 14 Turns, became a full apprentice just before her Turnday, and embarked with a frenzy upon tarts, creation of icings, breads, and most importantly cookies. If there is one thing Gunilla is proficient at is making these sumptuous creations, though occasionally she does confuse sweetners with salts (pranks, most often, by other girls) and sickness hits the Hold folk occasionally by her attempt at desserts.

However at the hatching at Ista Weyr the late arrival of she and the gaggle of Baker Girls resulted in she and Imee being Searched. Pilae was not impressed with the snagging of her two Apprentices, however not one to stir the pot she gave permission for both girls to Stand with the warning that they immediately return to Hold upon the day of the Hatching. Unless, of course, either was meant for a dragon soul to twine with hers.

And here Gunilla starts on her new adventure. Eek.


She can be quick to tears just as quick as she can be to laughter, soft in some spots from over indulgence by her Uncle G'dal and the woman in love with G'dal, Nizzella, and tough in other parts when it comes to criticism of her cooking (however, an insult of her tarts will enrage her and cause a hissy fit that is still whispered about by the other baker apprentices posted with her under Pilae). She can be overexcitable at times and unspeakably sad at other times due to hormone shifts as she continues to grow into a woman.

She loves baking, tiring of the more mundane tasks easily, boredom usually leading to pranks, or silly games played with those around her. She is a secret santa almost all Turn round, gifting those she enjoys with wrapped treats left without note around their personal spaces, especially when a particular batch of bread or sweets has turned out quite well.

For the most part she's easy going, having inherited her uncles propensity for being laid back and letting the world come as it may. She's sad she doesn't remember her mother, but frequent assurances by G'dal that she would have been proud of Guni assuage the girl considerably. Even though there is no real religion on Pern, Gunilla firmly believes her mother is watching her. Afterall, who else could be responsible for everything good that happened to her?


Oh my gawd, I have no cluuuuuueee. I am letting this girl go where she will, traveling Pern with her Journeyman Pilae from Hold to Weyr and from Weyr to Hold again, seeing just where she finds her niche. Maybe she has a dragon in her cards! Or maybe just a sweet new tart. I do know I plan on finding as much RP as possible whilst having as much fun as possible. I can't wait to meet and RP with everyone. :)

Candidate Questionnaire

1. Gunilla grew up for the most part in Igen under the somewhat watchful eye of her Uncle and Auntie Nizzella. Life growing up was as crazy as it gets living in a Weyr, though she was somewhat spoiled by Niz and G'dal and sheltered as well as a result. While some Weyrbrats may be pseudo-wordly by the time they're grown-up, unfazed by most things common to a Weyr, Gunilla will blush almost constantly around anything a Hold girl would. Nudity? Full out red alert! Her family is fairly small, just her, G'dal and Fanneth. She's always wanted a ferret but her Journeywoman, Pilae, tells her they're dirty creatures, just like rats, and a proper baker shouldn't house the vermin, let alone feed them. Siblings were never given the chance to pop into the picture, her mother dying at too young of an age, though there may be some floating about from her father whom she's never known.

2. She's friends with most of her baker mates (Friends, however not *close*, sharing a healthy need to compete with each and everyone), Nizzella, Pilae (though she has a healthy fear of the woman and her spoon), and Uncle G'dal and Fanneth. She will go out of her way to try and get her uncle to bathe, braiding his hair and beard occasionally to try and keep him clear for a while, conspiring with brown Fanneth where she can to accomplish this.

3. When she's so happy that she just feels close to bursting (which is often), she'll most likely burst into giggling tears, fanning her face and blushing furiously. I love how sweet she can be, but she's got a mean streak in her when it comes to winning and I think that's quite fun. She's not above cheating where she has to, one of the cons of overindulgence by her stand-in parents, G'dal and Nizzell. I also think it's cool that while she didn't get to be raised by her birth mother, she had a ton of maternal figures that filled the gaps. How would I like to build on it? I think it'd be kind of cool to bring out that competitive spirit out of her, to kind of crush the side of her that's a little simpery and girly. Round her out into becoming a proper young woman, perhaps with a bit of entitlement.

4. Hmmmmmmmmm. If I could change something about Gunilla …She's at that weird age. She's in constant flux, trying to find a place to fit in. How could people help? Yikes. Just RP with her, she'll bud and will be changed by those around her really. Totally vague answer but I kinda think she's constantly changing, especially at this age when they're coming of age and discovering who they are. I guess I'd like her to discover who she is. That's not a too tall order to fill, is it? ;)

And. I finally got a livejournal! Granted, I've RP'd not so much but I took some time before bed to make one:

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