There is an undeniable air of confidence that decides this woman's presentation she sets forth to the world around her. Average height is negated by the acute athleticism that Gwynne was worked hard most of her life to develop and maintain and is further inspired by the richly golden hues of her tanned skin. Deliciously dark chocolate hair, occasionally flecked with the lighter milk, falls straight and true past her shoulders, encompassing what could be best explained as an -almost- square face. Full lips, defined jaw, almond-set eyes are all pretty, but unassuming when compared to the piercing icy gaze she'll offer almost anyone who dares cross her path. Lacking in any true color, only a hint of blue lingers in the outer edge of iris as this becomes her most notable and defining physical trait.

1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What
was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Along with her brother Ildenin (and a few others) Gwynne grew up in the region of Nerat on a little non-descript hold whose primary function was farming. She comes in at second youngest among a total of six siblings (the youngest being Ildenin) and the only female of the family after their mother was lost in childbirth. Predominantly raised by the strict hand of their father, the older siblings would also lend a supportive hand.

Being the only girl meant that she was able to get away with a little more, at least amongst her brothers, though Pa had a slightly different view on things. Having trader flowing through their veins, a gift from their mother's side of the family did little to ease the tension and angst their father often generated. It was this angst that eventually drove Ildenin to leave home, leaving Gwynne as the 'youngest' to fend for herself. It was this departure and her own headstrong ways that seemed to push their father more and more into setting up an arranged marriage for his daughter, utterly convinced that if he didn't marry her off and soon, she would end up much like their one time trader grandmother.

One day, push finally came to shove and headstrong Gwynne refused to accept that her life would be nothing more than the wife of some pot-bellied, pimple-faced holder's son. So with the aid and support of her older brothers, she slipped away with a passing caravan with the futile hope of one day tracking down her wayward brother. What happened during her time on the road is still unclear, but she arrived on the beaches of Ista a very guarded and cautious individual.

This is where her life started to become just a little more interesting….

From her sometimes brief, but always unpredictable encounters with bronzerider to Q'luin, to her unceremonious introduction into jailhouse living, and now to her Search and Candidacy thanks to friends Yandra and Allegrith, life since arriving on Ista Isle has been anything but boring.

Candidate Questionaire

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of
people, or a few in particular?

Every time I go to finish this question off, the answer seems to have changed, but this is a good thing!
Gwynne, given her personality, isn't exactly close to a whole lot of folks in her life. She likes, respects and will gravitate towards certain Weyr/Hold personalities, but overall she has kept predominantly to herself. Or so I had thought….

Fellow Candidates:

Jorlen - She likes Jorlen. He made an impression that one time when he commented on taking about one of Lord Sterling boats. Too bad there was never any real intent behind that comment, as Gwynne would have been in full support of such a move.

Lisyana - Definitely an appreciation for the young girl here. The downside for Lis is the blood the runs through her veins, being related to both Qi and Sterling. Gwynne finds herself enjoying Lis' company, however is perpetually forced to keep her guard up, not due to any fault of the other, but in regards to her kin and -their- views on Gwynne.

Essiach - The jury is still out on this one. He's definitly a source of entertainment for her, but too and because of familiar ties she has chalked him up to being 'no better' than his cousin Q'luin. And well, when you consider the wadger they've made and the prize he's requested should he win, can one really blame her?

Gunilla/Imee - There is something about these two that causes Gwynne to look out for, or at least take them under her wing to some small degree. It doesn't mean they're entirely safe from her stand-offish nature, but in real times of distress she's been found to be reaching out a supportive hand or outright guiding them (well Guni and Imee just seems to follow) to a safe haven - as in the recent flood.

Mika - Give or take. She hasn't interracted a great deal on a personal level with Mika and that might be just as well as Gwynne's assertive personality might run amok over Mika's more shy tendancies.

Mycroft - One of the 'bad boys' of the group. Gwynne's not buying into that and is rarely if at all intimidated by this fellow.

Ildenin - Her PC bro! The one character that she does have a fierce loyalty to. Without a doubt Gwynne loves Ildenin (she did leave home in part to find him!), and would do almost anything to keep him safe. This doesn't mean to say that she doesn't find him, irritating, annoying, frustrating or exasperating - she /does/. That just means he's the perfect little brother. ;) Just don't think she'll allow just anyone to smack him upside the head 'cause well that's /her/ privelage.

Azerra - She has yet to really interract with Aze, being one of the newest to arrive to the barracks, so it is likely she will be a little more guarded around the new arrival until they manage to spend some time interracting with one another.


Lord Sterling - No loveloss here! She currently has a 'deal' worked out with Lord Sterling that entails (suposedly) a whole lot of spying and then reporting back on his very own son Q'luin.

Q'luin/Zhoreth - It's a love to hate relationship. She fully on believes he's 'cracked' and only tolerates him because of a 'deal' she's been forced to make with Sterling. Everytime she's started to think he might actually be a reasonably cool individual he goes and pulls some sort of wild stunt, throws her for a loop and only solidifies her dislike for him. The one saving grace in this pairing is Zhoreth whom Gwynne actually finds herself liking on some subtle level.

M'rlin - A rider, newly transferred in from High Reaches and someone she's only interracted with a couple of times, but has earned her curiousity if not general respect and liking.

Yandra - One of the few within the Weyr whom she took to and looks upon as a friend. It touched her more than she was willing to admit when it came to light that it was Yandra who noticed her missing from the Weyr (during her incarceration back at the Hold).

Rh'iad - Another rider she's come across a few times, more in group settings but someone who's always struck her as amusing and easy to get along with.

S'tao - An interesting situation is developing here between the Weyrleader, her brother and herself. At least in Gwynne's mind, if only because their origins have far too many striking similarities to be just coincidence.

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your
character? How would you like to build on that?

With Gwynne, there are several different aspects to her personality that I am currently enjoying, though if I have to pick one, then I would have to say it is the fact she won't always walk the path of being 'good'. Don't get me wrong, she's not an evil character, not by a long shot, but being the only girl among a family of protective men gave her a taste for manipulation to further her own gains. She's also an opportunist if the situation presents itself, but above all of this is the fact she is, for whatever reason (I like to blame in on family genetics) a magnet for trouble.
To build on something like this I would say the simplest way would be to, through RP, continue to but her in compromising situations. She's not a perfect character and I love seeing her get into various amounts of trouble brought on by her own doing, or by others. The best way of course for this to happen will be me thrusting her out into the fray of RP, which I am always open for doing!

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others
help you do this?

You know, even though there are parts of Gwynne's personality that are a challenge for me to RP at times (mostly because I am trying out a new style), I honestly don't think I would make any major changes with her. I like the character as she is and I think that as with any artistic creation, small tweaks might be in order here and there, but would be best brought about by character exposure, growth and above all else experience. So RP, RP, TPs, and more RP!
As her player, I am -always- open to suggestions too. Sometimes the best ideas or character adjustments have come from observations or outside sources who have a more detached, unbiased view of what we, as players are trying to establish.

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