Now Imee is official. This means, you get to do it all over again!


Imee is a Candidate originally from Bitra, cousin to Lords Amarik and Marryn, niece to Lady Auryn of Boll. She was fostered out to the Harper hall by her parents Raimen and Cherise when she was 11. Imee and the Harper hall did not mix, the girl utterly bored with the learning of ballads, writing, too weird to really get along with anyone without being picked on.


She found herself finding refuge in the kitchens more often than not, the kitchen holding a plethora of cupboards and nooks, the kind she could tuck herself away into and daydream all day long until evening time came. Eventually she was booted out of the Harper Hall since she obviously didn't want to be there, and the stress of trying to find the girl on one of her I'll Stay in the Cupboards Forever days was too much for most to handle. The next craft was chosen by her parents which just happened to be the Baker Craft, and she was apprenticed off, where she found her niche, as well as a group of girls equally as off kilter as she. When she expressed interest in focusing on desserts and pastries and all those delicate foods she found herself in the company of Gunilla, the two girls becoming fast friends. They followed each other apprenticing beneath Journeywoman Pilae who transfered to Ista Hold, and were Searched together as well.

Imee is afraid of bugs, llamas, croutons, and other odds and ends. And she's a gas to play, so hopefully you guys like playing with her too!!! She's definitely born in the wrong time, an anthropological biologist who unfortunately is stuck in a time that doesn't seem to understand her always. She's quirky, but means well, always struggling to find her place in a world that doesn't seem to fit girls like her.

But eventually she will grow up and find her place, it's just a matter of time, and patience, and a constant awareness of her surroundings.


And growing up doesn't have to be a bad thing.

Candidate Questions

1. She was born in Bitra to Raimen, Half-brother to Lady Auryn, and Cherise, youngest child out of six, five brothers born before her.

2. She's close to Mycroft (He just dont' know it!), Gunilla. Getting closer to others as time goes on, but those two tolerate her and maybe even understand her. She's warming to Essiach and Lisy slowly. Gwynne scares her but she's nice.
3. I love all her personality traits. She's so uber she un-NPC'd herself. She's so -weird- and she doesn't feel the need to change that for anyone. She just wants to understand everything around her, catalogue it, and really comprehend. That included the people around her. I don't know how you build on her weirdness, everyone does a good job of just enjoying it I guess. :-p She's roughly based on Daisy from READ IT. IT IS AMAZING. AND DAISY ROCKS. End caps. Also she's also a little bit of Stitch, from Lilo and Stitch. How I adore him.
4. More confidence in a good way I guess, she'll never really change weirdness wise, that's just *Imee*. More friends, but like, real friends. Hmm. And while I'm at it she'd like a pony, please. The Bovine Lors did not forbid her from riding animals. Just eating.

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