Jacqueline is the daughter of Quinn (rider to gold Myareth) and X'lasar (rider to bronze Tsorath), born at Benden Weyr before being turned over to nannies for a good portion of her life. That is, she was in the care of nannies for the period of time before the entire family went back -when- with a good number of other riders/weyrfolk/crafters.

Once back -when-, Eli experienced her first Hatching at seven Turns, a clutch in the jungle that resulted in numerous Fortian Impressees including T'jano and Taini (amongst many others!), dictating everything to the parents that she'd never really seen as often as she did once they were back -when-. Time passed, Jacqueline acquired many siblings (Quinn's a prolific baby-machine) and then the group came forward and settled back into Ista Weyr.

Now, the relationship between her mother and father was quite strained up until recently, so Jacqueline often tried her best to help out Quinn wherever she could, taking Nataquin (the jerk) down to the beach and pampering her other siblings. Once that tension was over, Jacqueline began to make friends with the other teenagers close to her age (since she was thirteen at the time) and met Rhikiad. Ever since the first time she really met him, she's had a crush on him due to the fact that he was the only boy more than willing to help her string flowers together.

All that follows is relatively simple: Jacqueline was scared to death numerous times by Q'luin, played dice with Emilia and was also defended by her, and then asked to Stand by Q'luin as a way to get back at her mother. Since that night, Eli's been holed up in the barracks with the rest of the candidates, waiting until the eggs hatch, and hoping to follow in her parents' footsteps. She's also bonded quite nicely with the other candidates: she's closest to Tiarla, Rhikiad, and seems to have taken a keen liking to Marjani, despite the other's grumpy nature.

Not to mention, the girl has acquired THREE firelizards, much to the distaste of her father. It seems that she picks up the things just to torture him, regardless of the fact that she really wants to make him super happy.


Jacqueline is the bubbly girl that's nosy, all over the place, and generally in a bright and cheery mood. However, sometimes her mood can turn sullen, quiet, though all it takes to break her out of her funk is a compliment or a stimulating activity. There's only one real person that she can't quite figure out and doesn't like. Unsurprisingly, this person is Q'luin. She's frightened of the man because of his various approaches and ways of harassment and she tends to try and avoid him. She just wants to be friends with nearly everyone and a good part of who she is is wrapped around her parents: she doesn't want to disappoint them and she wants to make them proud of her.

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