Prior to arriving at Ista, Jordan spent the earlier part of her childhood at Southern Hold, remaining there until her parents, both Journeymen Harpers, left the craft. Failing to be promoted, and unable to reconcile his differences with the Masters, Jordan's father decided a life in the craft was not for him. Her mother followed suit, and together the entire family moved to one of the smaller cotholds within Southerns territory.

After an accident claimed the lives of their parents, Jordan and her brother were uniformly adopted by an older couple within the cothold. Jordan was eight, and her brother was thirteen, far too young to lose such important people in their lives. Their loss served only to strengthen their bond. The pair were taught many things by the couple, such as what was necessary to survive away from the protection of the Hold. It was a hard life, but not an unpleasant one and Jordan has nothing but fond memories of her time at Southern. Indeed its left her with much to be thankful for.

Candidate Questions

1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Without flinching or faltering, Jordan will stick to the story above as being the honest and genuine 'where I'm from' story everyone gets asked at some point. But the truth is a bit more complex, and definitely not known to just anyone.

Jordan was born in Southern and was raised by her parents up until their death. She and her older brother were essentially adopted by another couple, though it was primarily her brother who raised her. Her childhood was normal - by the standards of the group she was raised in. Which is to say that she didn't spend her time playing games or doing menial tasks so much as learning why the world was so frakked up and what all needed to be done to un-frakk it. She also learned how to be what was needed by those that raised her. It lead her to become quite the forceful personality, one with a narrow, jaded view of outsiders and an over inflated sense of self and self-purpose.

She was a star in a world that was shaped and guided by rules. Despite its drawbacks, her upbringing afforded her the means by which to become a strong, self sufficient person. Albeit one that operated within that rigid structure, accustomed to following ideas set before her and a very much dog-eat-dog hierarchy based on skill, ruthlessness and usefulness. She was a fighter, a thief, a topnotch manipulator. Jordan felt leagues above the people she and her adoptive family preyed upon, and rarely felt remorse for those they took advantage of and on occasion, hurt.

There were raids on minor holds, on well-to-do travelers between said holds or simply caught unawares, there were plots and ploys designed to give Jordan's adoptive family leverage over people of means and wealth and then there were brazen robberies of soft targets - places that were far too easy to get into and out of, that were begging to be robbed.

Wonder of wonders, it took visiting Ista and meeting its myriad of characters to bring things into perspective. Living the life she scorned and laughed at afforded her the opportunity to see that it wasn't as flawed as she'd originally been lead to believe, nor was it anything less than what she'd lived previously. Through experiences that followed, she gained a deeper appreciation for the right way of doing things and at cost, she even came to understand that there was no honor among thieves. Better still, that she really, truly wasn't all that she thought she was.

She no longer saw herself and the people she'd proudly called family as harbingers of a new and better way of living, but as what they truly were. Glorified thieves and terrorists operating under the greed of a man who wished only to serve his own personal agenda.

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

That depends on your definition of close. If, for instance, you mean close-as-kin then that'd extend to a sum total of two people. Cameron, her brother and Ai'den, her weyrmate.

If you mean people she finds "amusing and fun to be around" then that'd be a bit broader and would encompass a handful of people (in no particular order): D'yce, I'es, T'syn, Qil, I'deni and Thevaryn.

Then there are people she isn't sure of, but feels they have something to offer. Jordan just has no idea what that is or how she'll even begin to approach forming something more than a casual interaction with. It's a much smaller group because Jordan tends not to venture far out of her comfort zone: Wyn, Klohi

So obviously, Jordan is fairly exclusive in who she forms relationships with. She still has high standards in what she looks for in people, and tends not to have a lot of patience for the 'types' of people she feel have nothing worthwhile to offer her or the world in general. It has to be said that while she's quick to judge, she's equally humble in admitting when she's been wrong in stereotyping someone (just probably not so much to that person's face).

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

I like everything. As boastful as that sounds, she is truly one of my most favorite characters. I love her confidence and her straightforwardness, I love that she doesn't feel the need to be anything other than what she is and that she rarely feels the need to try and impress people. It's their job to impress her and she constantly measures and tests people. It's second nature to her and while it definitely doesn't win her many friends, it serves her well because it's how she decides who she surrounds herself with and the quality therein tends to be relatively high.

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

I think if there were one fault I would pinpoint and say, for sure, that /that/ is what makes Jordan not so great is that she's not the most approachable person. While it works for the character (who doesn't really want people poking around her business, let alone annoying her) it doesn't work so well for the RP scene. It's been a long, ongoing effort, one I know I haven't been entirely successful in but I am earnest in it and do truly want to make a character that is still true to her intent yet still approachable by a myriad of people. I guess having patience and understanding and a willingness of people to communicate with me and tell me what's working and what's not working would definitely help.



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