Our buddy, Jorlen! So happy to have you at the weyr! Feel free to dismantle anything you like on your own profile page!


Jorlen was born and raised at Ista Hold, the latest in a long line of farmers. From the time he was about 8, he was helping his dad in the fields. The only problem is Jorlen discovered he hates farming and really wanted to do something else and asked to be apprenticed to a craft. Hid dad said no. After his dad made the mistake of leaving his tools unsecured, Jorlen decided they'd look better in all their pieces. The dad was not pleased, though Jorlen kept up the tool assault until his he was finally sent to the smith's to learn how to put things back together or actually make new tools for a change.

Shortly after the tool disassembly commenced, he met Lisyanna, Gwynne, and Q'luin on the beach, got licked by a dragon, smelled like wherry for a day, then became a smith. He was part of the tithe boat (nevermind the unfortunate joke about taking apart the boats that was heard by Lord Sterling) and did the quake dash back to the boats, though he found himself back at the weyr to help with repairs for a short while and returned back to the hold, escorting Lisyanna when the flight broke out.

While helping a Fort rider with getting a special order lined up, he went outside to investigate the Ista invasion and was then drooled on and searched by Sephiroth.

Candidate Questions
1. See above. Only child, no other relatives aside from parents.
2. Closest to Lisyana. Chats with a few of the other candidates like Gunilla and Mika
3. He's intelligent and likes to figure out how things work and to lesser degree put them back together. It would be fun I think to have him come up with something smith wise. I have some OOC ideas, though need to make them a little more inclusive.
4. The question seems to imply how I'm dissatisfied with the char which I'm not. As far as char development, he's beginning to discover girls. A lot can happen with that. He also doesn't always think everything through completely before speaking either. The comment he made about taking boats apart while standing next to Lord Sterling for example.

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