Despite his short stature, standing only 5’7’’, this young man’s build is sturdy and strong. A solid barrel chest melds seamlessly with wide, powerful shoulders. Arms and legs are well muscled from a lifetime of hard work. A wide stance and slight swagger exude an arrogance and aloofness not found in his face. Olive-toned skin, bronzed by the sun, is highlighted by closely cropped dark chestnut hair. The beginnings of worry and smile lines can be seen forming on his forehead. Dark green, almond shaped eyes glitter mischievously, laugh lines beginning to form at the corners. On a prominent, slightly crooked nose, and high cheek bones there is a light dusting of freckles. Full lips turn up in a one-sided smirk, never seeming to pull both corners of the mouth up into a full smile. He has a scruffy goatee that he rarely trims and the rest of his facial hair is usually scruffy and overgrown as well.

Kelethin is wearing a short sleeved, soft, linen tunic in a cream color, belted at his hips with a simple, brown, braided leather cord. He’s wearing long pants made of a heavy duty cloth in a dark brown with plenty of pockets. Heavy duty boots, calf high, are made of dark brown leather. His clothing is simple with no adornment. A carved wooden dragon hangs from a leather thong at his neck. A simple white knot hangs at Kelethin’s shoulder, indicating his rank as a candidate.

Candidate Questions:

1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Kelethin was born on the plains of Keroon to a family of herders. As a child, he spend much of his time among bovines; helping to feed, herd, cull, and care for his family’s herd until a devastating disease wiped out many of his family’s animals when he was 14. Because he loved working with the bovines, Kelethin left his family soon after the destruction of the herd and apprenticed at the Beastcraft. There, he learned how to read, write, and keep records. Under careful direction of the masters, he began working on ways to improve breeding stock. Though he is most comfortable with bovines, he is also familiar and can work with runners, porcines, ovines, and wherries. Now, after six years of hard work, he is almost ready to walking the tables. He has been posted to Ista Weyr, under the close watch of an experienced journeyman, to get some real world experience.


Kelethin was always a daredevil. At home, he frequently pitted himself against the other herders in feats of athletic strength and daring. He rode bulls for fun at home and at the crafthall, broke runners, and became proficient in a variety of roping and riding tricks. He was always fearless in his herding skills, not afraid to face even the toughest animal. About the only thing that terrifies him is Between. He has only ridden a dragon once, and the experience of Between left him severely shaken.
While at the weyr, Kelethin started to try and improve the herd, which proved difficult as the breeding stock was in constant danger of being eaten. It didn’t take him too long to adjust to his new home. He started making friends with some of the candidates at the weyr, encouraging them to try dangerous things, like bull riding. Eventually, he was searched by the Weyrwoman herself. And thus we come to the present :D

Kelethin has three brothers. His oldest brother, L’rein, impressed a brown at High Reaches Weyr when Kelethin was only eight. He never developed a very close relationship with L’rein, mainly because L’rein was a bully when he was younger. Kelethin hasn’t seen his brother since his impression. His other brothers are younger than him. Kilein is two years younger than Kelethin and currently apprenticed with the Healers. Kilein and Kelethin were very close while they were growing up; partners in crime. They haven’t seen much of each other since Kelethin left home. Larin is four years younger than Kelethin and is living with their parents, helping them rebuild their herd and livelihood. Kelethin was somewhat close to his little brother and always tried to look out for him. All four boys share the same skin tone and eye color, and all but Larin have the same strong, stocky body. Larin is tall and slender with jet black hair. Kelethin hasn’t been home since he left for the crafthall and he is not a good letter writer. He also has a slew of cousins, uncles, and aunts. Every year while he was home, his family would get together and play games, race, eat, and catch up. Since he only saw much of his extended family once per year, he doesn’t know them very well.

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

Kelethin doesn’t know people in the weyr really well yet. He was very close to his family while he was at home, and misses them though he won’t admit it to anyone. He is extremely close to many of the stablehands at the weyr , especially since some of them came from Keroon. He is polite and respectful to those who outrank him, especially the Weyrwoman; that icy stare is scary. Tryslan’s adrenalin seeking attitude is admired, especially since the candidate and then beastcrafter shared the experience of bull riding. Kelethin is pretty easy to get along with, but he has a hard time letting people really get to know him.

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

I really like the daredevil aspect of Kelethin. I’ve never had a character quite like him before; usually my characters are more timid and less likely to do dangerous stuff. I hope that during candidacy, there will be options of doing some quasi-dangerous things; the search and rescue TP sounds right up his alley. I can also see Kelethin doing things like cliff diving, if there are places for cliff diving around Ista. I’ll just have to see what the next few weeks bring.

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

There are a couple things I would like to change. Kelethin is too perfect; I’d like to work on developing some character flaws. I think I can work on this by just getting out and RPing in lots of different situations. ICly, I’d like for Kelethin to discover a world beyond beasts. Right now, that’s all he knows. He might seem worldly, having spent six years in a crafthall, but he actually lives in a beast centered universe! He needs people to show him that there are other things in the world than delivering, castrating, and herding beasts!

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