Quarrelsome Klah Pot

One would think that Marjani should avoid the Klah Pot at all costs. Yet that is exactly where the dark-skinned woman is to be found on this spring mid-morning. She's on her knees, a bucket of soapy water beside her and a scrub-brush in her hands. Yes, she's scrubbing the floor, and from the intense look on her face, either very upset or very, very focused on the task at hand.

Mika comes out of the backroom with a smiliar bucket and scrub brush, but she's also got oil. It looks like her task is the tables not the floor. She picks a table near Marjani, seemingly at random. "You Ok?" She asks of the woman scrubbing the floors as she starts on this particular table.

Ita enters the Pot to get something to drink in the relatve silence that that this room brings. However, when she sees that it's being cleaned, she stops at the door. "Oh…" She says, pausing, not sure where she can step. "I'm sorry. I'm not trying to be in anyone's way…"

Marjani could kill a wherry on sight with the look she orients toward Mika. Still, she realizes it isn't the other woman she's mad at, and so looks back down. "Dandy. Fine. Just wondering," she punctuates her words with scrubs, "who said that I love to cook, clean, and mend in earshoot of those who decide what chores to assign." Apparently scrubbing is not the back-breaking labor she bargained for. She pauses just long enough to wipe the sit up sweat off of her forehead and responds to Ita, "By all means, come in. Just sit over there," a gesture toward the chairs behind her, "as I've washed there already." More glowering and she doubles over, renewing her efforts to either clean the floor or rub right through it trying.

Mika chuckles, "Don't look at me." Mika's used to this kind of work, then again she was doing it /before/ she became a candidate so it's nothing new. Ita gets a shy smile. "Yes have a seat. I'll save your table for last. We're not closed. Anything I can get for you?" though maybe she should have let Marjani play server? Would have gotten her off her knees. She casts another glance down at the other candidate.

Ita looks down, hiding behind her curls for a moment as she sits in the indicated seat. "Just some juice, please, if it's no trouble." Ita says, quietly. "That's part of what candidates do, isn't it?" She asks, softly. "I mean, they don't do it to be mean, I don't think."

Marjani snorts, "There's plenty of tasks to be done. I'd prefer helping the Smiths," well of course she would, it wouldn't be any different than life as usual, "hunting tunnelsnakes, running messages, /fixing/ things." She inches along, sour as can be, "I'd even mind cleaning up after runners and herdbeasts less." For awhile she goes silent, the only noise her angry breathing and the steady swish-swish-swish of her scrub-brush. Finally, "I don't mind working hard," is said, not wanting anyone to get the wrong impression.

Mika nods and shrugs. "I'm just used to doing a little of everything I guess. Not used to having a specialty." Though she's not sure she sees the difference between scrubbing out the stables and scrubbing the floor here. She wipes off her hand and ducks behind the bar to get the juice for Ita, leaving both glass and pitcher. "I've always been cleaning up after somebody or other… even before I was a candidate."

Ita nods. "Yeah. I've never been a candidate, but I do my share of cleaning up after people." She smiles. "I think it's just this stage of our lives. I'm an apprentice, you're candidates…" She shrugs again, taking the glass. "Thank you. I'm Ita, by the way. I live at Fort Weyr, but I come over here once in awhile to see what's going on." She pours herself some juice, and takes a sip.

The difference is that scrubbing out the stables isn't 'domestic work', but of course Marjani can't specify. She can, however, raise her eyebrows, "I didn't do this kind of work as an apprentice, any cleaning I did was after myself. So I can't exactly say it's a stage." She's moved far enough that she has to pause and drag her bucket forward. "Though I seem to be stuck," plop! she dunks her scrub-brush a little too exhuberantly, sending a splash upwards, which sends her nostrils flaring in irritation "… with it at least until the eggs crack." She scrubs for a moment and then adds, "It'll be good to get back to proper work, that's for certain."

Mika shrugs. "Oh, I'm not sure there's anything that's not 'propper work'. It's all got to get done sooner or later," Mika points out, then to Ita, "I'm Mika." She leaves her rank out. Her candidate's knot should make that clear enough to the weyr bred. "It's been quite lately." For which Mika is very much relieved.

Ita nods. "It doesn't matter who does the work, it just needs…." She realizes she is sort of repeating what Mika said. "Well met." She replies, quietly.

Marjani can't help but comment, "Well there's proper work for some and then there's proper work for others, and proper work for me is not scrubbing the floor." Her tone is carefully matter of fact, but of course her words are less than polite. It's a long moment before she realizes that people are introducing themselves, and so rather belatedly she adds, "I'm Marjani. Of the Ista Smith Hall." A few more scrubs get in before, "Usually."

Mika shrugs, "How do you define 'proper work' for anyone?" Mika asks as she continues her own work. "Or is scrubbing not something crafters deign to bother with?" She lets Irony enter her voice. "It /is/ something that candidates do very regularly. Just hope you don't draw latrine duty!" Though they've got a few trouble makers that might save the others /that/ task. If they're lucky.

Ita shudders a little. "Yeah, I've done that." She says of the latrine duty. "Not in the latrines, but definitely similar." Being a Healer apprentice, you get to do all sorts of nasty stuff. "But it doesn't matter, because it needs done. You wrinkle your nose and do it." She shrugs, and takes another drink of juice. "Well met, Marjani." She smiles at the Smith, unsure of the response because of their topic of conversation.

Marjani rolls her eyes, "It's as ridiculous for Crafters to spend all day at cleaning as it is for a drudge to spend her day writing music. If she can do that, she ought to be a Harper. We've all got jobs to do and no use getting offended just because some of them don't include scrubbing floors." She scrubs harder, jaw set. "So while I'm a candidate I'll do it, but don't scold me for thinking my time is, yes, better spent elsewhere." Apparently fuming, she dumps her scrub-brush back in the bucket, and stands. "I don't have to feel guilty about knowing my place." She hoists her bucket and stalks out of the room, lower jaw jutting out and death in her eyes.

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