Never win first place.


Just bridging the gap towards adulthood, she stands at an 'impressive' 5'0''. Her face is heart shaped and plumped with baby fat she might never shed. Spiral curls fall to form some semblance of bangs, rebelliously hanging free from the tight twine she uses to fasten the rest of her hair. Two kink-filled and impossibly curly black balls of said hair rest at the back of her skull. Her complexion is far darker than most, resembling bark, or perhaps klah. Dull amber eyes look on somewhat vacantly, yet her cheeks are pulled back in an ever present grin. Along the wall of off-white jaws on display, there's a single black gap where her left canine should be; adding to the impish charm she carries. Her form hints at a slothful nature, lacking in much definition but with excess weight clinging to her still growing body.

1.) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?

Klohi was spawned at Ista Hold, and Ista itself is the only home she's ever known. (Including the Weyr). Her mother was a pretty woman who fell in love with a widower fisherman who already had three sons by his first wife. Klo became the fourth child in their family. Her mother, not quite recovering from a somewhat difficult birth, died when her daughter was only two turns old. It was up to her father to raise young Klo… a task he admitted to knowing nothing about, and he had no sisters to call upon to help him.

Her father was a hard worker, and didn't believe in anyone slacking off in their family. As soon as Klohi was able to walk, she was helping out around the house. Tool-fetching turned into fish gutting, which then grew into cooking and cleaning for the menfolk in their cozy home. Rather than embrace her upbringing, Klohi rebelled as most young people do, attempting to shirk her duties in order to do what /she/ wanted. It didn't work out so well.

Despite her best efforts, rebellion didn't come easy to the young girl. Her father also made sure to keep her extra busy, fearing that if Klohi didn't have enough to do she'd get tangled up in… boys. Yes, the man was what most would call “overprotective”. If that wasn't bad enough, he employed his sons as big, strapping guardians for their little half-sister. To say that Klohi had been sheltered is a an understatement. Until, of course, she was Searched the first time and whisked away to Ista Weyr. Left standing and choosing to stay, weyrlife was a huge adjustment for her, and still is.

Now she's a Candidate again.

I don't support the team.

2.) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

Klohi has seen plenty of faces, and even talked to a few folks at Ista Weyr. You can't throw a pastry in the shardin' place without hitting at least one. But when it comes to genuine friends, it's more like Klohi's good at… making acquaintances. Even people not from Ista! There are exceptions, of course.

Wyn: Villainess turned Heroine. Ista Weyr's own moving glacier seemed to go out of her way to make things difficult for Klohi. That's how she saw it, anyway. But with contempt breeds familiarity (in this case), and through scented oils and proddy riders, a bond has been formed. There's still some tension, spawned from the girl's own upbringing and her fear of disappointing the Weyrwoman. Just a smidgen of teenage jealousy, too. But it's obvious that Klohi is thoroughly attached to the Queenrider.

Q'luin: What is there to say about this Bronzerider that hasn't already been gossiped about? Though Klohi doesn't /quite/ understand what exactly he's notorious for. It has to do with smooching so many ladies, and why he has a ton of kids, she's sure. She doesn't quite understand him, but he hasn't done anything for her to really dislike him. He's a pleasant acquaintance… most o the time.

Rh'iad: Oh Faranth, if Klohi could marry his hair, she would. She's only really talked with him once or twice, but the words exchanged were enough to make her like this greenrider. He's different from the rest of the adults, and she feels she's able to be completely honest with him (even if feelings get hurt in the process. Oops!). He doesn't try to boss her around, and she thinks he's super sweet. He also likes her baking!

S'tao: The Weyrleader. He can yell really loud when he wants to… and he also likes parties. Because those're the only times she really gets a glimpse of this very busy man. She also know he's always around Rh'iad 'cause of them being weyrmates and all. For someone in charge, he's not too bad- but since he's someone in charge, Klohi tries not to bring too much attention to herself around him. Mixed results.

Niles: One of the few people she actually talked to after being left standing on the sands. Talked to, rather than whine. He reminds her a lot of her father… which isn't necessarily a good thing. She tries to run errands for him, sometimes. Depending on how the man asks, she either snaps at him or is more than happy to do the Trader a favor. Even if she's snippy, he's a good man in her book. Just bossy. (Not really). And now he's a fellow Candidate. His reign of bossy terror is over!

Lisyana: Sweet. This girl has been nothing but pleasant to Klohi, and that kindness isn't overlooked. Then again, it's hard to think of anyone who dislikes her. Despite the good vibes, Klo doesn't know her that well. But she's pretty! Klohi likes pretty things! Er, even if those things happen to be people. Lisy's beauty also cause a mix of awe and slight self-consciousness, but that doesn't get in the way of their interaction. It just means Klohi /really/ likes to stare at Lisy's hair.

Delia: This one's a bit off. Nice, but… Klohi's quite sure she doesn't even need a dragon to have her head in the clouds. Delia seems to be even more scatterbrained than Klo, and that's just not normal! She's good at what she does, being a Healer, and it's an admirable profession. No negative feelings what so ever between these two, even if Delia's words are sometimes met with blank/confused stares. Doot i doot… ;)

Daycen: The first (and only) Starcrafter she's ever met. Well, journeyman Starcrafter. But that's still something! So far he seems really quiet, which instantly means Klohi /has/ to try and get him talk. She also kind of feels responsible for scolding him into impressing his monstrously ugly firelizard, Squirt. Seriously, that thing gives her the heebie-jeebies! An easy enough person to get along with, despite his being a (gasp!) boy and all.

Ryli: Ghost hunter extraordinaire! Also, quite the ambitious girl, which Klohi doesn't quite understand. They seem to have opposite views on life, but share a bit of obliviousness when it comes to certain aspects of it. Youthful energy that might inspire some, Klohi just thinks the girl is putting too much thought into the future. She is curious about those memoirs, though!

Cordelia: A know it all, and a stick-wielder. She can only really remember meeting this girl twice or so, and both weren't exactly great experiences. No actual contempt held for the girl, she's more or less wary of what Cordelia's company brings. She chased Klo while waving a stick around… a little caution is understandable.

Manxel: Another transformation. He must be magic, because Manxel has turned from being a thorn in her side into someone she actually enjoys talking to. It's a little strange for Klohi, since his hair sort of reminds her of her brother's, but the Weyrtanner is much nicer. Less overbearing. His scar unnerves her, while also calling to the girl's morbid curiosity. She knows how he got it, and that fact makes her panic just a bit more about walking onto the sands once again.

Loki: Yeeeaaaah. He gave her a flower once! But is that really worth the discomfort his company brings? And he has this habit of calling her “Klah”. Harmless, or so she hopes, but definitely touched in the head. No, not just touched. His whole head has been molested into insanity. …still kinda funny, she supposes.

U'rr: Madman. An absolute loony, no matter how many times weyrfolk tell her that dragon's won't pick the crazies. A crazy dragon would! …though she hasn't met his brown. U'rr just happens to be a very eloquent psychopath, is all. But then again, the target of his ire kind of deserved it, so Klohi's holding out the verdict on this one. He's also a terrible cook. Isn't that sad? Poor pychorider.

Don't let me get me!

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

With Klohi, what you see is what you get. She usually wears her emotions on her long, wavy sleeves whether it benefits her or not. Sure she attempts to hide what she's thinking at times, but she's not very good at it. The honesty isn't brutal, however, as she has tried to soften verbal blows in the past; but that still doesn't mean she thinks you look good in that hat. Maybe if you wore one that made your complexion less… red-fruit like?

I like that she's sensitive, without falling to pieces about every little thing. I guess the personality trait I like most is that she's emotional, rather than emo. (That's my opinion, of course!) And her energy. She is genuine, so getting excited and explaining rather loudly to everyone who'll listen about your dress is just how she lets you know she likes how you look in it. No filter on this one, really.

As for how to build on this? I think maybe just torturing more- I mean, roleplaying with more people is a good way to see if this 'honesty' has a limit. Not everyone reacts the same to Klohi, and some can find out that they rather dislike her lack of tact. Maybe she has to develop tact? What if it goes the other way, and she learns not to give a flying fig about people's feelings at all? We'll see!

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

I like Klohi as she is, character-wise. But there's an aspect of her that could be developed further, and that's the fact that she's rather oblivious. Living a sheltered life means she's not exactly quick to pick up on things that seems obvious to others. Subtle hints? Forget about it- they go flying right over her head.

And don't even get me started on the 'Golds and the Bronzes'. Obliviousness turns to outright innocence when it comes to the topic of interpersonal relations.

Now this isn't an aspect that I DREAD roleplaying, in fact it's rather fun. But it's also something others might help Klohi with, through roleplay. She wants to live at the Weyr, despite how some situations make her uncomfortable… and talking to people who understand it a bit more would help. So, in summary… I love playing her currently, but character development is always a plus!

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