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With only the barest of womanly curves, Liadan could nearly pass for male if one looked past the slight curve of bust, feminine lips, and brow. She's tall and thin; a precarious balance of metablism and hard work conspiring to keep her svelte. Her auburn hair has a tendency to look touched by fire, especially in the warmer months. It has a bit of a wave to it and falls to somewhere about her shoulders, though is often caught up in a tie or tucked behind ears. Eyes are a green muddied by brown, turning them to something closer to hazel. A long, but narrow nose completes balanced features: evenly set in a square face.

A pale blue — nearer to grey than anything else — shirt falls just shortly past hips, laying over a long black skirt. Over this is a tunic of dark green with brown and pale blue embroidery, depicting vines, leaves, and flowers along all the edges. The under shirt has sleeves to the elbows, while the tunic lacks sleeves and boasts a deep neck to allow the clothing beneath to appear through. It also extends past the hips, contrasting neatly with the skirt. Liadan wears a pair of basic, well-worn boots upon her feet and a simple belt is slung about her waist. More for show and utility other than keeping clothing in place, it has a few pouches upon it. A long strip of hide is wrapped a few times about her throat, tied in a small bow at the back it holds upon it a few different small, varying charms. Simple bracelets of different shades and kinds of metal dangle about each of her slim wrists.

… turned candidate.


1) Tell us about your character's background. Where did they grow up? What was their childhood like? Do they have siblings? Lots of extended family?'

Liadan hails from Telgar Hold where she was a middle child, with six (or was it eight?) siblings to contend with for love and affection. Her parents were fairly unremarkable overall; your average hold denizens. Dani didn't lack for love or suffer for it, but she did have to learn fairly swiftly to fend for herself. Her mother wasn't always able to keep track of or tend to everyone, so the siblings had to work things out amongst themselves.

Once she was twelve Turns and old enough to apprentice, Liadan convinced her parents (not that it took much, with so many young to deal with) to allow her to go to Weaver. They became her family, though she's never really shown it much. Of her old family, Liadan did spend a few Turns trying to gain their attention still. Acting out- drinking, stealing, and other things that threatened her life in Weaver for a while. Every time, instead of her parents, it was her older brother who bailed her out and smoothed things over. Once she realized that her parents would never really care, she gave up and decided to pour herself into her new life. If asked about her childhood, Liadan won't have much to say about it either way. In many ways, it's as if her life didn't begin until she got to Weaver and was able to become her own person, rather than be identified by the mass of siblings she was often surrounded by. Of her blood family, her brother is the only one she truly cares about any longer.

2) Who is your character close to now? Fellow crafters, residents, lots of people, or a few in particular?

Surprisingly (or not, depending on who you talk to), Liadan isn't really close to anyone. Her brother, who is back in Telgar, is the only one she'll open up to without any restraint. It's not an anti-social habit or that she's un-trusting of those she's met, but more that she doesn't know how. After a childhood of being one of many, she's spent so long focused on herself and being her own person that she kind of forgot about making close friends along the way. That's not to say she's not friendly with people, because she is. She gets along quite well with the rest of the Weaverhall and has begun to create tenuous friendships with people like Aruen.

Liadan can be a friendly person, she just hasn't yet fully grasped that ability to let people in. It's a learning experience!

3) What personality trait or background element do you like most about your character? How would you like to build on that?

Her confidence, definitely. Sure, people may call it egotistical, but it's something that I, the player, can lack at times. Liadan knows what she's good at and she makes sure everyone else does as well. Sometimes she can be a little overconfident and struggle when she's out of her depth, but that same thing that got her into the situation can get her out. Liadan is all about looking good and not just by way of attire. I love that about her.

4) What would you change about your character if you could? How might others help you do this?

As I said in question 2, Liadan just doesn't quite grasp the skills of friendship. I'd love to see her aloof, sometimes cranky and egotistical self learn how to be a better friend. And, wonderfully, this is something that only others can help her with. Primarily by being forgiving and willing to explain things that most people understand intrinsically.


Liadan's "actress" is Julianne Nicholson.
Her livejournal (though I am a terrible logger- I log, but don't edit) can be found at: liadan_designs

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