Life as a Candidate

A snapshot of a typical day in the life of a Candidate:

Dawn – rise and shine! There’s a group run to the beach for a swim to the buoy.
7:30 – Breakfast
8:30 – Morning chores.
10:00 – Coordination exercises like firestone sack tossing.
11:30 – Lunch break.
1:00 – Lessons: reading, writing, self-defense, first aid, etc, etc…
2:30 – Afternoon chores.
5:00 – Dinner.
The rest of the evening is free.

Here is a list of chores candidates typically do. If you want to see one added, feel free to add it!

Firestone sack bagging
Cavern cleaning
Work in the children's area
Cleaning, organizing, and restocking the storeroom
Kitchen duty
Dragon bathing
Message running
Weed pulling
General trash pickup
Glow basket replenishing
Helping in the human and dragon infirmary
Herd maintenance - food, fence, general care
Serving in the Klah Pot and Living Cavern
General repairs

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