Hailing from the Ista Hold Smith Hall, Marjani is 18 Turns of age.

Marjani was Searched during the infamous game of Truth or Dare that landed the Candidates with weekly checkups and daily training. Q'luin informed her that bronze Zhoreth had no taste, and that she had caught the dragon's eye earlier as she crossed the Bowl. Marjani was at Ista Weyr helping one of the other Smiths (NPC) with a project, likely construction.

Father: Smith Journeyman Rijan Mother: Keroon Hold kitchen drudge, Mabesta.
Stepmother: former Vitner Journeywoman, Racqal
Half-siblings: Harper Apprentice Jarnil (M), three turns younger; Ista Hold kidlet Ricqa (F), seven turns younger.


To call Marjani a delicate flower would be dishonest; it isn't that she is bulky or obese, but she has a certain physical presence that does not lend itself to the idea of feminine mystique or charm. Her jawline is best classified as sharp, and considering her short forehead and strong chin, one might describe the shape of her face as primarily square. With an incredibly short haircut, her thick black hair only adds to her severity. This is not tempered by her other features: angular eyebrows, heavy-lidded coppery-brown eyes, a wide nose, and full lips, all often set in a expression usually tempered with some amount of exasperation. This dark-skinned woman is often described as thin or athletic, though her ample chest and wide hips sometimes lead people to believe she is slightly chubby. Still, her muscles are well defined, telling of a kind of strength that her average height alone could not accomplish.

Although Marjani owns enough clothing to allow some amount of change and cleanliness, it is likely that Marjani is wearing a short sleeved tunic, usually either of a warm orange or forest green hue. She wears them long, belted at the waist and over comfortably worn and usually quite tight brown or black leggings. If it's cold, she may have a dingy long sleeved top under her tunic. She only owns one pair of shoes: a loose pair of tan boots that don't even begin to show signs of decoration, and are just high enough so that her pants can be tucked inside of them. She tends to forgo any decorative items at all, truth be told.

kcmarjani.gif Base Credit
(made by Marjani)

Marjani is a serious young woman with a respect for her place in society and therefore authority figures. Still, she has a sharp but not heated temper, and tends to be easily exasperated. Often, Marjani is more matter of fact than, say, sarcastic or coy, but she isn't sour by nature.

Rather, she looks at everything from a logical standpoint. "Is it wise to practice using these materials when we won't get another shipment until Spring?" "Considering that it's been a hot summer is it wise to commission a heavy dress for that Gather?" etc. She has a need to explain things and also to have them explained to her that stems from this logical nature, as well.

And although Marjani prefers the bending rather than breaking law of the land (mostly), she's not opposed to fun and in fact enjoys relaxing and even the occasional prank or misdeed. She just considers the consequences before doing so. This does not seem to apply to alcohol, and though she is by no means an alcoholic, she's managed to build up a tolerance in her lifetime. Unusual, considering she's was an apprentice before she had her first alcoholic drink.

In regards to human interaction, she plays it mostly by ear. There's not a desire for solitariness, but Marjani doesn't crave closeness the way others seem to. She can be affable and even friendly, but tends not to form long lasting alliances. Even her relationship with her family is warm but not deep. She's never had a relationship, though on occasion she has been pursued as many young women are. Her reaction in these situations is typically to shut down until the young man in question gets the picture that she isn't interested. The only crush she ever had was on a significantly older Master Smith, but it was never even voiced and it was short lived. Still, it probably contributed to her interest in construction and engineering within the Craft.

Basically, she is human and capable of love, friendship, etc, but she neither encourages or discourages deeper connections.

Marjani's player is a college student at the end of her fifth (and by no means last) year; Her online times vary depending on work and social activities (oh yeah and classes!) and she should be around much more after June 6th, pending her summer work schedule. She tends to be around in the evenings and late nights EST and is probably open to RP if she's on. Feel free to ask, or if you have a specific scene in mind, to @mail her to set it up.

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