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Brief Bio

Mel is a trader with the Enlander Clan, she was born and bred in their midst and there isn't much about it she isn't proud of. Having had a natural talent for being around and catching what is going on, it wasn't long before she came to the notice of the WagonMaster and got to running her errands, a sort of apprenticeship if you're not familiar with Traders. The first time Mel was plucked away from the Clan was for a clutch at Fort and while she didn't impress she did meet a diffident young man named Xanathos and the two have been all but joined at the hip since then.
There isn't much self-conscious about Mel, she's willing to talk about her life, trade for whatever anyone needs and generally just help out. The one exception to her general good nature is her unease with the Barlords, she's been just close enough to leadership of the Clan to hear about the worries and feel defensive toward her large extended family.


Though none of Meldari's features draw much attention on their own, there is something about this girl that makes her generally pleasent and attractive to look at. Mahogany colored hair is swept back behind ears to allow her hazel eyes to blink free. A round face is defined by high cheekbones and accented by a pert nose and full lower lip. Her body is curvy overall, a woman's figure with a tapering at her waist which does not cause her to look slim but does add definition to her average height.
A kerchief of scarlet cotton: Over the stark black mountainous background highlighted in gold, a red sky contains a bright golden sun in the high noon position. It is the mark of the Enlander Family. Tacked to one shoulder the orange and black knot of Ista has the white thread of a candidate interwound.
Worn and patched clothing is big enough for someone nearly twice her size. The neck of the tunic has been pinned to stop it from sliding and looking indecent. Tunic and pants are cinched at the waist with a wide belt decorated with a few handy pouches. Thanner regards you, perched atop Meldari's shoulder.

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