Ista Weyr: Candidate's Barracks

Meldari comes back to her cot after a long day of chores and barely looking around lays back on it. "They better get more candidates in on this, they're gonna kill half of us with this workload." She offers up to anyone else back in the room.

Marjani is sitting up on her cot, a pile of clothing in front of her and a needle in her hand. She looks… less than pleased and is apparently having a world of trouble threading the needle. Meldari's statement is a welcome distraction, and earns a shrug. "Well, there's plenty eggs so I'm sure there'll be plenty candidates," remarks the young woman.

"I ah, I'm sure the idea is more to get you ready for the rigors of possible rider life then to kill anyone off." Xanathos states softly from the general area of the door rather than a cot as a clip clop of footsteps carries him in. "One egg t to a customer, no returns or refunds. Blooded wherries and ha hearbeasts are not included."

Meldari nods a bit on her bed, frowning as she notes the neatness, "I'm sure we'll have more I'd be greatful for a few more hands on chores." The next voice makes her sit straight up and blink, "Xan? What are you doing here?"

Marjani returns to attempting to thread her needle, going fairly cross-eyed in the process as her eyebrows furrow together and her lips press into a line. Just as she's about got it, her right hand spasms, and Marjani curses rather loudly. "Sharditall!" She collapses forward onto the pile, frustrated. Her complaints, somewhat out of character, are muffled, "Tell you what if I Impress I'm not sharding mending my own clothes that's for one."

"Wa Well, I had come looking for you." Xanathos states with a weak smile and a soft voice. "Tha then I was uh. I was kind of asked to stay." Making his way over he pauses to regard the person that's face down in a pile of clothing. "Tha-that can't possibly be all your clothing."

Meldari smiles and shakes her head, "They got you too." She looks over toward Marjani then, "If you need a hand I'll help you out … may have a thing in here for needle threading." She's digging through her things now.

Marjani raises her head far enough to look at Xanathos. If she recognizes him from the Incident, it doesn't show in her features, "None of it's mine, I expect. I've been given mending." Being addressed seems to remind her of a certain sense of decorum, and so she sits up properly. And promptly has to fish around for the sewing needle again. A look of panic is quickly squelched and she continues to dig while replying to Meldari, "That would be fantasic, actually. Seems every time I get close to threading the-ha!" the exclaimation is small, a private triumph at finding a needle in a clothestack, and forgets to finish her sentence.

"Ye-yeah seems that I get to hang around and see to it you don't get into to much trouble after all. Or at least that I get to do half of the punishment." Xanathos smile a bit broader, a gentle chuckle in his voice as he tosses a look over his shoulder at Meldari before looking back at the pile of clothing. "You know mending really isn't all that hard. I mend Meldari's clothing all the time." He kneels down to examine the pile before looking up at its former occupant. "Ha Hey! I remember you, y-your Marjani the one that kissed that Lord Holder and then dared Carolyna to fall in love with the first male candidate that she saw."

Meldari finds the small bit of metal, flattened out to a rough hook. "Here, much easier to get through then the thread, then just loop it and pull it through." She says as she hands it over to Marjani. She seems slightly embarassed to hear Xan talk about mending her clothes then raises a brow. "You were there Xan?"

Marjani rolls her shoulders back in a kind of reverse shrug and tries not to look like she's noticed his stutter. "The mending isn't /hard/, but it's slow going sometimes, especially when I can't even get the needle to thread." She reaches across to accept the threader, and actually smiles when the needle threads quickly. Before she can thank Meldari, though, she is recognized, and her smile turns to a frown. "Yes, well. I'm the one who was kissed by the Lord Holder without permission, and I thank you to realize the difference. I wouldn't want to get the reputation of a… loose woman." She snorts, and searches about one of the random garments for a tear.

Xanathos chuckles nervously, "Wa-Well I kind of stumbled across it ta-towards the end while looking for you. Around about the time that various people wa-were missing garments and passing out. I made a pa-point to pa-point out to R'ki that you weren't there Meldari. Fa-for all the good it seemed to do." He swallows audibly and takes a step or two back away from Marjani, "Er I ah, Er ah. I ah I'm s-sorry. I d-didn't mean t-to imply t-that no n-not at all." He lowers his head, "Sorry."

Meldari nods, "He's gonna punish us all anyway, we're even getting weekly checks so that no one gets on the sands pregnant like Corana did." Rolling her eyes she shakes her head. "He's not intimating anything Marj," She supports Xan and smiles. "Thanks for trying Xan."

Marjani raises her eyebrows, "Alright, apology accepted. You don't have to get all flustered about it, I just was making the distinction." She has to focus on the trousers she's mending now, and so looks down as well, though her expression is still a incredulous. "Weekly checks, that's just humiliating, is what it is. Don't have any need to see the Healer unless somethin's been broken or burnt…" her muttering lowers in tone until it's hard to hear, though the phrase, "make the pretty ones do it" is rather distinct.

Xanathos nods his head, his gaze settled on a nice safe bit of floor. "Y-yes I heard about that. He ah kind of ran across me just a little bit after the speech. He was quite b-blunt on what was and was not allowable. Especially when I found out I knew you Meldari." He takes a long slow breath before finally looking up, "I ah, I am s-sorry Marjani I didn't mean to insult you. W-would you ah like a hand with those?"

Meldari holds a hand out, "Hard to get much private time in here anyway Xan." She reaches over to pat his shoulder and smiles as he offers help. "You're going to make life much easier to live in here."

"Stop that. I don't rank you and you don't know me, so you don't have to be nervous about apologizing to me." Marjani quirks one eyebrow at the man, and then looks back and forth between Xanathos and Meldari before… well, scrunching her nose up with distaste. Rather than comment, she just shrugs in belated reply, "If you want to help I won't say no, but I'm sure you've got enough work of your own without taking some of mine." After a short moment, she seems to realize that she's been harsh, and allows a small smile to form.

Xanathos offers Meldari a grin his soft voice picking up a bit of strength. "Well I certainly can't leave you by yourself Meldari. For one your sewing is terrible. And the mess your cot was in." He shakes his head tisking, "I don't see how you managed to get any sleep let alone find anything." His grin slips away his eyes finding a nice spot of floor somewhere in Marjani's direction. "S-sorry, I I ah I j-just seem to keep upsetting you. I I don't mind the work w-without Meldari around I h-haven't had nearly as much to do. Its n-nice to be useful again."

Meldari smiles at Xan, "I didn't manage to find much time to do it, they've had us hopping here." A brief chuckle and she gives a slightly pleading look to Marj, clearly a 'just let him get over the shyness please'

Marjani looks rather out of sorts as Xanathos seems to get more and more flustered. She seems to consider something while she continues her mending, not replying right away. And then at Meldari's look, rather than another reprimand, she speaks softly, able to keep most (if not all) of the confusion and exasperation from her tone. "Relax, I'm not upset with you." Rather than continue to escalate the issue, she lapses into silence for the moment. It's not quite in her to engage in small talk, and besides her right hand is having a go of it again, meaning she needs to concentrate doubly so on mending in a straight line.

"Its nice of them to give you an excuse to not do something you wouldn't have done anyway. Don't worry Meldari I'll be sure to take care of it for you." Xanathos teases gently before having himself a seat. A dip into a pocket brings up a kit for mending that's easily as battered an worn out as anything its used on. "I ah, I'm s-sorry I'll t-try to relax." Wetting the thread with his mouth he threads the needle with practiced ease. and collects a garment from the pile to examine.

Meldari narrows her eyes at Xan, but teasingly and smiles thankfully to Marjani for her patience. "I can get another one of those threaders if you want to keep that one, my family is camped near weaver hall fairly often and they got us on to the idea."

Marjani bites her tongue quite literally since she can't seem to get Xanathos to stop apologizing, and continues to sew slowly, mostly listening out of lack of distance from the conversation than anything else. Still, it seems she can't escape the conversation after all. "Really? It.. it would be a great help if they keep putting me on mending. I'll certainly return it to you after the eggs hatch, I never have to mend at the Smith Hall, my mother's just a short walk or I usually have something on one of the younger apprentices." One of the younger nearby candidates gapes a bit, and then elbows his friend to gawk about how 'That dark girl wot we couldn't tell wasn't a boy save for the front of her actually talking and not being sarcastic about it or anything'. Marjani shoots them a Look and they scamper off, laughing. She snorts again, and after a long pause, ventures "Thank you for the help." to the others.

Xanathos hums softly to himself a needle sticking out of his mouth gets absentmindedly chewed on as he goes about his mending. "Giving something away without asking for something in return. That's not like you Meldari. Shouldn't you be telling her that one day you will ask a favor of her in return or something?" He smiles warmly having something to occupy him seeming to steady his nerves and his voice if doing nothing to get him to speak up, "No thanks needed, I'm happy to be of some assistance."

Marjani is forced to hold back a derisive snort at Xanathos's comment to Meldari, but doesn't reply to his assurance that he needs no thanks. No, she'll just keep concentrating on getting this mending done, come Hatching or High Water. And at the rate she's going, the eggs may well crack before she finishes this chore, help or not. So, regardless of continued conversations, she keeps her head down and, thanks to Meldari, her needle threaded, and works.

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