Post Flight Bronze Riders

Logged 7 May 08

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Why one should always avoid Q'luin after a mating flight…

Living Cavern (#2070J)
This is the vaulted, high-ceilinged main gathering area of Ista Weyr, where riders, residents and drudges congregate to socialize and make merry. Or even just to eat. Long, sturdy tables fill most of the cavern in neat rows, two of them hemming about the hearths that line the northeastern curve of the cavern. Sideboards by the kitchen entrance groan beneath a constant burden of food and drinks, kept fresh by the cooks and lower caverns staff.
If one were to 'look menu', they'd see what the cooks are serving up as a meal.
R'ki, Q'luin, Jacqueline, and Emilia are here.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Kitchen Lower Caverns

The sexual tension vibrates through the weyr as queen rises and males chase. The night bleeds ink, and the darker it becomes, the brighter the pinpoints called stars become. It is when the twin moons are eclipsed by the melding of gold and brown that the crescendo of emotion finally comes to a climax. Soon after riders pour into the living caverns from every direction, some hitting the liquor cabinet, while the others head straight for obvious partners. If one were to listen really closely they could hear the splash of heated riders diving into the icy winter lake as well. It is awhile after this that a sulking bronzerider stalks into the room, his progress strict and purposeful as he heads straight for the alcohol. His roar could be heard across the cavern as he realizes the pot has been run dry. "Whiskey! Why are we out?!" Q'luin rattles the table /hard/ to get the drudge's attention.

"Maybe 'cause you don't need any," Jacqueline says in a matter-of-fact tone of voice, skipping into the living caverns after coming out of the seclusion of her mother's weyr. Grabbing a mug of juice, the youngster primly settles herself down into a seat to nurse it, one leg curled up beneath her while her fingers tap idly at the surface of the table. Blue eyes flick carefully over whomever is present before again settling on Q'luin. "What're you so pissed off for?"

"Coming," Mika mumbles as she brings the whiskey, though the latest batch is rather wattered down, it was what they handed her, and she didn't ask. The Kitchen staff are taking their own measures, and they don't tell mere servers what they are. "Here, sir…" She deliberately avoids Q'luin's eyes. This is /not/ the time to be making herself more than mobile furniture!

Emilia is engrossed in hides at a far table. Tumbled hair falling across her face as she tries to figure out just where half a cartload of beetroots disappeared to. "If you recite ever single harper ballad you ever learned backwards it'll help you know," gets tossed towards the cranky bronzerider in very mild tones. Lying through her teeth, but that's half the fun. A glance up at Jacqueline and Mika and she raises her eyebrow.

The wicked black eyes flare at Jacqueline as a hiss like an angry lidded pot spills out, "You, /little girl/, don't want to find out. I promise." The last crawls toward her with a sensual growl. That gaze slides with a greasy ease toward Mika when she arrives next to Q'luin. The skin is swiped, and the process of trying to fill a heavily fingerprint-smeared silver flask commences. It's a difficult endeavor as the bronzerider's hand shakes with quakes that are echoed throughout his long lithe form. It is Emilia with her springy hair that garners the first true lecherous ogle. The sneer that pops out is chased by a lewd warning, "/That/ I could get a handle on," he says while pointedly eyeing the hair.

Jacqueline just angles a look at Q'luin, opting not to say anything in response in favor of glancin towards Emilia and Mika, sending a happy grin and a cheerful wave their way. Her juice is what then gets the most of her attention, though Eli occasionally shoots glances up towards the others, spying that shaking of Q'luin's hand and the meekness of Mika. A confused look settles across her face at the bronzerider's last words, prompting the girl to glance questioningly towards Emilia, and then Mika. "What's he mean?"

Mika glances down at Jacqueline, "You don't want to find out for another few years." She says softly, "Best not to annoy him, until he's only his /normal/ grouchy unpleasant self." She carefully keeps herself out of range of the bronze rider… you know the one your mother always warned you about?

Emilia looks up and snorts at the rider's ogle, biting her lip to keep from laughing again. Completely unsympathetic, she will grin cheerfully at Jacqueline and toss her head towards Mika, "I'd listen to her and I am surprised your mom's let you down here too." A flick of a glance back towards Q'luin, somewhat smug, "I think it means that we have a new Weyrwoman and Weyrleader. I'm pretty sure it means it's not him."

"I don't sharding care if you want to prove yourself, I'm having a say in it." Probably equally grouchy is a certain brownrider that comes in. "I. Don't. Care. You can fly greens all you want, but we are /not/ going up after golds. I have absolutely /no/ desire to become Weyrleader, thank you, Seiketh." Don't mind the fact that R'ki is talking to his lifemate outloud, he's just a bit too annoyed to really relize it. He pauses, only seeming to realize just where he's managed to go since being caught up in his thoughts. Q'luin is glanced at, but R'ki quickly avoids the bronzerider, instead moving towards a certain someone that catches his eye. "Mika, glad you're down here. You wouldn't believe what a time Seiketh was giving me. I had to pratically force him not to chase." The brownrider flops into a chair, wrapping his arms over his waist.

Emilia's typical frozen response is enough of a deflection, but Q'luin is in the mood for some good old fashioned revenge, and he doesn't care who gets in the way. So when he's fairly sure the flask is full, the bronzerider ignores the mess he made spilling and heads with dark intent toward Jaq, sultry eyes lidded low under the sleek black brows. "Let me explain it to you, pup. Come on with me outside." A swig of the whiskey is taken and nearly spat out as he realizes the alcohol to water ratio. "Crap!"

"That's 'cause I came out and she doesn't know," Jacqueline says with wide eyes to Emilia, blinking them owlishly at the other females before pointing towards the tiny green firelizard that is now, suddenly, curled atop her lap. "I came to get food for her, but I… Uh. Got distracted." There's a few beats of a pause, here, before Eli glances up again at Mika and Emilia. "Oh. Yeah, I don't like him anyway." When R'ki enters, as sullen as Q'luin, Eli grimaces before schooling her expression into a careful mask of indifference. Just as quickly, Eli recoils away from Q'luin as the bronzerider advances on her, curling even more into her chair. "No, I'm staying -here-." The expletive is ignored as Eli turns wide — and a little frightened — eyes towards the others close by.

Emilia will open her mouth to grin at R'ki and offer an even wider one at Mika, waggling her brows under her hair. That she was about to say something is promptly choked off and the frown directed towards Jacqueline and Q'luin is suddenly sharp and out of character, "Don't you dare!" She'll thread fingers through her hair and shake it for a moment, snapping her jaw hard at the bronzerider, "What in shells are you thinking?"

Mika doesn't say anything to Q'luin just steps a little farther forward, trying to put herself between Eli and the bronze rider. She spots R'ki's entrance but isn't sure she can actually divide her attention though with Emilia coming to the rescue, she may not have to stand too long.

R'ki isn't sullen, he's annoyed, and more annoyed at his lifemate than anything else. But the brownrider seems to be quickly getting over his annoyance, unlike the bronzerider. His lips will purse slightly in thought, his eyes wandering from one person to the next before falling on the one face that he's comfortable with.

Q'luin will not be so easily turned away from his goal. "You had your chance!" he snaps at Emilia, driving closer to Quinn's child; for it is only that fact that makes her interesting in the slightest. First Mika is glared at with a wrath that could melt metal, but an easy swerve carries him around her. The flask is pocketed before the burning rider crouches down in front of Jaq, voice coming out as a sensual croon, "Come on, baby girl, you keep asking questions. I have the answer for you - right here," and a rude gesture is made in the shadows between his legs.

Jacqueline uses this time as the proper one to skitter along behind Emilia when Q'luin crouches in front of her, abandoning her chair in favor of a safer haven while her fingers clutch with white knuckles onto the back of a chair. "Go 'way," are the pleading words spilled from the youngster's mouth, head turned away to avoid the crude gesture. The girl, in an attempt to seek solace -somewhere-, remains hiding behind Emilia, whilst glancing towards Mika or R'ki to drive off the bronzerider.

Mika gulps and says softly, though more firmly than she can really credit. "Leave her alone, Q'luin. She's too young. You know it." Her face is drawn and her hands are shaking by her side, the rest of her would be shaking as well if she wasn't so completely tense. She says softly to Jacqueline, "Go back to you mother's quarters. This is not a good place to be right now…"

R'ki just shakes his head, a brow arching as he peers over at the bronzerider. "If you're going to act like that Qil, I think it's better for you to go back to the hole you crawled out of." R'ki says quietly, lifting his shoulders indifferently, "Or go back to wherever it was that you were hiding out for so long. The weyr was quiet and /decent/ before you came back." The brownrider turns towards Mika, "You know how he can be, Mika, he's not worth it. All he cares about the next woman he seduces."

Hides are forgotten and Emilia's out from behind the table and in front of the younger girl in a swish of skirts. She'll raise both eyebrows at Mika as she passes and mouth the word 'wine' to her. Then her head will tilt towards Q'luin very carefully, "You'll hate yourself in the morning Igen," gets whispered in a low murmur. R'ki gets a brief 'so not helping' look.

And with that Q'luin just starts howling, rocking back on his heals, head tossed back so far the obsidian curls grow long down his back. The laughter breaks only so he can taunt, "I didn't think so, my little egg!" Pushing back up, he cackles a bit more, filching the flask from his side to drown out the mirth with another sip. The glistening blithe eyes are teaming with evil as he turns to Mika, "Don't worry, she's safe from me. I just wanted to teach her a good lesson." This is said very low, but a sudden movement has him mock leaping at little hidden Jaq as he barks out a loud, "BOO!" in an attempt to send her skittling. More wicked laughter and the bronzerider is turning it on R'ki. "Ooo, that was sexy, brownrider. Serve me some more spice. I liked that." The rolling purr of his voice is definitely lewd. For now, Emilia is ignored. You can be sure she's next though.

Jacqueline breathes a sigh of relief as Emilia steps in front of her, bobbing her head with wide eyes in response to Mika's words before finally levelling a look at Q'luin. As the bronzerider begins laughing, a look of horror slowly descends over her face as she looks on with wide eyes. She's already starting to edge away, slowly, but his leap and subsequent 'BOO!' sends the girl whirling about, running headlong out of the living caverns without so much as a farewell or squeak.

Mika flinches back, but doesn't run scurrying this time. "You should go back to your room." She says to q'luin then turns back to R'ki. "Let's go… I'm done with chores here tonight…" She says with a bit of exasperation, though the volume doesn't rise. "I don't think we can get him to see sense, and Eli's safely out of his way…"

Jacqueline walks out of the Living Caverns into the bowl.
Long distance to R'ki: Mika could wish for a little more depth to the character beyond borderline evil.

R'ki just rolls his eyes, "You may sex up whatever you wish Q'luin, but I wouldn't touch you even if my life depended on it." The brownrider idly leans backwards in his chair, wrapping his arms behind his head. He lets his eyes flicker to Mika, concern on his face. "I agree, I don't really have a intention of staying here much longer anyway. And I have to go try and cheer up Seiketh, maybe we could go out flying or something. I'm not sure."

Emilia isn't quite that relieved and continues to eye the bronzerider with an expression of wary exasperation that only darts away to watch the younger girl depart. Head and hair flip back and crossing her arms she'll give the bronzerider a once over with another snort, "Why are you always such a jerk?" For the moment the odd couple gets ignored.

More laughter, and it's roaring. Q'luin is amused by little Jaq. When she grows up, he's probably going to be very sorry for this night. R'ki's response keeps the amusement rolling, and as a stabbing retort, he knife's the brownrider with a, "He'd cheer right up if you let him be a dragon! He wants himself a gold!" The noisy display comes to a halt with a flinch as the memory of tonight's flight rudely invades. The flask is tilted back for a good mouthful, but the nasty mixture of muckwater and whiskey is spat out toward Mika in a misty spray. Licking away what dribbles down his chin, the man forms a smirk. "Stuff tastes like shit." Turning about to head toward the stores to get the undiluted whiskey, Q'luin passes by Emilia with a wink. "Follow me and I will tell you."

"He's not getting one as long as I have a say in it, and he only cares about the chase. Not the gold, he's not your sharding bronze, Q'luin. You don't even know him so don't make a statement about him when you don't even know my lifemate." The brownrider rolls his eyes, moving over towards Mika whom he offers a hand, "Wanna go on a walk? I fancy myself some peace and quiet and away from bronzeriders who think they're Weyrleaders when they're not."

Mika flinches away from the spray but doesn't quite manage to avoid it all getting more than a little wet. "Let's go now…" She doesn't really want to know if Q'luin can push R'ki into doing something stupid. She nods with relief at R'ki's retort. "Somewhere peaceful would be prefered." She doesn't look at Q'luin just moves a little closer to R'ki. "anywhere you had in mind." she offers him the uncontested lead.

Emilia watches the others conversation and exit preparations out of her peripheral vision with just a slight smile tugging at the corner of her mouth. When her gaze fully centres back on Q'luin, she uncrosses her arms and clutches her hands to her heart. A cheery smile gets plastered across her face, "Ohhh, you do say the most flattering things to me Igen. Makes me go weak in the knees. Why don't I just get on the table now and save all the effort?" The sarcasm may drip like honey from a hive, but she will in fact lean against the table for a bit of support. Head bouncing dismisively, she turns the smile into a dismissive sneer, "Go find some booze little boy and take your temper tantrum someplace else."

"I was kidding, Curly, I have no interest in you. Don't flatter yourself," Q'luin lobs toward her over his shoulder as he strides into the lower caverns. It's more laughter that follows him out; a sort of high pitched cackling that you generally heard spilling from the windows of a nuthouse.

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