Daily Life

Living Cavern (#2070J)
This is the vaulted, high-ceilinged main gathering area of Ista Weyr, where riders, residents and drudges congregate to socialize and make merry. Or even just to eat. Long, sturdy tables fill most of the cavern in neat rows, two of them hemming about the hearths that line the northeastern curve of the cavern. Sideboards by the kitchen entrance groan beneath a constant burden of food and drinks, kept fresh by the cooks and lower caverns staff.
If one were to 'look menu', they'd see what the cooks are serving up as a meal.
Velura, Carolyna, Rhikiad, and Sharyna are here.
Obvious exits:
Bowl Kitchen Lower Caverns

Velura is still in her riding leathers as she moves klah and food around in front of her, she's got her dinner but so far all she's interested in is klah and her eyes are darting around the room a little too quickly. A small knot of riders has shown some interest in her and have of course noticed Gliss' slight glow but today Velura has warned them off though not seeming to enjoy her empty seat. "Does anyone just want to sit and talk?" She loudly asks the entire cavern.

Carolyna enters the living caverns and promptly obtains the necessary sustinance for a normal work day when she hears Velura's enquiry. "I'll sit and talk," she offers upon turning and seeing who the bodyless voice belongs to. Making her way towards the other woman's table she offers a smile. "Presuming you don't mind my company."

Sharyna wasn't here to sit and talk, or to do any kind of sitting at all. She's whistling softly to herself as she comes up from the lower caverns, in the direction of the crafter's area. She's got her sketchbook under her arm, and appears to be looking for someone, her firelizard perched on her shoulder, mimicing her person's behavior.

"Long day, ma'am?" Mika asks carrying a very full pitcher of Klah, which she balances easily. "I have more Klah if you'd like?" She offers the pitcher forward, though she's not sure the invitation applied to her.
Rhikiad bounds into the cavern. Well, maybe not exactly bounding, but a close enough interpretation to lead to that kind of description. Nevertheless, the teen weaves around a knot of youngsters, patting on on the crown of the head and eliciting a volley of giggles and waves in his direction. A cluck of his tongue, and he moves along towards the kitchens. Moments later and he emerges once more, and with a plate of iced cookies, looking most heroic for having liberated them from the confines of the kitchens and the eyes of the cooks within. "Cookies," he croons, as if that wasn't obvious enough already.

"Whoever so long as it's just conversation," Velura states eyeing the knot of riders till they subside to eat themselves. Gladya urges them on from Velura's shoulder with a hiss, her whirling eyes glowering at them. "Thank you please," the rider offers Mika. "It's been a long couple of days … if Gliss doesn't go up soon I'm going to go absolutely mad.”

Carolyna smiles and sits herself within a conversational distance from Velura, food and drink ready to be consumed. "I hope they get better for you, Ma'am," the journeyman offers with a smile as she tilts her head, watching those who've recently entered the caverns.

Sharyna spies the person she had been looking for, and begins to stride across the caverns purposefully, her whistle trailing off. She's on the prowl for a customer, you see. "Rhikiad!" She calls out, pulling the sketchbook out and waving it. "I've got some preliminary designs I want you to look at!"

Mika leaves the pitcher there. "I can talk for a little while, ma'am." Mika says softly. "There seems to be a lot of flights going on…" though with greens it was almost a daily occurrence

Rhikiad has vague flashbacks to certain southern cat prowling about and stalking him. Pernese spidey-sense tingling. He stalls in his progress across the hall, feels a shiver, and then turns to peer at Sharyna right as his name is being called out. "Whoa." But then there is the sketchbook, and the teen counters with an offer of his own. "Cookie?" Beat. "Designs? Oh! For my outfit?"

Velura nods toward Carolyna, "I hope they do too but I have a feeling they're just goign to get rough in a different way." She attempts a smile and nod at both her and Mika. Taking the pitcher she fills her mug and picks at the food in front of her finally. "There always are it's true and with thread about the flights just seem to increase, particularly the golds."

Mika nods, "Which means we should do well through thread…" Given that some of the lower caverns gossips had been claiming that the dragons wouldn't pick up on the out of sequence thread fall enough for the flights to increase.

Sharyna nods then, shaking her head. "No, no thank you. I'm trying to cut back on those." She starts to flip the sketchbook open, to where there is a design for a male outfit, complete with swatches of colored fabric. "So this is what I was thinking. A cream colored shirt of this material here…you were admiring some of the finer stuff, so I figured it would look good as a shirt. Loose, flowing…airy. A tunic or vest with this fabric here…I was thinking a nice even brown tone for it. With some periwinkle stitching through it. I was thinking a climbing vine." She's in her element now.

Rhikiad sort of shrugs his shoulder, and then reaches down to pup a broomtree shaped cookie into his mouth. He chews away at it, licking his lips now and again of crumbs. Speaking of crumbs, a few might actually manage to scatter onto the weaver's pad. The teen leans over somewhat to peer down at it, and then glance over to Sharnya, "Do you have any of that fabric with you now? Can I feel it?"

Velura shrugs, "It'll take time for eggs to hatch and dragons to grow but we might catch up at some point." She's calming now, eating more food and Gladya's eyes are slowing but she still retains a fast paced whirl.

A bugle outside may not make it to everyone in the caverns but Velura stands up and curses. "Shells Gliss I can't leave you alone for a second now." Without bothering to excuse herself from the table she storms out, Gladya launching ahead of her and stirring up at least a few startled people.

Mika watches Velura go and shakes her head. "CAn anyone else use something to eat or drink?" She asks to the group in the immediate vicinity, though for once her voice is loud enough it might carry… at least if someone has sensitive ears.

Sharyna shakes her head. "Not if you don't stop eating cookies and spraying crumbs all over my workbook, I don't." She lifts her head and then smiles, shaking her head at Mika. "Um…this is what I was thinking for your shirt." It is a smooth, fine, almost satin-like fabric. The tunic fabric is heavier, for warmth, but no-less fine a fabric. "Your trous would be made out of a darker fabric. A brown almost black in color."

Carolyna is still here, she'd just momentarily been too enthralled in her food and was munching away on it it. Once she realizes that, hey, there are people around her, she looks up, and offers up the most innocent grin.

"Sorry," Rhikiad murmurs, tipping his head so he can eat the cookie without dropping any more crumbs onto the book. He pops it all into his mouth, happily chewing upon the sweet, fingers dusting off on his thigh. After swallowing, the teen frowns slightly, "I'd like to feel the fabric first though, can I? Please?" But his attention with draw away for the moment, glancing over towards the 'not naked' Mika, and he'll offer her a wave in greeting.

Mika takes one of the other pitchers, now empty and starts clearing away the dishes left by this rider or that rider, as she falls easily back into her work. She bobs her head at Sharyna and smiles at Rhikiad, though there's a touch of warriness in her expression. She's still not sure if he's entirely sane…

Carolyna chuckles, quietly, at the conversation between Rhikiad and Sharyna, between bites of food and sips of juice.

Rhikiad is looked at, oddly. This causes the teen to look back over towards Mika with upraised brows and a rather amused expression. He offers up his plate of pilfered cookies towards her. "They are really good. You should try one. They were just sitting there, waiting to be ate. And so, I took them, and am eating them. Want one, Mika?" Blink-blink.

Sharyna nods at Rhikiad. "Sure. Look." She points to the swatches of fabric. "That's why I put those in here, so you could feel the fabric. Try the shirt first."

Mika comes back towards Rhikiad and takes a cookie tentatively. "Only if you have enough?" she replies hesitantly. "Are you sure?"
"I've plenty!" Rhik cheerily responds to Mika, brandishing the plate with the iced cookies upon them. "Lots to enjoy and make your belly happy. Have a couple." His attention is fickle though, and easily drug back to Sharyna, "Oh?" The teen fairly hands the plate over to Mika before reaching towards the swatches, a finger brushing the fabrics with obvious interest, teeth worrying at his bottom lip.

Carolyna finishes her meal and rises to attend to the dirty dishes she made. Once that's done she offers a polite nod to those gathered and makes for the lower caverns.

Sharyna shrugs then, as she watches Rhikiad. "There are softer fabrics, but that's about the best I've got right now. Especially since you're still young enough to potentially out-grow it before a couple of Turns pass." She motions to the other fabric. "This is what the rest of the outfit is made out of it. Don't mind the color." The color of the swatch is a horrible green and orange combination. "That's just some old rags I had. But the feel will be the same."

Mika creeps a little closer, cookie in hand. "Do you have many fabrics?" She asks cautiously, not wanting to steal too much of Sharyna's attention away from her current customer!

Rhikiad looks moderately proud for a moment. "I've grown some," he just kinda notes to nobody in particular. Green-irised eyes flicker over to the eyesore fabric, and his dark eyebrows arch for the moment. But he accepts it though with another touch, and then his eyes light up. "Oh, I do like that. It feels nice." His smile makes another appearance, and it is cast to the weaver. "Thank you. This is really good." He pauses though, and thinks, "Do you need to do a fitting?" He shoots a glance askance to Mika and grin briefly to her, "Good cookies, eh?"

Sharyna shakes her head then, and a slow, wicked smile appears over her face. "No, now that you've approved the pattern, and the colors, we need to get started on the measurements. Also, would you like a jacket to go with it? Especially considering you'll be getting to most gathers adragonback?" She asks, tilting her head.

Rhikiad flushes slightly, and then shakes his head enough so that his long braid of hair flops over his shoulder. "I hadn't thought of that. A jacket. Uhm… I suppose? Would it cost more?" His hand finally stops indulging in touching the fabric, fingers instead delving into the pocket of his trous. "Measurements? When do you want to do that?"
Sharyna shakes her head. "No, the exact price Tiago and I negotiated was one gather outfit. Given that sometimes you'll likely be begging riders to take you to Spring Gathers in colder climes, plus the fact that you'll likely be going between….you might want the jacket. So it would be part of the price." She grins. "Well, when do you have the time?

Rhikiad continues to chew at his bottom lip for a long indecisive moment. Eventually though, his gaze lifts and he nods towards Sharyna, "If so, then sure. I'd want it to be complete and all. I just hadn't thought about a riding jacket before, but it would be nice." He reaches back for the plate to take up another cookie, this one in the shape of a runner. "Oh, any time. I tend to only be busy in the mornings. Unless you want to do it now?"

Mika shakes her head. "Do you have time for other appointments?" She asks of Sharyna, ahving slowly nibbled her way halfway through the cookie. She bobs her head at Rhikiad again and actually smiles faintly. "Very good cookies." Definitely a safer subject than anything else he might be discussing.

Sharyna shakes her head. "I can't do it now, Rhikiad. I need to start some other projects I've been commissioned to make." She tilts her head. "Apparently, you guys have been without a weaver for awhile." She laughs then, winking. Then, she considers Mika for a moment. "I do, I do. Did you want a commission then?"

Mika nods her head slowly. "Yes, ma'am… I have some fabric, I'm just not sure it's enough." She admits. She got it in trade, and she's not certain she has enough to both pay for the weaving and buy more fabric of that kind of quality… There is a limit to the marks she got for those eggs so long ago!

Rhikiad near to beams at Mika, "I wouldn't dare bring out bad cookies from the kitchens. And the kitchens wouldn't dare to make bad cookies either." He flashes her a wink and then takes another healthy bite from the one in his hand, happily chewing away. "Oh, okay. Another time then. You can find me whenever, or I'll find you, or whatever." He kind of shrugs his shoulders, fingers seeking another sweet treat.

"Soon." Sharon corrects Rhikiad. "Very soon." Then to Mika she smiles. "Well, if there is not enough fabric for what you want, we can see what can be done about it. At the very least, maybe we can trade some labor for it or something." She shrugs. "It's easy with enough creativitiy for most people to get what they want, as far as clothing goes."

Mika nods with more than a little relief. "Any help you can offer…' Mika's tone is greatful. "I'm a good worker," Though she's not exactly skilled atany of it. "You have a point…" That to Rhikiad. "though /you/ could always blame it on the kitchen, they don't have anyone else to blame it on."

Rhikiad breaks out into a wider grin. He swings around to plop his butt onto the edge of a table. Seriously, chairs don't seem to be a noticed piece of furniture for him lately. "Oh, Mika… this is the weaver, Sharyna. I'm not sure if you two have met before or anything, and I don't remember if either name was mentioned too." He has manners, somewhere.
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Sharyna grins slightly. "Well met, Mika. And don't worry." Her eyes flick to Mika's knot and she winks. "I have a feeling you'll be available to help me any time I need it. What did you do before you came to the Weyr?" At least, if Mika is a candidate, there is a fairly good chance she's not from around here. "And I have plenty of stuff that any fumble-fingered drudge could do, so don't worry there."

"I hadn't heard your name before, ma'am," Mika flashes Rhikiad a greatful smile then turns her eyes back down as she speaks to Sharyna. "I've been a drudge here at the weyr my entire life, ma'am." Mika informs her "I've been assigned to all the crafters here at one point or another, either as a candidate or as a drudge."

Rhikiad continues to pop cookies into his mouth as the pair of young women start to chatter back and forth. His fingers scrabble for another one on the plate, only to encounter a few crumbs. Pout. "I want more cookies," he manages around a mouthful already of one. The teen kind of waves at the pair, takes up the empty plate and then moves back into the kitchens.

Sharyna nods. "I've not seen you. But I've not been here at the Weyr very long." She smiles then. "What kind of outfit did you want made?" She asks, tilting her head.

Mika bites her lower lip and blushes. "A dress…. I've got some very nice blue fabric… very, veyr soft." She wasn't even sure what it was called. "I'm not sure what to do with it… i mean my green one's long and simple and…" She stammers turning even brighter red as she can't really bring herself to admit the kind of attention she wants the dress to help her attract.

Sharyna pauses for a second, then her smile turns sly. "Let me go out on a limb here." She moves closer to Mika, and starts appraising the girl. An appraising look comes over her face, and she eyes Mika critically. "Something…" She considers for a moment. "I don't think I should need very much. Floor length. Tight along your hips and waist…give the boys something to look at..but a little looser up top. Hide some curves to keep the mystery. But it /will/ be something to turn certain eyes?"

Mika blushes even deeper and can't seem to make herself look up. "You would know more about this than I would. I don't know if it'll do any good…" She admits, sounding as embarassed as she looks.
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Sharyna laughs then. "I only know more because I know what a well-tailored dress can do to attract certain eyes." She winks, and then reaches out to touch Mika's chin, so as to attempt to tilt her face up so that Sharon can look at it. "Do you have a particular young man in mind?" Despite the fact that they are only a Turn apart in age, their difference in experience is noticable.

Thick, luxurious black hair falls below the shoulders, hanging down to mid back, while in the front the bangs are set so that they frame the lovely face, rather than hide it. Large, wide, expressive emerald eyes oft sparkle like diamonds, whether from wit or woe. Her nose turns up a shade too far for perfection of beauty, leaving her instead with the description of 'cute.' Full, rich lips, a shade of lovely darker rose are often found twisted at some wry irony. Dark complexion finishes the picture, her skin the color of someone who spends most of their life outside, and enjoys it. Smooth skin curves around well-toned musculature the form of someone used to activity, her body filling her clothing nicely, with no part of her out of proportion to the rest. She requires no boots to tower over many, her height naturally above average and consisting a great deal of firm, toned leg.
Sharyna bears the lavender and white shoulder cords of a journeyman weaver, with a twin strand of orange and black to mark her posting as Ista Weyr
She wears a combination of clothing designed to make her look good and yet able to work hard. A deep burgundy shirt provides coverage for her arms, while the more wine colored overshirt is stitched directly to the other, lined in gold and black with a deep V neck that lets more of the darker undershirt peek out. This belts about the waist with a thin belt of plain brown. She also wears a skirt of the same material as the undershirt above, trimmed in gold and black as well. The cut goes far up her right leg, stopping mid-thigh, to allow freedom of movement. Sensible propriety remains preserved, however, with the ebon leggings that run from the tops of her thin brown boots up past the cut of the skirt. Aphri regards you, perched atop Sharyna's shoulder.
Sharyna is 18 Turns, 1 month, and 22 days old.

Mika nods slowly, "Yes…" though she doesn't mention which young man it is. "He's usually busy and more interested in training…" She trails off, not really realizing how much she's narrowed the options down with that statement.

Sharyna considers for a moment. "Did he just go off in search of cookies, perhaps?" She says, one eyebrow lifting as she regards Mika with an expression normally found on mothers scolding errant children

Mika's head snaps up in shock, "/Him/?" There's a note of true distaste in her voice. "No… R'ki… I mean. Oh bother…" She hadn't meant to actually /say/ who it was, though she wasn't sure exactly what she /ahd/ been trying to say…

Sharyna should've been a harper. What she just did was right out of their book of dirty tricks. "R'ki, eh?" She smiles slightly, her face taking on a crafty look. "Don't think I've met R'ki. Do you know what his favorite color is?"

Mika shakes her head. "N-no… I don't. He seemed to like the green but all I've got is the blue…" Of course she knows what she's talking about, but she doesn't quite seem to make the leap that Sharyna might not know what she's talkking about or know about the green dress she /does/ have. "He's a brownrider in the Sardonyx wing…" Might as well identify him further.

Sharyna ahs softly. "Well, maybe I can find out." She considers for a moment. "And fabric is fabric, Mika." She says, winking at the shy girl. "You do realize that I've got a lot of fabric. Frankly, I don't mind doing an even trade in a better color." She gives Mika a knowing look. "If you'd like we can look for something that'll knock his boots off."

"Do you think we could?" Mika looked up at the woman, hope turning her hazel eyes more towards the blue spectrum, rather than their usual shy dove grey end of the 'shift'.

Sharyna considers for a moment. "I think we could. Both the trade for something in the correct color, AND the knocking of the boots off." She pauses then, eyeing Mika critically again. "Yep. He won't know what hit him."

Mika blushes again then nods. "Alright… I don't know what you need /me/ to do…" She admits. "I'll help how I can."
Sharyna tilts her head for a moment. "Why, you're going to have to do the actual wooing of your brownrider. All I get to do is make the dress that gets his attention."

Mika blushes deeper but actually laughs at that. "I /do/ know at least that much…" If there were some strange form of magic to win over individuals then there wouldn't be near the complications she saw in the Lower Caverns all the time. "Thank you…"

Sharyna winks. "No problem. Just remember me when you Impress. I figure, if I help you now, I can get free rides later." She winks again, showing that she's teasing.

"If I impress," Mika emphasizes the first word. "I haven't yet…" Never mind that there's only been one hatching since she became a candidate for her to actually try /at/…

Sharyna chuckles softly. "If, when. Same thing, in my book." She winks. "Besides, best to keep an optimistic view of things." She considers for a moment. "If we don't find his favorite color, I suspect blue might actually suit you best anyway."

Mika's eyes go a little wider, "Really?" There's more than a bit of innocent hope in her voice. "I've never given it much thought. How do you tell?" She asks more than a little curiously.

Sharyna shrugs then. "Honestly, I don't really understand how myself. I mean…how I tell. I just look at a person, and kinda know what colors suit them better. I guess it's one of those talent things. You know, like you have to have an innate understanding of music to go to Harper." She winks. "But mostly it's your hair and complexion…and also your…demeanor."

"You mean if I wasn't quiet then different colors would look good on me?" Mika gives Sharyna a dubious look then shakes her head, "You know your craft ma'am. I've never claimed to be a crafter…"

"Something like that yeah. Color is as much about personality as it is appearance." She winks. "But don't take my word for it. If you'd like, we could come up with something that is…" She pauses for a moment, looking for the right word. "Contrary to your personality. Perhaps a slinky black dress that would turn…/every/ head." She looks Mika up and down for a moment. "You could pull it off. You're slim enough."

Mika turns bright scarlet. "I'm not sure I could wear something like that…" She admits. "I'm not sure you'd ever get me out of the barracks in something like that…" Though that does make the point quite well, at least to her! "I guess I see what you mean."

Sharyna laughs. "Oh, I bet I could get you outof the barracks in something like that." But then she smiles. "And I thought you might. I wouldn't do that to you, not yet, because it would require you to act like something you don't seem to be."

Mika nods slowly, mostly with relief. "I don't even go to gathers often…" Mika admits. "I'm usually working, but…" She trails off not sure where she wants to go with it. "Is that what /you/ would wear?"

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