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A marked difference assaults the senses as soon as one enters this large cavern. The sheer roominess of it contrasts sharply to the slimmer, winding, inner tunnels of the weyr. Some ancient lava flow pooled here, eventually carving out a good-sized space put to good use by busy weyr residents. The ceiling rises surprisingly high, the walls draping with fair smoothness to a well trampled floor - turns of scars and scrapes from boots, chairs, and myriads of other activities marring the surface.
Partitions split the room into various sections, all of which are movable depending on the projects at hand. During the day the room fairly buzzes with activities of every sort - a variable collage of sights, sounds, and smells that changes day by day.
Type 'look areas' to see the various sections and activities, then 'look' at your selection.
Jacqueline is here.
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And here Jacqueline is, cozily hidden away in one corner of the workroom with an odd colored blanket settled atop her lap. The girl has her legs curled beneath her comfortably whilst her fingers work away a bit clumsily, working a needle and thread in and out of the fuzzy fabric. While there are others still bumbling about, Jacqueline seems to be the only candidate around — and a very quiet candidate at that. Every now and then the youngster lets out a sigh and lifts a hand up to her eyes, presumably to stretch her hand and rest her eyes. Or maybe she got something stuck in it. Oops.

Mika slips into the work room hurredly, letting out a relieved sigh as she leans against the wall and sinks to the floor… then opens her eyes to spot Jacqueline. "Oh, I"m sorry… I didn't mean to disturbe you…" she mumbles pushing herself back up to her feet, with much less grace than she colapsed into.

"Running away from someone?" Apparently with Jacqueline, someone only need be in a room for a minimum of one second before she's trying to butt into their business. Her blue eyes immediately dart up to search the other's features while her fingers cease their play upon the material she holds, the better to let Eli focus the whole of her attention on the other. "And it's okay! I'm getting tired of this blanket anyway. I'm so shard— whoops, didn't say that. So -bored-."

Mika nods, "Jeyrlan…" She named one of the boys in the weyr bully crowd… though he rarely got his own hands dirty in any of the issues. "He just got searched." The 'boy' was 21 and almost too old for it, and he was one of the crowd that had very… outspoken… opinions about what made a worthy candidate.

Jacqueline's nose wrinkles; there's probably no real 'reason' for this other than the fact that Mika just named a boy and Mika also seems pretty distraught by the other's search. "Um. What about him? I think I've run into him a few times. Didn't talk though." Eli tilts her head curiously to one side and then picks up the needle and thread, once more stabbing it into the material that so desperately needs mending. Not that Eli's doing a good job or anything, but she's trying.

Mika grimaces, "He's just been giving all the candidates that stayed on hard time… and it's been getting worse." She cocks her head at Jacqueline and her eyes go wide. "Now, Please… I didn't tell you any of this. I don't want it getting back to him. He's always had a way of making people who cross him wish they hadn't thought of it."

"Oh. Well, I probably won't end up talking to him anyway, but sure," Jacqueline says, as though -that's- enough to reassure Mika that she won't go around blabbing that anyway. Currently Jacqueline's curled up in a seat in one of the corners of the room with a fuzzy blanket across her lap, needle and thread in hand, while Mika's still somewhere near one of the walls.

Carolyna enters into the workroom for some unknown reason, just in time to hear comments on telling people things. "What aren't we telling who?" the smithy questions with a crooked grin and a bit of a laugh before offering a smile towards Mika and Jacqueline.

Mika nods to Jacquelina, then goes pale at Carolyna's question. "Nothing… no one…" Carolyna isn't one of the lower cavern workers… she's unlikely to know or be sympathetic, or at least in Mika's lexicon.

Jacqueline opens her mouth as though to say something before she snaps it shut just as quickly. "Um, nothing, really. I guess." Eli lifts slender shoulders up and then drops them down in a shrug, lips slightly turned downwards — probably at the lost opportunity to share the wealth of gossip knowledge with someone else. "How're you today? I'm Eli!"

Carolyna chuckles yet again. "Well, I can certainly make a hasty retreat if the two of you would like to carry on, though I assure you, whatever I hear, I have no intentions of telling tales," is stated, before nodding to Eli. "Yes, we've met, I think. I'm Carolyna."

"I'm Mika…" Though she thinks she's seen the other woman around, Mika isn't sure if she's actually spoken with the woman. "You don't have to go… I shouldn't have said it in the first place…"

"Oh." Jacqueline's face somewhat falls when Carolyna takes the thunder out of her introduction but she quickly covers it up with a bright, beaming smile, teeth flashing at the other female. "Nope, it's fine! You see my blanket?" Eli holds up the fuzzy blanket in various shades of reds and blues for the other's inspection, complete with needle sticking out of it. "I'm trying to fix a rip in it, but it's not working to well." Mika, for all that the other is older than Eli herself, is given a reassuring grin.

Carolyna turns her smile upon Mika and nods. "Pleasure to meet you Mika, and I think you should be allowed to say what you will, no good keeping things all bottled up an' whatever," is stated before eyeing the fuzzy red blanket. "I like it, it looks rather warm, comfortable, in my opinion," a shrug is offered at this.

Mika shrugs, "allowed to or not, some things are not wise to say, ma'am…" She shakes her head at Jacqueline. "I can't do a pretty stitch up…" She admits. "My mother's better at it, but it looks like it's still going to be warm and comfortable… which is the point right?" She sounds more than a little uncertain. She's always come across as younger than her years.

"It is. The lady who used to watch me for my mom gave it to me," Jacqueline offers up, regardless if anyone actually cares or not. "Maybe I should just take it to my mom," is said after Mika brings up the topic of her mother, drawing a warm light into the depths of Eli's eyes. "Oh. Um. I forgot something. Gotta go." With the typical forgetfulness that a lot of youths possess, Eli rises up and scampers out of the workroom with no more explanation, carelessly waving back at them before disappearing.

Carolyna wrinkles her nose. "Oh, don't call me ma'am, it makes me feel so old," she states with a shake of her head and a laugh. "And warm and comfortable is the point, I suppose, I know I can't stitch to save my life, jewellery I can do, stitching i leave to the weavers," is noted as she offers a wave after Eli

Carolyna wrinkles her nose. "Oh, don't call me ma'am, it makes me feel so old," she states with a shake of her head and a laugh. "And warm and comfortable is the point, I suppose, I know I can't stitch to save my life, jewellery I can do, stitching i leave to the weavers," is noted as she offers a wave after Eli

Mika shakes her head. "I can do enough to get by…" Mika says with a shrug. "I'm no weaver. But I've done my turn at mending. You make jewelry?" She knew someone had to but she hadn't quite conciously realized it was the smiths.

Carolyna chuckles. "I have tried my hand at mending, I failed, miserably, it was quite comical, actually," is given before the smith offers a nod. "I do, yes, I've actually got a few items that need to be worked on. I admit, I'm rather fond of making jewellery."

Mika ponders, "HOw much does it usually cost?" As if there was one cost for jewelry, Mika reveals her ignorance on the subject, happily as it keeps it from going back to the one Carolyna walked in on.

Carolyna offers a bit of a shrug. "It really depends on what you're wanting, a simple item won't cost as much as a more intricate one. Whereas if you already have a design, or a basic design, it'll cost less than if I have to make the design myself," is offered with a crooked grin.

"I don't know…" Mika's uncertainty increases, as does her nervousness. "I've never really bought jewelry before…" She admits. "What should I look for?"

Carolyna offers a smile and a shrug. "Well, it depends on what you want, I can do necklaces, bracelet, necklaces and broochs, as well as anklets, though those are less visible when worn, some people opt for them instead of other items, or to accompany others. I have done engagement wings, a commission for entwined dragons, simple bands, and plenty of jewellery for gathers…" a shrug is offered with this.

"A necklace I think… to go with a dress…" Mika hesitates then continues. "Nothing to complicated. I don't think I could afford it, but I've got a nice dress, and most people I've seen with nice dresses have jewelry and…" she trails off not certain wher eher logic is taking her.

Carolyna smiles and nods. "I understand. What colours are in the dress? And is there a particular design you'd like?" she enquires, making mental notes in her head, her brows occasionally furrowing to make note of this.
"Dark green," Mika replies promptly. "Nothing too flashy, if you will?" She sounds almost anxious at that. "I'm just a drudge after all…' And she already feels pretentious enough with all this.

Carolyna nods. "I'm thinking a nice silver colour? Unless you'd like gold?" is offered with a smile. "Maybe if you tell me something you like, I can do a design based on that, like if you like writing, or reading, do you like firelizards, cooking…." she trails off, grinning, she rather enjoys getting ideas for jewellery.

Mika shakes her head, "No… silver would be fine. I'm just a drudge. I get along well with firelizards. I can actually give a message strait to some of them. And I worked a little with the Whers down at the HOld, but I haven't gotten there in a long itme." There's genuine regret in her voice.

Carolyna smiles and nods. "I have an idea, I'm thinking a little firelizard charm, nothing too detailed, mind you, but enough to understand what it is," is given with a crooked grin.

Mika smiles slowly and nods, "I like that… but I have to go. Can we haggle over the price later?" She grimaces, "I don't want to be caught too long away from chores." And the bully-boy that drove her in here should be long gone by now.

Carolyna smiles and nods. "Of course, go. I'll work up a sketch for you that I can show you next time," is given by the smith.

Mika bobs her head, "Thank you very much ma'am!" Completely forgetting that Carolyna didn't want to be called 'ma'am' as she dashes out.

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