Spider Claw Bake

Ista's Beach (#1552J)
Rolling sand lines the surf, marred by footprints and dragonprints alike. Lush tropical greenery hems the beach like a gem necklace, with the peaks of Ista weyr rising majestically in the background. A sudden rise in the landscape leads to a plateau above - the only fallen section of those peaks - where the feeding pens reside.
It is winter.
You see Jsanth here.
Jacqueline, Rhikiad, Carolyna, and Aadi are here.
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Carolyna sends a wave out to Aadi before she settles near Eli and Rhikiad. "I think I'll watch, I'd probably make a mess of it, it's not metal," she points out, grinning, before eyeing the filly a little and chuckling. "She's a pretty l'il thing, Aadi."

Over the rise, from down the beach, a two figures appear. One carrying a heavy sack over his wide shoulders, the other cooking gear. Though not dressed in guard uniform, Tiago's always got that certain bearing and a bit of wariness to his stride. But he greets the folk gathered on the beach with a wave of his hand, letting his burden slide down to the sand with a muffled thud. "Hey Rhikiad! Thought we'd find you here. Thought we'd have a crawler bake."

Rhikiad resettles himself, looking up for a moment at the waving Carolyna. He flashes her a quick grin in greeting before looking back at Jacqueline. "So you are just… stringing flowers? Like what they do at the gathers? I've always wondered how they do that." He leans over a bit to peer at the blossoms, and then back up at Jacqueline, "That's nice."
Tiarla bears the cooking gear of course, being the other half of the duo that suddenly arrives at the beach. Her hands are full, so she nods a greeting instead of waving. "It's chilly enough for a nice big fire too. And we brought -chips-. Since I know how much you like them." She flashes a happy smile. "There should be enough food for… quite a few." And quite a few there are, it seems.

"Thanks," Aadi offers to the compliments on her filly. "She's just been weaned, n's my job t'take her about n'familiarize 'er with things, y'know?" She waves to the two appraoching figures. "A fire, eh? Dunno how she'd handle that one, but if'n she gets too rough, I c'n always take 'er back to th'stables." She puts a little bit of lead-line out and then moves to sit on the edge of the group, next to Caro. Keeping an eye on the filly, she nevertheless follows conversation fairly well.

"It's relaxing, I think," Jacqueline replies to Rhikiad, laying the chain of flowers across her lap before she reaches out to snag another. A look is aimed towards Rhikiad's empty fingers. "You gonna do it, too? There's plenty to go 'round. And it's not too hard, Carolyna." The arriving pair is finally noticed and recieves a friendly hand-wave as greeting from Eli, the youngster's eyes lighting up with delight as -more- people arrive. Glancing again towards the filly, Eli looks up and down the horse's frame before looking again at Aadi, saying, "She's beautiful. Seems pretty calm, too. Which is good!" Patting the full blossoms laying across her lap, Eli then regards the cooking gear, sniffing at the air. "You guys going to make some food?"

Mika comes out onto the beach and stops a good distance away from the gaggle of other candidates. She turns around them to go a little further down. She wasn't expecting a crowd here! SeaCliff on her shoulder, cranes around and hangs by her hair (His favorite hand hold) to get a better look at what's going on. He chirps insistently. And Mika shakes her head, tossing him around a little bit without meaning to…

Carolyna sends a wave towards Tiago and Tiarla before chuckling slightly. "I work with stuff that's not going to break if I move it the wrong way," she points out, shrugging a little as she buries her feet in the sand. Upon seeing Mika, a'course, Caro offers yet another wave, she's just busy waving today.

Rhikiad reaches forward for a bit of thread, fingers unable to resist scattering through the colorful flowers. "Did you pick these all today. They are really nice." His smile hitches on the side, obviously enthralled with the blossoms. His gaze flickers back up briefly to the girl, and then he picks out a couple to start to try to thread them as well.

Tia takes one of the spiderclaws out from the sack that Tiago was carrying, and walks right over to drop it on Rhikiad's mop of hair. "Hey. Clawbake. You in?" the girl wonders, figuring he didn't hear them amidst the crowd.
Enticed by the scent of blossoms, the runner filly steps cautiously closer, sniffing until she's got her nose almost /in/ the pile. And then sneezes. Backing away quicklyseemingly alarmed by her own sneezeshe ambles back over to Aadi, where she drops to lie with her back against the Candidate's soaking up what last bits of sun she can get.

Tiago sets a rock down on the opening of the sack, it rustles slightly to show that the contents are still… moving. The guard starts gathering driftwood for building up a fire, digging a pit to contain it all. "Could use a little help here." he says as he sets out flint and tinder to start it up. Eyeing the scatterbrained redheaded boy, he reaches into the sack and pulls out a victim. Then he wings it at the boy's head. "Rhiiik!" There, that'll get his attention. He grins around at all the women folk though, nodding at the various comments. "Crawlers for roasting and the like." He thumbs over at Tiarla. "She's cooking."

"Yeah, I got them once I finished my chores. I figured they'd look nice and the barracks are so bland so…" Jacqueline's eyes move down to regard the blossoms, pushing two or three aside before she holds up a vibrant orange flower, petals struck lightly on the inside with a shade of red. "I thought color would be nice." Dirt, flitting over towards Eli soaking wet, alerts the girl to Mika's presence; primarily because when Dirt spies another 'lizard, he's gonna chirrup his little lungs out at the other. "WOAH!" As blossoms scatter, Eli tries to scoop them up, pushing them back into the pile that they were in before, giggling towards the filly. "Sounds good to me. Need help with anything?" The question is asked as Eli finishes piling up the flower, brushing pollen off her trousers as she looks towards Tiago and Tiarla.

Carolyna chuckles, or full out laughs, as the filly sneezes into the flowers. "Aww, how cute," yah, she's more interested in the horse than the flowers. "That's a good idea, Eli, I haven't been there long and it's already worse off than my room in the crafter's area…."

Rhikiad is getting bombarded by 'claws. If anything is going to get him to pay attention from playing with flowers, that is going to do it. He blinks though, scattering flowers even more in the wake of a runner sneezing by them, startling himself. "Shells!" He casts a glance to the side, looking after and finally noticing the one-time trader pair. He picks up a few more of the wayward blossoms, and picks himself up to approach the pair. "You have 'claws?" Obviously.

Mika waves tentatively back to Carolyna, and SeaCliff chirps merrily back at Dirt. Mika grimaces and gives up on a quiet night drifting towards the fuss and uproar of the campfire. She doesn't have anything to offer for the 'bake. She hadn't been expecting anything especially not this! "Evening…" she says softly, not really sure if she wants to be heard.
Seated on the edge of the group with her filly as a backwarmer, Aadi hears the tentative greeting and turns, offering Mika a grin and a wave. "'Lo! Come join us?" she asks easily. "More th'merrier, n'you've got a flitter. Heh, means I c'n send mine off to play when they get back from huntin'."

Tiarla winks down at Rhik once he's paying attention again, and then glances over at Jacqueline. "You want to help me find some rocks to heat up for the spiderclaw pit?" It's an easy enough task and also quite essential. "Then we sprinkle the 'claws with seasoning, and wrap them in leaves before covering it over with sand to cook. Unless you want to help Tiago instead." she adds, recalling her rather abrupt departure from the Klah Pot the other week and thinking perhaps the other girl may not have been left with a favorable impression of her.

Tiago snickers as he goes to recapture a few straying spiderclaws, tossing the back into the sack and then dragging it over towards Tiarla. "I think it goes without saying, Rhikiad. They're your favorites, I know. Tia's got chips too, I'm surprised you didn't smell them and jump her for them already." He looks around and nods at Jacqueline. "Lots of food, though it would be nice to eat out here while the weather's decent. I could use help getting more wood for the fire, or you could help by beaning the spiderclaws till they stop moving. Hard to cook them when they walk off with the seasonings."

"I had flowers," Rhikiad responds by way of explanation. Seriously, flowers are very important!

Jacqueline carefully moves the flowers already threaded off of her lap, laying them on the ground in front of the pile before she unwinds her long legs and stands, brushing at her pants to get rid of the dirt and stuff. Piiling the flowers is proving futile, what with Rhikiad further scattering them. "Sure!" Favorable impression or not, Jacqueline doesn't seem to mind accepting the offer for help and moves over towards the other. "How many do you need?"

Tiago snorts quietly at Tiarla's comment, sliding over a large flat rock and picking up another one. "Don't worry, I'll be the man and 'deal' with the claws for ya." he offers, already selecting a few out of the sack and giving them a good whack to render them senseless. They end up in a pile on another rock by the cook of the evening. Looking over at Rhikiad, he eyes the blossoms quizzically. "What have you all been making?" Flowers don't feature much in his experience. Occupied, he doesn't volunteer to hold the reins of Aadi's runner. Sorry.

The boy likes flowers. For obvious girly reasons, this is very appealing to Jacqueline and thus she keeps shifting her eyes over towards Rhikiad, smiling just a teeny bit as his string of blossoms slowly grows longer. However! There are more pressing things for Jacqueline to be concerned with and the circle-drawing prompts the girl to look down, bobbing her head. "Okay. Doesn't sound hard," the girl says as she tags along after Tia, glancing once behind her to look at the filly and mouthing something like 'sorry, I can't' in Aadi's direction. "I've never smacked a spiderclaw before." Dirt, in the meantime, contents himself with chirruping at SeaCliff, flapping his dirty little brown wings about.

Aadi sighs and shrugs. "Ah well, s'worth a try. I'd best go put 'er t'bed then." She brushes off her pants and gently urges the filly up. "See y'lot around, yea?" With that and a wave, she turns and walks the runner back up the beach to the weyr.

Rhikiad settles a vibrant orange blossom onto the string next, and then reaches for a white one, only to discard it for some reason or another and move on to a yellow and pink one. He glances up at Tiago, smiling vaguely, "Putting flowers on a string." Again, obviously. "I'll probably give it to someone." He glances up as he is being looked at, and offers a thankful smile to Jacqueline along with a wink. His voice is for Tiago still though, "What made you guys want to do a 'claw bake? They are really, really good though." But he'll just sit here and thread flowers while the others do the work. Slacker.

"Working in the kitchens I've had to sometimes. But I mostly stick to chopping fruit and vegetables and helping with the breads in the morning." Probably for the very reason of not wanting to beat up on Spiderclaws. A thought that has her turning around just to stick out her tongue at Tiago for making fun of her; and also gives her the chance to wave at Aadi. "Here we are. There's some scattered around this area right here." She's almost tripped over one actually. And so leans over to dig it out of the sand. "How are you doing with being in the barracks?"

Mika bobs again at those present and just retreats, too many unknowns all in one place for her liking! Missing any comments directed at her, though her firelizard continues his conversation with Dirt until they're both out of range.
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