Talking Possibilities

A marked difference assaults the senses as soon as one enters this large cavern. The sheer roominess of it contrasts sharply to the slimmer, winding, inner tunnels of the weyr. Some ancient lava flow pooled here, eventually carving out a good-sized space put to good use by busy weyr residents. The ceiling rises surprisingly high, the walls draping with fair smoothness to a well trampled floor - turns of scars and scrapes from boots, chairs, and myriads of other activities marring the surface.
Partitions split the room into various sections, all of which are movable depending on the projects at hand. During the day the room fairly buzzes with activities of every sort - a variable collage of sights, sounds, and smells that changes day by day.
Type 'look areas' to see the various sections and activities, then 'look' at your selection.
Obvious exits:

Mika is hiding behind a mound of mending, though she's making very little progress. She's here mostly because it's quiet this late, though its not hard to see her if you come in from the right entry way.

Carolyna makes her way into the workroom, offering up a smile as she see's Mika. "'Lo," she greets with a crooked grin and wave to her fellow white-knot. "A little one on one time with the clothes?"

Mika grimaces. "Better than the beach or the barracks." Mika says with a shrug, "And I've been running into the most uncomfortable conversations in the baths at this hour…" The last is almost exasperated, as that had been the last refuge she really thought she had.
Quinn snugs Mika! Mika is snugged!

Carolyna quirks a brow and laughs. "I thought the uncomfortable baths conversations occured at all hours, not just at this hour," she states, settling herself near the pile of clothes, so that she can watch Mika mend. "Don't mind me, I can't sew a stitch to save my life."

Mika grimaces. "You just don't expect to run into enough people at this hour to /have/ uncomfortable baths conversations." Mika points out and shakes her head. "Staying well out of Jeyrlan's way."

Carolyna chuckles. "I suppose you have a logical point," is stated with the slightest of shrugs. "Jeyrlan? I'm sure this is someone I know, right?" yes, because Mika know's who Caro knows.

Mika shrugs, "One of the new candidates… been a lower caverns worker for a while. The big one, blond, blue eyes." She lists off relevent physical features without any hint that he's the 'cute one' some of the other girls have been drooling over. Mostly becuase she sees him more as threatening than cute.

Carolyna ahhs. "Of course, he probably arrived before me, though," she states, before running through faces in her memory. "Oh, right, him, slightly adorable looking, but not as attractive as everyone says he is," is given with a shrug.

"He grew up here," Mika's tone was sour. "And I'm not sure why anyone think's he's addorable." She actually shudders at the thought. "But yes, him."

Carolyna shrugs, again. "I couldn't tell you, I don't know him that well, I guess that's what I get for hiding in the crafters area," is noted with a laugh and shake of her head. "I guess I can't do that for the next few months, though, can I?"

"who knows. You'll probably spend your chore times doing your craft," MIka points out. "They usually do have crafters put in at least some time, because there usually aren't enuogh crafters to go around as it is!

Carolyna chuckles. "That'd suit me fine, I am rather fond of working on the jewellery, if they're not careful, this'll be the most bejewelled class of candidates this Weyr has ever seen," she points out with a grin.

Mika shakes her head. "Im not sure how many of us can actually afford alot in the way of jewelry." She's planning on buying the one necklace but obviously doesn't expect to be able to afford more than that.

Carolyna laughs. "Have no fear, when I make it big as a smith, I'll make sure that all the friends I make amongst the candidates remember the group," she offers with a lopsided grin. "When this is done, I'll have enough free time to be able to make enough, or I should."

Mika nods and grimaces, "I should go. Good luck with that project. Though are you hoping to impress? Your time might stay a little bussy if you do…" Mika points out.

Carolyna laughs. "Of course I hope to Impress, but I'm not going to hedge my bets and presume that I will," is given, before she nods. "Have a good day, I'll see you back in the barracks."

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