Crafters' Area
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Though no longer residing in the crafter's area, Carolyna has still managed to find a sufficient portion of her time spent there, especially if she needs to work on a commissioned item, do some research, or just hide away from everyone else. At this moment it would appear that she is examining an item, what exactly, is unknown from a distance, undoubtedly an item she's working on, or has recently completed.

Mika pokes her head into the crafter area, knocking as she comes. Fortunately this part is more a work area than living quarters, those are further back. "Excuse me?" She calls politely.

Carolyna looks up and beckons her fellow candidate in. "Come on in, Mika," she offers with a crooked smile. "We don't bite, and they have behaved rather well with the candidates," is stated with a wink. "Or at least with me…"

Mika scuttles in and bobs her head in acknowledgement. "I haven't heard any complaints out of /here/." At least not that she'd compare to what the lower caverns are capable of. "I was wondering, ma'am… I mean, we talked about, maybe, getting a necklace made?"

Carolyna quirks a brow at Mika, and about bursts with laughter. "Why you call me Ma'am when we're both of the same rank I don't know, but it rather ammuses me. Now sit yourself down," she states, motioning to one of the available seats. "And we did, actually…" she trails off, offering over her nearby sketchpad, on which is a 'simple' firelizard design. Or, at least, it's simple to Caro.

"Oh…" There is surprise in Mika's voice and her eyes go round. "How big would it be?" She asks curiously, eagerness showing in spite of herself. "You sure you're not an artist as well as a smith?"

Carolyna chuckles. "Not very large at all," she states, before she makes to mark out the approximate dimensions on the sketchpad. "There, about that. Medium sized, I guess, not really small, but not terribly big," is noted with a crooked grin. "I think most smiths have to have a propensity towards artistry," is given with a chuckle. "Especially the jewellery smiths, our work has to /look/ good, as, generally, it serves no other purpose."

"Just big things look huge on me…" Mika admits with a bit of an embarrased look. She's small enough that the pendant will likely look larger than it is. "I guess that makes sense, I was just surprised that a smith would draw."

Carolyna smiles. "I can, of course, scale it down if you want," is offered with a bob of her head. "I haven't even begun to make it yet, I wanted you to take a look at it first, after all," Carolyna grins. "I like drawing out my work before I get started on it, that way I've a design that I'm working off of."

Mika bites her lower lip and thinks. "How big do you think won't look too big on me?" She asks seriously. "I don't want to look…" she trails off looking for the right word. "presumptuous…"

Carolyna chuckles and draws out a quick, rough sketch, exluding the minor details, of a to scale firelizard, not likely to be much more than one to one and a half finger widths by two to two and half. "I think this would be a good size for you," is offered.

Mika nods thoughtfully, "alright… and how much, do you think, that would cost?" She hazards careuflly.

Carolyna smiles. "Not too much at all, certainly not for a friend and fellow candidate. And it'll not take much to work up, There's already enough chain for necklaces, I do enjoy making the chain, so," she shrugs.

"Ok… think I'll go for it, that is if it's not too much trouble?" Mika concludes anxiously. "And do you take trade? or just Marks?" She asks, better to know up front!

Carolyna chuckles. "I'll take trade, of course, I'm just fond of being able to make things for people who will enjoy them," is offered with a nod of her head. "Marks are good too, but I've little to purchase, and most of what I can get by purchase I can get by trade, as well."

Mika relaxes a little there. "I have more for trade than I have marks." Mika admits. "So how long does this sort of thing take?" She asks more for curiosity than impatience.

Carolyna takes a look at the larger sketch, and shrugs. "Not much more than a sevenday, if that, before I was a candidate, we've all the necessary materials here, and not too many smiths that specialize in jewellery, so I won't have to wait to get any materials in," is noted as she ponders. "I would give it two sevendays, possibly more, possibly less, you'll know when it's done, though."

Mika nods, thoughtfully. "How much of that is which part… I don' tknow much about jewelry and…" She stammers to a close looking down at her feet, hoping she hasn't accidentally pried into any craft secrets.

Carolyna smiles. "A bit of this and a bit of that," is given with a wink and a laugh. "Honestly, I'm not one to tell what goes into the metals, I can make em, if I have to, and have the instructions in front of me to do it…"

Mika blushes a bit but chuckles. "No, I meant. How much of the time was which parts of making it… I know the metal has to be melted and poured into something that'll shape it, unless you carve it?"

Carolyna laughs. "Shaping it is the easy part, the details are what take longer. And before you say a word, I refuse to do a peice of work that doesn't have some detailing on it," is given with just a little shrug.

"Oh…" Mika cuts off even the thought of protest. "You're the expert." She says leaving any argument there. "I do look forward to seeing it. Maybe when we're back in the Barracks I can show you what I have in trade and you can tell me what you like."

Carolyna laughs. "Expert I am not, there are people in the hall, and here, who are for more expert than I, even some journeyman who specialize in other areas, are better than I," she points out, smiling. "I can do a fair job, but there are better."

"You're better than I'd ever be," Mika points out. "I don't think I could even draw the sketch…" She shrugs. "What do you do with the sketch once you've got it drawn?"

Carolyna shrugs slightly. "It depends, if it was a detailed work, or harder than a previous one, I'll keep it, unless the buyer wants the sketch, than they can have it," is noted. "I do like to keep them, though, in case I ever get a client who wants to see what I've done in the past."

Mika nods, "Or someone comes back and wants the same thing re-made or made for someone else?" Chains break pendants get lost or stolen, Mika's shy, she's not entirely oblivious.

Carolyna nods. "Of course, that's a very valid reason to keep the sketches, though you should see the wad of one's that don't work out and end up in the garbage," she states, crinkling her nose. "I've had many of those…"

Mika nods slowly, "LIke I've had a few bottles that I threw away because I couldn't get the bad mixture out of them…" she's got a little wooden box with fragrent oils in them and she's dabbled a little bit with perfuming.

Carolyna nods. "Pretty much, yes, and, really, I'd rather not repeat a mistake, expecting different results the second time around," is noted, laughing. "I had a commission from Fort's Weyrleader awhile ago, that one took several sketches…"

"What was it of?" Mika asks curiously. She's not used to the idea of /men/ requesting jewelry for themselves. She'd always thought it was just the women who chased after the shiney things.

Carolyna smiles. "A pair of entwined dragons, it was a two toned peice, which makes it just a little harder. I believe he gave it to the Weyrwoman there, I'm not entirely certain," she offers with a shrug.

"Oh…" Mika hadn't considered that particular option. "I guess that does make sense. I can't imagine how you'd put together two different tones of metal." She glances over her shoulder and grimaces. "I should get back. I don't /technically/ have any chores tonight… but that doesn't mena they haven't found something."

Carolyna chuckles a bit. "I should be getting back myself… really, I've been hiding in here far too long today, they might send a search party if I don't. Though I ought to tidy up before I head out," is given with a grin. "I'll see you back in the barracks."

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