Brief Ruminations

Galleries (#1816J)
The stone tiers curve around almost half of the immense hatching cavern, providing ample seating for guests to get off the burning sands and watch the spectacle of the hatching. The hatching ground spreads out below across the vast cavern. To one side is the egg mound, upon which rests the queen eggs when there happen to be any, for attentive brooding.
You may 'look on sands', or 'look on ledge', or even 'look <thing> on sands' (or ledge).
You see Veryne here.
Aadi is here.
Obvious exits:
Stairs Ledge
You climb to the top of the galleries and find yourself at their very highest, backmost level.

Sitting in the galleries, watching the Sands. Seems that's the occupation of many so soon after Naomith's finished her clutching. One of the spectators sits a bit apart from the others, a bit of soft wood and a small carving blade in her hands, both being moved at speed as green eyes pass over the Sands, not seeming to really see what's out on them.

Mika slips in quietly. She had chores that prevented her from actually seeing the clutching. She steers clear of the many unknowns or only partially knowns and gravitates towards her fellow candidates. She winds up near the owner of those green eyes and asks, "So how many total or do they not have the count yet?" She asks, just loud enough to be heard, but no louder.

"Aye, they had some count or other," Aadi admits slowly. "I wasn't psyin' no heed t' it though, sorry." She glances once around their surroundings, expression wary and body tense in a crowd this large. "S'a decent sized clutch for a first time dam, though."

Mika nods, "And brown sire. Though Rhyolith's not sired much of a small clutch yet." Mika says equally softly, noticing the tense look but not knowing really what's behind it. "They'll probably have full numbers in the living caverns if you'd like to check?"

"Naa," Aadi answers with a sniff and a shake of her head. "'m good right here, thanks." She continues to whittle, never once looking down at the bit of wood in her hand. "You c'n check if y'like though. I'll probably sit out 'ere for a bit, y'know…enjoy the quiet time." And there's a bit of a cracked smile at that. "Come tell me later what the numbers get, yeah?"

OOC: RL intervenes and RP ends.

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