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The stone tiers curve around almost half of the immense hatching cavern, providing ample seating for guests to get off the burning sands and watch the spectacle of the hatching. The hatching ground spreads out below across the vast cavern. To one side is the egg mound, upon which rests the queen eggs when there happen to be any, for attentive brooding.
You may 'look on sands', or 'look on ledge', or even 'look <thing> on sands' (or ledge).
You see Veryne here.
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It is late, and except for those with very specific chores, the work is done, and most people are in bed by now. Mika is actually up in the front row of the galleries staring off into space, though since her eyes are in the general direction of the eggs, it's hard to tell if she's looking at them or anything at all.

Bed is for the weak, or so it would seem that this is the conflusion that Carolyna has come to as she makes her way into the galleries for some prime 'egg viewing' time. Looking around she sends a wave to Mika. "Hey, kinda late to be looking at the eggs, don't you think?" is enquired of her fellow candidate.

Mika starts as Carolyna speaks. "I wasn't… I mean… I was just thinking that's all…" She blushes scarlet as she tries to stammer out a coherent explaination and doesn't seem to pull it off overly well.

Carolyna chuckles slightly and motions to a seat near Mika. "Mind if I join you?" she enquires, before offering a grin towards Mika. "I don't blame you, it's almost nerve wracking, nowing that in just a little while we'll be burning our feet off out there," is stated as she motions to the stands.

"No, I mean…" Mika gives up trying to be coherent, at least for a little bit and simply motions to the seat next to her. "by all means…" She murmurs softly. "It's a big clutch." Since that seems to be the topic and she doesn't have to remember what she was thinking about.

Carolyna offers a slight nod, either not noticing that Mika doesn't actually say what she was doing, or not worrying over it. "It is, I think I heard someone counting during the clutching, I haven't personally counted the number, but," she shrugs with this.

"Twenty six was the count I heard, but I haven't verified it either…" Mika admits. "A very good clutch for a first flight." She tenders to the other candidate. "Especially with a brown sire…" It would have been a good clutch for a first flight with a bronze sire

Carolyna nods as she listens to this. "Ahh, yes, it would be, wouldn't it?" she enquires, examining the eggs out on the sands. "I've never seen a clutching, or hatching, before, myself, I've always managed to be busy, or have no reason to be at a Weyr, so I don't know what's good and what isn't."

"Twenty six is big… bigger than the last clutch by more than a bit…" And that was a full three turns ago. Mika shrugs. "Fifteen to twenty is good for a first clutch. Because the queen hasn't learned how far she can get away with flying, or how high she should be for a good clutch." Even drudges pick up a few things about dragons at the weyr.

Carolyna nods slightly. "Three turns? Is that a long time between clutches, or is that normal?" is enquired with a quirked brow. Aye, she's full of questions. "If twenty is a good clutch for a first timer, I suppose that twenty-six is a really good clutch, than?"

Mika shakes her head. "No, 'ti's not. There were four turns before that… Katarra's gold didn't rise, too old we think. And Kabrielle's had been ill. This time, Kabrielle died, and we had to wait for Naomith to grow up. Quinn only just recently came to the weyr and Wullan only recently came back and her gold is older than Katarra's." Mika explains, "And yes… this is a very good clutch. But with thread falling, I only hop it'll be enough."

Carolyna nods as she listens. "Sorry if I sound a little dim, I just hadn't been around dragons until I came here," she states with a crooked smile. "But now I'm just getting excited, even just to be on the sands, it'll be exciting, I think."

"You don't sound dim… just hold or craft bred," Mika says softly. She shrugs and looks out on the sands. "It can be exciting… it can also be dissapointing. There's usually two or three times as many candidates as there are eggs."

Carolyna laughs a bit. "A combination of both, I spent a few turns at home, with my parents, and then the Smiths," she gives with a grin. "And, in all honesty, I had never thought I'd be Searched, I'm near too old, I figure, so," she shrugs. "I think I'm good."

Pure black hair crowns the top of this young woman's oval shaped head, which is partially covered by somewhat long bangs that nearly covers her hazel tinted eyes. Harshly angled eyebrows arch over her small, almond shaped eyes, between which is a slight, upturned nose. Her lips are thin and tinted only shades darker than her ivory coloured skin. A strong jaw leads up to a pair of equally as strong cheekbones, and down to an overly long neck. Carolyna's shoulders are broad, perhaps too broad, while her limbs are long and gangly looking. Overall, she has a tomboyish figure, if not a bit androgynous in appearance.
Lyna is attired in a simple fashion, having donned a simple, un-decorated, off white tunic, though it does appear to have been tailored to fit her form. Covering her gangly legs is a pair of dark brown trousers, which matches the jacket she's often wearing. Finally, on her feet, she wears a pair of plain black boots, which appear to have seen better days, much like the rest of her clothing.
Carolyna is 23 Turns, 7 months, and 22 days old.

The 'solidly built weyrbrat' has grown into a blossoming young woman…sort of. Her hairstill the same rich red of her youthis longer now, when down brushing just past her shoulders. But only rarely is it let free like that. For the most part it is tied back in two braids that run along her skull to the nape of her neck. Her face has tanned a little, but the true evidence of time spent in the sun can be found in the darkening of the dust of freckles that lies across her nose and cheeks. She's capped out at about 5'7"a respectable height for a Pernese womanand her body has finally shed the last vestiges of baby-fat, leaving her with a lean, toned appearance.
You can't make out what she is wearing from this distance.
Aadi is 23 Turns, 3 months, and 25 days old.

Mika nods. "You and Aadi are both near the limit… but since they've searched you, even if you turn too old before the hatching, they'll let you stand." It wasn't like they'd spent turns standing here after all! "It's got to be a bit of a surprise for you… I mean all this…"

Carolyna chuckles. "I probably will, too, my turnday is in 5 months," is given with a shrug of her shoulders. "So far as I know, I'm the oldest one, thus far, though I could be entirely wrong, on that. "And it is, though I have been here for about a turn, nearly two, I think, as a journeyman, so, it's not as much of a shrug as those who came straight from hold or hall."

Mika cocks her head at Carolyna "I don't think it's going to take five months for the eggs to hatch…" MIka points out. "Two is more normal." She shrugs. "You should be fine. You'd know better than I who was oldest… The young ones actually seem to have a aharder time than the older ones."

Carolyna ohs. "Well, shows you what I know, than, I think I'm pretty naive about the whole dragon thing," is stated with a laugh and shake of her head. "Amazing, as I've been here for so long," she gives a shrug, and brushes it off. "Two months, is still a long time to wait, though…"
Mika nods and shrugs. "So is three turns. You /do/ get used to it." Mika points out. "It just takes a little time, and they do keep us bussy."

Carolyna chuckles. "I don't know, I don't think three turns would be as long, there isn't a clutch on the sands, whereas there is a clutch, and now they just have to get ready to hatch…"

Mika shrugs. "You start wondering if there will be one before you get too old." Mika points out.

Carolyna nods slightly. "I suppose that that's a disadvantage, isn't it? At least I know that this will be my only chance to stand, and then I'll be right back to work," is noted, with a grin.

"Do you want to impress?" Mika asks quietly, looking back out at the eggs. There were so many out there, especially compared to last time.

Carolyna nods. "Of course I want to, I'm just not hedging my bets on it. I'm prepared to return to the crafters area and carry on, I may request to be relocated somewhere else, though I doubt I would be that bad," she offers. "Do you?"

"Got any guesses as to colors? They'll be taking bets if they aren't already," Mika remarks idly. She knows some of the lower caverns workers routinely spent the majority of what little they could save betting on the eggs and the candidates.

Carolyna shakes her head, slightly. "I suppose I wouldn't mind a green, though I suspect I won't be arguing if I do Impress, so," is given with a shrug. "I suppose you haven't heard any of these bets, as of yet, have you?"

Mika shrugs, "I've heard several… there's one on that N'lon wil make a deal to buy another gold, but I'm not sure we can get away with that twice." MIka admits. "Not with Quinn's gold here." It wasn't common to find a gold for sale, loan, or transfer even if a weyr /was/ desperate. "Most people are betting against lots of bronzes becuase Rhyolith's a brown… but he had bronzes last time he caught so…." MIka trails off and shrugs.

Carolyna nods slightly. "I suspect that there will be no golds in this clutch, right?" she enquires, with a raised brow. "So, if you Impress, is there a particular colour you could see yourself with, or just a dragon?" she enquires

Mika shrugs, "I'm not sure I'll impress, and no, no brown in history, the few of them that have caught, has ever sired a gold." Mika chews her lower lip. "I don't know what I'd get. Probably green if anything at all."

Carolyna chuckles a bit. "I could see you on a green, or any colour, actually," is given with a crooked grin. "Although it'd be quite a juxtaposition to have you on a larger dragon."

Mika shakes her head, "Me? no. if anything a nice quiet green…" Yes, she assumes her own dragon will be as quiet as she is. "If they make such things."

Carolyna chuckles. "I don't know, I don't think I'd be surprised to see you with a dragon who's your opposite," is noted with a bit of a shrug. "But, then, what do I know."

"No one knows what makes which dragon choose which person," Mika says with a shrug. "Or they'd only have the people out on the sands they knew would impress /this/ clutch."

Carolyna nods slightly. "I suppose that's a valid point, I mean, that would save a lot of saddness for those who aren't going to Impress, after all," is noted, with a shrug.

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