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Candy Questionnaire

This is a sort of summarized version of Mycroft's background:

Mycroft was born to Adelle and Maxwell of Ista Weyr. Adelle was the daughter of a herder journeyman and Maxwell was, at the time, his apprentice. After a few months of their tryst, Adelle became pregnant, and fearing the wrath of Adelle's father, the two lovers eloped to Ista Hod where they hid until Mycroft was born. Adelle and Maxwell were both sixteen at the time. They fostered Mycroft to a nanny at Ista Hold, an old woman who was nearly blind. This woman, notoriously ineffective, merely fed the boy and let him loose on the weyr. The man to whom she was handfasted, however, took an interest in raising Mycroft, mostly in the interest of setting him on a right and virtuous path. The man was a herder and taught Mycroft what he knew about that, but he also tried to instill a sense of right and wrong into Mycroft. When it became apparent that Mycroft was a little off, in that he probably wasn't going to get handfasted to a young girl and settle down, and that he was also a wild uncontrollable brat, the man abandoned him except for the occasional beating and mouth cleansing with sandsoap.

Eventually, at the age of sixteen, Mycroft could no longer stand his life at Ista and took off with the next trader clan that came through, with nothing more than the clothes on his back. It wasn't exactly that the clan valued his presence because he was weak and sickly and not suited for life on the road but the son of the head of the clan begged his father to let him stay. The two ended up sleeping together in the woods near a campsite the very night they met and for a month continued to do so until his father discovered their relationship. Mycroft and the boy, Lyren, whose father threatened to kill Mycroft, escaped into the woods, lost and alone. The two somehow with little to eat and no sense of direction found themselves at Fort Hold where they took up residence, sharing one small cot in the dorms. Eventually, however, Lyren became quite popular around the hold and it was clear that Mycroft was not really fitting in. To make matters worse, Lyren had an affair with a green dragonrider and Mycroft was left heartbroken, alone, and restless. Not even telling Lyren he was leaving, he set out for Ista Weyr on a wagon again. Having come full circle, at Ista Weyr, Mycroft took up a position as a stablehand taking care of a lackluster group of nags. Soon afterwards, while hanging out in the galleries with Q’luin, Zhoreth and Essiach, Tia and Kyraceth enslaved Mycroft for their own evil purposes!

2) Mycroft isn’t really close to anybody at the moment. He’s recently been dumped and moved to the weyr so he’s attempting to build new relationships. However, he’s particularly bad at doing that. Hopefully, he’ll make some friends in the weyr and during his candidacy.

3) The personality trait that I like most is, strangely enough, that he’s cold and clinical. I like playing it because it’s bizarre to feel detached emotionally from everything and can be interesting to play. I rather prefer it to an effusive sort of character who gets overly emotionally involved because it points to something that needs to be fixed in my character. While ‘perkiness’ doesn’t always point to happiness, quite the opposite, actually, I enjoy playing a character that is somewhat more removed. It’s such an unusual thing because I am in complete opposition to such a personality trait. I also like that he’s somewhat of a brat and thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s really fun to be a pompous jerk in the fake world, not so fun to be one in the real world. While Mycroft does have this side to him, there is a playful side that I love to play as well. Usually, it's playfulness at someone's expense but it can be fun nonetheless. I also like that he's a total girl. That's always fun.

4) I want Mycroft to be less reserved and become not extroverted but more open to people. I don’t want him to stop being cool and clinical but I want him to be open to experiences and to relationships. I don’t want him to lust and say well that’s a biological response to pheromones in his sweat. I want him to be able to open up and fall in love. That’s very hard to do, especially for someone who is so closed off.


Mycroft is overall a quiet boy with solitary attitudes. He is introverted and secretive and considers others that are more extroverted to be obnoxious and irritating. His outlook on life is often very black and white and there is little room for grey. He is not so ignorant that he believes that people can’t be multifaceted but he is often surprised when they are. He is also rather quick to make assumptions about people and tends not to give them a second chance to fix their first impressions.

Mycroft looks at everything with a clinical eye and tends to come off as cold and aloof. He also tends to come off as a jerk because he is so aloof. People think that he acts the way he does because he thinks he’s better than everyone else. This is probably true, actually.

While usually quiet, in the company of those he knows he can be quite talkative. Usually, because he is somewhat self-centered, he talks about himself. He is also somewhat manipulative and, if he wants to be, quite charming. While there is that element of deceitfulness in his personality, he can be quite empathic with those he cares about. It’s just that it takes a lot for him to care. He is also a little sassy, sarcastic and just pretends like he doesn’t give a crap about anything. At the same time, he is effeminate and prone to emotionality though he prefers to keep that side of him hidden. He feels criticism as though it were magnified because he is so sensitive, a typical element of a slightly narcissistic personality. His affect is well modulated well and it’s hard to determine what he’s feeling based on how he looks.

Mycroft is also a very jittery boy and until he was eight he talked with a stutter.


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