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Telgari born, Rhikiad is a holder boy. His youth (up until about a turn and a half ago) is pretty much well something that the teen would rather forget, and probably won't bring it up at all. In the twelve something years of playing Pern, I've never, ever made a character with a background that had quite a bit of angst in it. Rhik's does. Bastard born, used by a manipulative mother to try to get herself a man, and discarded when it didn't work out, Rhikiad became just another nursery brat but overshadowed with the stigma of a mother that could care less and was known for being a bit of a manipulative tramp. If you put that with the teen's case of ADD and a touch of innocent kleptomania, he was an easy target for a lot of abuse. There are stories here that might never see the light of day.

At about fourteen turns of age, one of the Hold's male blooded took an interest in the easily manipulated teen that wasn't at all innocent. When they were discovered, Rhikiad was discarded once again. To avoid any embarrassments, he was taken out of Telgar lands and told not to return. He doesn't plan to, ever.

And so began his life at Ista Weyr. After having taken up with a trading caravan, and then a ship, he eventually ended up at the Weyr on a whim and chance. Having had no experience and any real intensive education concerning dragons or Weyrs, it was a fascinating experience for the teen. Since coming to the Weyr he's rode on dragons, betweened, watched flights, been to a Fort gather, learned to read and write, listened to stories of hurt and heartache, swum in an ocean, got lost in a jungle, found the joy of baked spiderclaws, became the local canine keeper, was lusted after, impressed a couple of firelizards, gave people tattoos, tried to build a sandhold in the hatching caverns, managed to get the highest bid for his bod during an auction, fell in love, fell under a runner, tried to rescue people from pirates, got caught in a snowstorm (at Fort), became marooned, was loved in return, and is now a candidate.

And he is only 16 turns old.


Wrought upon by Tempests Egg is by far and away my favorite. It is completely by chance that I really picked this one. It happened during a RP where Rhik when and decided to touch an egg rather early on. This was the last egg in the lineup, so I simply picked it. When I got the egg emote, it all just seemed to work so well. And so, I really do like this one. For some reason now, Rhik can't seem to find this egg out on the sands, it keeps moving out of his vision but he's curious to find it again.

Sliding Doors Egg: Again, pure chance on this one. Nobody was paying any sort of attention at all to this one, so I picked it on random chance. I actually rather liked the egg emit that I got from it, and it had ideas to it that really piqued Rhikiad's interest.

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