IW: Search Policy

In addition to the general game policies regarding Search, Ista Weyr has a few more criterias:

All applicants must be properly set up (Description, clothing, age, programmer's bit, etc.) before they can be Searched.

All applicants must have created, settled into their region, and out rping for 1 month prior to the mating flight of the PC search period.

Characters should be residented somewhere, we will not search Holdless.

Characters must be between the ages of 13-24 before the Hatching. (Game policy)

Submitting an application does not guarantee that you will be Searched.

Being Searched does not guarantee that you will Impress.

Applicants are expected to roleplay prior to being Searched. If we cannot find you before the deadline, you will not be Searched.

Players may apply with more than one character, however you must disclose all alts related to Search and only one may be Impressed.

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