Tiago was raised in a large family of traders consisting of several families all related to one another one way or another. Amongst them included Tiarla's family. When he was about ten turns old, the caravan was ambushed and essentially massacred. Tig (or Santi as he was called back then.) was seriously injured and left for dead. He was recovered hours later by the next group of travelers on the road who informed him that he was the only survivor. (See Tiarla's history if she writes one for her family's escape.) Little of this story is known publically as Tiago does not like to speak of it. However OOCly the rp history is laid out in logs available on LJ.

Tiago healed and threw himself into whatever work he could find, joining and training amongst the guards of Nerat Hold for a time before hiring out as a freesword and fighter escort with other caravan groups that crossed the northern continent. This eventually brought him to Fort Hold and a fateful run in with several people there. He was offered several opportunities but wanting a change of pace, he elected to go to Ista Weyr and hire on as a Weyrguard.

Then came the fixation with perty redheads. Uh, I mean that's where he met Rhikiad and consequently fostered a relationship bordering between mentor and companion. Ahem. This is a situation that is ever evolving and growing, mostly because Tiago has no idea from one minute to another what Rhikiad would do next!

Enough history. ;)

To Catch A Frog Egg - Spent many childhood summers playing in creeks, catching tadpoles, fish, and running away from snakes. Harkens back to some of those carefree days that brings a touch of nostalgia that appeals to me and to the character as well.

Lightning Strikes The Lone Tree Egg - I've been known to stand outside to watch lightning storms. Which was a bad idea when one is holding a marching band saxophone around their neck. ;) I've seen incredible strikes over the years, one of which landed not 100 feet away when it hit a transformer box next to the road. The description is quite 'striking' as well.

Spilt Milk Egg - I like this one purely for the image, I love the way the white dribbles along the sides in such a distinct contrast to the dark surface under it. Plus Q'luin, Tiarla, and I have a bet on a 'black' egg and this one could possibly fit the bill. ;)

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