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Tia was raised as part of a large family trading caravan, which included Tig's family. As he's already alluded to, there was at one point an ambush that took the lives of nearly all of the family. Tiarla's parents escaped with her in tow, believing there were no other survivors. Moving to the Fort Area they began a new life maintaining a Runner station for the long distance runners that run 'traces' to deliver messages between Holds. Tia was one of those messengers when she sustained an injury during a Run and then moved to the Weyr to recover and start fresh once again.

Of course, within the span of a Turn, she now has two children courtesy of Q'luin, has discovered that she's a cousin of some degree to Santiago (yay family!), and become rather protective of Rhikiad. Obviously, a lot of changes :)


Spilt Milk Egg - I just love the whole black and white thing, plus… there's a wager running on what color dragonet hatches from a black egg on the sands.

Erupting Molten Egg - Totally reminds me of Tia's temper. Haha! No really, volcano's are awe-inspiring and dangerous and I'm always entranced by them.

Yosemite Egg- The irony of a motorhome barreling through an otherwise -perfect- scene just really tickles me. Those are the kind of moments you never, ever forget. Love it.

Too Late to Change Egg - Aside from the fact that I love the colors and imagery, I kind of like the hint of danger that lurks there. Yeah, I'm a freak. Whatever!

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