Truth or Dare Fallout


Ista Weyr: Candidate's Barracks

The sound of boots can be heard echoing off of the walls, herolding the approach of someone. And as the sound gets steadily louder, a rather tall man can be seen suddenly making his way into the barracks. The candidates are given a icy-cold glare. "If you're not out of your cots in the next five minutes, you get an extra candle's mark of work. Snap to it!" R'ki wraps his arms over his waist, tapping his foot impatiently as he looks over the candidates. "And if you don't like it, well, you don't have to be a candidate now do you?"

Marjani opens her eyes and lies for a moment, disoriented. Still, there's the call to rise now or face the consequences is not unfamiliar to the younge woman, and so she almost immediately rolls out of her cot. She's stood much too quickly, it seems, because she wobbles a bit, holding out her arms to steady herself. Once she has her bearings (although it seems she has not realized she does not have her /pants/—and thank Faranth for sleeping in long tunics!) she orients her focus on R'ki. Still, she'll let someone else do any requisite talking, at least until she stops processing her dream about flying on the back of a runner as reality.

When the candidates don't really move as fast as R'ki wants them to, he fixes them with a slight glare, looking over his shoulder impatiently as they start to file in line. "I'm not kidding when I say that you either do this or lose your candidate's knot. I thought the rules were simple? Maybe some of you are dim as well? Were you not told the rules? I am /not/ going to have a repeat of what happened in /my/ candidacy, not when /I/ am /your/ candidate coordinator. No. You will all follow me, or you will take off your knots and not stand at all. And I hope you've slept well, because I'll make sure you sleep like a log tonight."

Marjani might want to finish getting dressed, in that case. Finding the requisite items (pants, belt, boots), she pulls them on as fast as she can and then hurries to the line. Entirely useless, she pushes her hair back, making no difference to the scalp-hugging style but unfortunately alerting herself to the need for a wash. Her frown is not entirely kept to herself, but she still remains silent, eyeing a few of the grumblier candidates.

Fingers drum along his arm, eyes flickering over the candidates in a impatient manner. And finally when all the candidates seem to line up, he whirls on his heel. "I'll say this, I'm less than impressed with the lot of you. If it were up to me, I'd take your knots this instant and tell you to go back to where you came from, but it's not up to me, and we need candidates for the sands. I plan to drill it into your heads what a dragonrider is, and what we do, what /you/ are expected to do should you impress a dragon. I won't have less than your absolute best!"

Marjani shifts uncomfortably, but keeps her gaze steady on R'ki. As she talks, her expression shifts, sizing up a man who can't be that much older than she. A frown settles on her features as he continues to talk. "P..Pardon me," finally escapes the relatively new candidate, but she doesn't continue. Still, her shoulders are back and head held high, as stupid as interupting may be.

R'ki's eyes flicker towards Marjani, falling silent for a moment, "Yes?" He asks, turning around on his heel, "You had something to say? Make it quick." The others get a steely look, in case they might dare to say something as well.

"Well, there weren't nearly so many of us there." Marjani pauses, and then seems to remember to add, "Sir." She does her best to maintain eye contact, "And while I cannot argue that we were on our best behavior as potential dragon riders," neverminding her own timing on the issue, "and that explaining to everyone how best to behave is not a good choice, I don't…" now she falters for a moment, looking at her feet before gazing up at him again, "I don't think lecturing the group as a whole will inspire the um… the kind of dedication to such a task as we should rightly have." She holds steady for a moment and then rubs her neck. "With all due respect, sir."

"Yes, well, I don't care who and who wasn't there. I was a candidate in the last class, someone was impregnated. I am /not/ going to have that happen, or other such nonsence on my watch. And it's easier to punish you all so that you /all/ get the message. I am /not/ standing for this." He lets his eyes flicker over the candidates, "It's your choice to behave as you wish, but just remember, if I so much as /hear/ one of you acting out you will be doing this again. All of you."

Meldari can't help but roll her eyes a touch at the dramatics considering she wasn't even part of what happened. An eyebrow raises and lower as the threats come across.

"That story again?" Corana saunters in, casually as can be, just in time to catch R'ki's words about the last pregnancy, "Did you catch Candidates having sex, R'ki?" The young woman, tall and with the fancy knot, seems to assume none of the authority of her position as she seems amused, glancing from face to face.

Marjani raises one eyebrow incredulously but instead replies in an even tone, "I was not aware of that happening, sir." She falls silent, now, apparently seeing no further point in arguing. She presses her lips together as Corana enters, and simply watches.

Rhikiad has been a part of the candidate line up the entire time. Yep. He's pretty good at looking penitent and standing, but if there too long, the teen will begin to fidget some. Fingers drop down to play with a loose thread at the bottom of his shirt, but the teen is all eyes onto R'ki. Yep.

There's a loud sigh, and R'ki takes a quiet breath. "This is not up for discussion. You, as candidates, acted out of line. You, as candidates, will be punished. I am setting my foot down this time. I am not going to have a repeat of last time." Cora gets a tired look, "Yes, it's your favorite one, too. No, I heard some things happened the other night, and thought to make an example out of the candidates. I'm going to have them train with me until they can't stand on their feet. They'll learn what it is to be a dragonrider, or at least how much work I put in every single day. Maybe then they'll actually appreciate the time that they're allowed and put it to better use than breaking rules."

"Make those of us who do listen regret it too," Meldari mutters and rolls her eyes again. She's feeling bitter toward her fellows at the moment not to mention the punishments.

"Some things?" Corana's voice echoes R'ki's spoken words, and she arches an eyebrow. Casting a look around the room, she voices loudly, "Would anyone care to elaborate on what our Candidate Coordinator is angry about? I'd /love/ to hear the full story. Anyone?" Her gaze is intent; anyone brave enough to step up and speak will have her full and eager attention.

Rhikiad plucks at that thread, managing to pull out a stitch along the hemline of his shirt. A couple more picking at it unravels things a bit more, for all that the teen doesn't seem to care. His eyes lift up so he can look over at R'ki, remaining silent in his ignorance of events. His green-irised gaze finally tracks over to Corana to rest on her a moment before dropping his gaze again.

R'ki does fall silent as Corana speaks, his lips pursing tighter as he looks over the candidates. "I heard there was drinking and kissing involved. And who knows what else they did." There's a quiet snort in disgust as the candidates are eyed, "I'd say have a healer look at 'em all a sevenday a week."

Meldari voices up now, "I'd love to tell you Weyrwoman but I wasn't there, i have heard that something was snuck into drinks …"

Carolyna has been here, in line, the whole while, before taking a half-step forward. "Sir, Ma'am, may I address the Weyrwoman in regards to her enquiry?" she questions, though she certainly doesn't level her gaze upon R'ki, less she do something that'll have her shipped back in peices to the Smith Hall.

Marjani gives Meldari a look that suggests she is strongly considering hissing something in reply, but then a question is posed to the group. She gives the others who were there a moment and then speaks up, "Weyrwoman, if I may…" She doesn't attempt a smile, "Though I was not there the entire time, when I arrived," not even a candidate yet, but she leaves it out, "drinks were being handed out to riders and candidates alike by…" her eyebrows come down in concentration, "well, I can't remember his name or knot. A game of truth or dare was taking place, and as you may imagine," she falters again, as she realizes who she is addressing so candidly, clears her throat, and continues, "the nature of the dares centered mainly around kissing and, well… removing clothing. I departed shortly after several of the participants--and not all of them were candidates--erm... fell asleep." Her cheeks are blazing, though of course given her coloration it is less than obvious.

Rhikiad's attention flicks down the line of quiet candidates and over to Meldari as she speaks up and then Marjani next… Oh, new one. His dark eyebrows lift a bit at the explanations being given, fingers still busily fiddling with that loose thread and basically is going to be the bane of some poor lower cavern's seamstress.

Corana seems to barely contain her smirk, but she does. The humor is verily vibrating in her as she bespeaks R'ki with a quieter tone. "Well, that's a good idea. After the last bunch, quite. Exams every sevenday for the Candidates. That should solve /that/ worry." She's pointed in this part of her sentence to the young man. "But for now, all I caution you kids with, young ladies especially, is to be careful. There are many older riders in the Weyr who like fresh meat." She's no love for the Weyr's male riders, apparently, and that's quite obvious in her tone.

R'ki can't help but smirk aside from Corana, his voice taking on a lower tone, "I agree. Every sevenday, a check up." he nods his head sagely, falling into silence to let the weyrwomen speak. After all, she's in charge now. But he can't help but tap his foot just a bit impatiently.

Carolyna is still standing just a half step in front of the line (supposedly), waiting to be given permission to speak, so to speak, though she's generally not the waiting type, she'll be good and patient.

Sharyna slides in quietly. She heard there was something going on, so she figured she'd high-tail it back to the barracks. She arrives just in time to listen to what Corana said, and wonder what's going on.

Rhikiad gives a hard tug to that loose thread on the edge of his tunic, finally pulling it free. Blink. Whoops. Rather realizing what he had been doing, , he curls that very same thread around a finger, looking back up to the riders once more. Checkups? Every sevenday? He looks vaguely confused (easily so at that), but remains silent and in the line with the other candidates. Still fidgeting somewhat.

Corana, now lapsing into silence, suddenly catches sight of Rhikiad and eyes him suspiciously. So quiet! It's the silence of the guilty, she's sure of it, and her narrowed eyes seem to suggest this too. "Well, I'd best be off. Naomith doesn't like to wake and find me not there." That's her excuse, anyway. In truth, she's having a hard time not cracking a smile at R'ki's rages. With this, she turns and strides out of the cavern, leaving only swirling skirts in her wake.

Carolyna steps back into the line as the Weyrwoman departs, apparently she'll not be permitted to explain the goings on of the previous night.

If he could, R'ki would probably be cackling loudly as Corana dissapears outside. There's a loud clap of his hands as he looks back to the candidates. "All right, on with you then. March! Outside we go!" And he doesn't wait to listen to any more arguments.

The candidates go to and return from training.

Marjani has probably suffered the oral abuse of her fellow candidates quite well today, and so she's somewhat reluctant to return to the barracks. Still, she'd rather return to her cot and at least get a change of clothes before diverting to the baths. After all, she was filthy before they even started. Marjani sinks onto her cot to begin fishing around in her rucksack for a clean tunic, and then finds that she doesn't particularly want to stand up again. And it isn't as if the Smith is unused to labor.

Meldari flops onto her cot, "Alright I waited long enough … what the shells happened the other night?"

Sharyna staggers inside, going right to her cot. She doesn't even bother to pull a blanket over herself, or change out of her sweaty clothes. Instead she just closes her eyes, and lies there for a few moments. "When I find out who is responsible for this…I'm going to…" She pauses for a second, as though trying to find some dire punishment with which she can threaten whoever made her have to work so hard. "….to sew all their clothes together!"

Carolyna fairly storms into the barracks, offering up an inumerable amount of curses, a large amount aimed at R'ki, though there is one. "HOW were WE supposed to know that that WHERRY of a guard had spiked our drinks?!" she shouts once she's in the room. "He didn't even give me a chance to explain that it's not our fault that wherry head spiked the drinks, knowing that Candidates are not supposed to drink…" and so she continues, looking ready to rip some people a strip.

"Ah charming … now I'll never get to see how Xan is doing, and if he got my letter." Mel offers laying back. "Did you all at least have a good time drunk? I miss all the fun."

Marjani looks up at the hubbub and resists sassing Carolyna too much. After all, if they don't Impress life could get interesting. "Well I knew," is what she offers. Nevermind that apprentices aren't exactly supposed to imbibe either. She studies her clean tunic, "Although I didn't know it was /spiked/. I thought everyone was just having a drink, rules be damned." Marjani winces, and then reaches up to rub her left shoulder while rotating it. To Meldari: "I was insulted, Searched, had alcohol spit all over myself, almost groped, and kissed without permission." A pause, and then sarcasticly, "So yeah, you missed one heck of a party."

Sharyna opens her eyes, if only to roll them back again, annoyed. "So all this was just because someone spiked candidate drinks? Wonderful. Wake me when the eggs hatch." She rolls away from the crowd, huffily. "I'm tired." can be heard-muffled.

Carolyna smirks as she turns her glower upon Meldari. "Oh, yes, we had a thrill of a time, considering we weren't even willingly drunk," she states, arms still very much crossed, knuckles white as they clutch her arms. "The game was fun, though," she states, with a wink. "A sharding good time, actually," pause. "Yes, Sharyna, that blasted guard, Tiago, spiked the juice, handed it out willy nilly, we didn't know it was spiked, so we drank, and we're being punished for his complete idiocity."

Meldari raises her eyebrows, "Glad you've never spend some time in the Clan … the Wagonmaster is quite fond of her drink … and her men." She shrugs and closes her eyes. "I'm just hoping I get up in time for chores and get this over with … so we can plot something on Tiago."

"Well actually we're being punished for the mistakes of the last group of candidates, if I understood properly." Up go Marjani's arms, trying to stretch out her muscles before they get too stiff. "If it hadn't been a drunken game it would have been something else, I'm sure." Now to make herself really unpopular, "And it makes sense to work us hard anyway."

Sharyna isn't exactly asleep yet. She turns her head over her shoulder to look at Carolyna. "Shells, girl, you've never tasted alcohol before?" She shrugs one shoulder then. "I mean, unless he'd had really strong juice in there…you should've been able to taste the alcohol in it." At least, that's how Sharyna reckons. "I mean…not that I don't want to sew him into his bedclothes and leave him stranded halfway down the path to the hold." She grins. "Glad I missed it.

Carolyna settles her glower upon Sharyna, her Bitran accent coming through loud and clear in her current state. "Of course I've had alcohol before, but that doesn't mean I was expecting it, I /trusted/ Tiago. Shards, half of us asked the wherry-brain what the juice was, and he couldn't manage to tell even Q'luin the truth. And he best be hoping I don't ever get my hands on him…" glower, grumble, and she slumps, promptly onto her cot, nearly getting the previously discarded needle right in her backside.

Sharyna nods, then, looking at the ceiling for a moment. "Then what we need to do is find a way to pay Tiago back for his…misdeeds."

Marjani frowns, standing. "I could smell it in the juice, but it was low of him not to be upfront." The young woman's head shakes, "You should have been allowed to decide for yourselfs to break the rules." She moves toward the exit, clean clothing in tow. "As for all that, I'm going to get a bath so I stop smelling like a herdbeast's backside."

Carolyna nods. "Aye, had I stopped to take a whiff of the stuff, I would have known it was spiked, but, y'know, he's a guard, we /are/ supposed to trust the guards, after all. I swear, I'll hang him out first Thread fall we happen upon…" even if it's long after she's dead.

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